Thursday, June 23, 2022

Heroes or zeros: you decide!

I'd like to introduce you to a character we call the outlaw hero.

Some popular culture in my day prominently featured outlaw heroes. Some of the things they did might have been slightly outside what the law would permit, but they at least had a strong sense of what was ethically right or wrong. They often fought against a corrupt official regime. In that universe, the outlaw heroes were the good guys, and the public officials they fought were the bad guys.

People sometimes do things that at first appear to be bad, but some say we just don't know the whole story. On April 7, 2020 – when we were deep in the throes of pandemic martial law – I saw a woman and teenage girl shoplift orange juice from Circle K. I wrote a little vignette about the event for The Last Word, and I put out a short text blast making light of this episode. But I received several replies on Facebook saying the shoplifters may have actually been not villains, but heroes. What if this was a family down on their luck – with their livelihoods destroyed - and they needed nourishment for themselves or a very ill family member? I know losses from shoplifting add up, but what if the teenager – who would have died without proper nutrition - someday becomes a great doctor who finds a cure for cancer?

I know there's a lot of "what ifs" about a lot of events. What if I grew up just a few miles away from where I did, placing me in a better school district? What if I never accidentally discovered WCLU? What if Ronald Reagan never got elected?

On the other hand, even if the shoplifters were suffering hard financial times, was Circle K really the right target? That's like if your boss doesn't pay you, so you go out and rob a bank. The wrong party is being punished.

Or is it? Are we thinking of Circle K as a person or a large corporation? Since it's the latter, is it part of the same system that has subjected the public to economic ruin? Is Circle K powerful enough that it could have helped prevent the collapse of our economy? In 2020, I was unaware that Circle K had been the defendant in at least 2 wage theft suits over the previous few years, but corporations in general commandeer much of our political and economic system.

Many Americans admired the gangsters of the 1930s, thinking they were just fighting the forces that caused the Great Depression. Actually, most of these gangsters were dangerous criminals who would gun down anyone who got in their way. But real outlaw heroes are not violent gangsters. They have standards that reflect solid ethical values.

Do small-time shoplifters and their ilk possess a sly, mischievous charm that makes them true freedom fighters who challenge the system's impenetrable corruption? Or are they just plain old criminals who are worthy of being shunned? You be the judge!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Oscar appeared on 'Hee Haw' ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

You probably thought 'Sesame Street' was 'Sesame Street' and 'Hee Haw' was 'Hee Haw'. In other words, the 'Sesame Street' universe was completely independent of the 'Hee Haw' universe.

But did you know that back in 1981, Oscar the Grouch appeared on 'Hee Haw'?

"Hey folks! It's Oscar the Grouch from 'Sesame Street'!" As if there's an Oscar the Grouch from '60 Minutes'?

The ol' Osk is cool!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Insurance racket discriminates against renters (a blast from the past)

This is a story we've had backlogged since 2016, but do you think things have gotten any better since then? Spoiler: they haven't.

A report by the Consumer Federation of America revealed that people who rent their home pay up to 47% more for car insurance than homeowners. The study covered 10 American cities.

This analysis used a persona to obtain insurance quotes from several major car insurers. It discovered that renters paid an average of 6% more for basic liability coverage than homeowners. And that includes data from Oakland, which was governed by a California law that was supposed to ban insurers from using homeownership as a factor in determining the cost of auto insurance. In the 9 cities besides Oakland, Liberty Mutual charged an average of 19% more to renters. Allstate increased rates 19% for renters in Tampa. And in Louisville, Farmers increased rates by a staggering 47%.

This is of course a form of classism. I don't even need to tell you that part. And there's no evidence that any state has done a damn thing to rein it in since then. You can bet your bizcream that – if anything – states have actually dug in on enforcing insurance mandates, especially against the working class. I damn sure haven't seen any sign that they've done anything to stop renters from being charged higher rates.

In fact, I think it's classism for the sake of classism. Insurers discriminate just because they feel like it – not because they actually believe that any data justifies it.

Inequitable transportation can kill

It's mind-blowing not only how much America's passenger transportation system has declined but also how little you hear about it.

In just the past few months, I've learned more and more about how deep the conspiracy runs, and how much our schools, legal establishment, and others have connived to worsen the inequity that plagues not just schools but also transportation. In most of America, there used to be better access to local and intercity mass transit. But while this access has declined, the financial and other investments needed for personal vehicles has soared. It's not just the skyrocketing gas prices (which the government won't do shit about) but other factors too.

With personal cars out of reach for more and more, our rulers should at least do more to serve people who use mass transit. And it should be done so in a way that is equitable.

This is underscored by a story from suburban Buffalo some years back. A Buffalo area mall did not allow buses from predominantly Black neighborhoods to drop off passengers there. Because of this, a woman who worked at the mall couldn't take a bus, and ended up being struck and killed by a dump truck on her way to work. This resulted in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the mall – and the mall rightly lost. The woman's 4-year-old son received that money.

Believe it or not, the accident occurred not in the Jim Crow era, but in 1995. And access to transportation has declined even more since then.

We knew before then that America's overlords are experienced at classism and credentialism. But this story proved they're guilty of racism as well. Next time someone accuses you of being a "class reductionist" who doesn't care about racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination other than classism, notice how little they've done to fight racism. In 1995, I tried hard to alert readers to stories of injustice of all forms, and it got me expelled from college and later arrested. What were shitlibs doing in 1995?

Teacher throws hockey stick at student

I've written about abuse like this for decades, and everyone just denies it. Frankly, I'm sick of this shit. But this time, it was caught on video.

In Princeton, Minnesota, back in March, a teacher threw a hockey stick at a 2nd grade student. The hockey stick hit the boy in the face and knocked out a tooth.

The assault has now come to light as the school district has been trying to get the community to rally around the teacher. The teacher was apparently forced into retirement, but the district posted a congratulatory message on Facebook. Furthermore, the school failed to make a police report, and there has been no criminal investigation.

Abuse by a school employee...check. School district trying to rally support for the offending teacher...check. Lack of police investigation...check. The only thing that's changed in 40 years is that now it's caught on video. And that still didn't change the outcome.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Big South Forkyyyyy...

Although rain tried to destruct my April trip to the Big South Fork region in Tennessee and Kentucky, the event still yielded 61 photos of a Roads Scholaring or closely related interest!

So read 'em and peep...

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Want an arts grant? Better toe the party line!

There's a scandal brewing in the arts world, and the media is of course sweeping it under the rug.

It has been revealed that agencies that dole out grants for the arts have been discriminating against venues and works that do not act as a pipeline for official propaganda. Many venues need grants just to survive, and they've become captive to the party line.

Some of the funding received by art museums and performance halls is contingent upon them hosting events that support the official narrative and imposing COVID restrictions on patrons.

Furthermore, independent music recording acts have been denied grants because their songs openly oppose war and the hated "new normal." The thought police has shut out whole new kinds of music, while established broadcasters get handouts and are allowed to buy up more and more stations.

Meanwhile, Broadway theater – already awash in dough - received tens of millions of dollars in bailout money from American taxpayers as compensation for its refusal to reopen as normal after the pandemic. Broadway's choice to not reopen normally prevented or discouraged attendance. Each play that was affected could apply for up to $10 million. In other words, Broadway got free money from the taxpayers for its pro-war stance and support of lockdown culture – while dissenting works were denied funding.

Predictably, the media hasn't covered this sorry episode at all.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Here comes bubble gum!

Isn't it neat how most of the readership of this blog is sent into helpless fits of guffawing at the very mention of bubble gum? Not just the sight, smell, or taste, but the mere mention.

You would have had a blast at our local Memorial Day parade this morning! As people marching in the parade were tossing out Dubble Bubble to spectators, some woman yelled, "Here comes bubble gum!"

In addition, I saw 4 – count 'em, 4 – people who were in such a festive mood that they bubbled.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Baste of Cincinnati is back! (Circus Vargas, Circus Vargas!)

After being canceled 2 years in a row, the Taste of Cincinnati food festival – or as I call it, Baste of Cincinnati – is back! It's a miracle it survived being canceled 2 years in a row, and there was no excuse for canceling it the second time, but now it's back 100% normal!

I got in a confrontation with a pedestrian on the way home, but that's fodder for the July ish.

Taste of Cincinnati is not particularly exciting. At all. It never really was. It's better than being cooped up at home all day, but what's a mere mortal to do? Stink?

I only saw one celebrity look-alike today – namely an Eric Clapton look-alike. However, I did see some woman who was in a festive enough mood that she kept bubbling green bubs.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Have no fear, the June ish is here!

June wouldn't be June if The Last Word didn't put out its June issue!

This ish talks about a hilarious soda spill on a Michigan trip, hiding beer under school bleachers, the Governor of New York ruining books, people getting expelled from school, fights at a carnival, and more!

So point your pooper here...

If that doesn't work, glide on over here...

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Shitlibs, 2000 style

A common shitlib gimmick is to bark about how they were Republicans until the party nominated Donald Trump. It isn't true of all of them, of course, because the Democrats were plagued by the DLC for decades before. But what this shows is that many were Republicans long after that party drove most of its moderate members away.

I found an editorial from the now-defunct Cincinnati Post from 2000 that represents the right-wing Republicanism of many of those who became shitlibs. I used to hear the Post described as "Cincinnati's liberal paper", which shows just how right-wing the Enquirer is. Today, the Enquirer is part of the elitist, totalitarian media consensus that is mostly right-wing except for its patronizing wokewashing that lets them pretend to care about a few issues. But the Post was far from liberal.

The 2000 editorial from the Post was titled "Clinton's hate-mongering." The right-wing vitriol of this piece was overpowering. It attacked President Bill Clinton for advancing a bill against hate crimes and acted as if congressional Republicans were poor, innocent victims of liberal bullying.

The media thought Clinton was one cool cat when he pushed right-wing ideas like school uniforms, welfare "reform", and the late '90s war games with Iraq. But every time he came to his senses and supported something to make the country better, he was portrayed as some dangerous leftist radical.

The Post accused Clinton of "beating up on the Republican congressional leadership" and said the GOP "should beat up on Clinton for advancing such a misguided proposal" like hate crime laws. The Post's arguments against hate crime laws were laughably weak. The editorial said these laws "criminalize motivation", as if hate crimes do not include any actual bad behavior. It said hate crime laws were the same as double jeopardy – which means to try the same crime twice – even though the media had been silent over other criminal cases being tried twice just because prosecutors didn't get the result they wanted the first time.

The article then had the nerve to accuse Clinton of being "unnecessarily nasty" to Republicans. If you don't understand why that's ridiculous, you must not have been around in 2000. GOP spite never started to let up until many of the worst offenders joined the shitlibs who now fill Democratic ranks. In fact, most of the editorial is a textbook illustration of this malevolence.

The right-wing Republicans of 2000 are the Democratic shitlibs of 2022. I mean that literally. Many of them are the exact same people. Many of those who attacked opponents as "liberals" back then assail these same dissenters as "right-wing Trump supporters" now. If they call you the latter, remember that nasty editorial they wrote back in 2000.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Favorite shitlib insults


A shitlib is sort of like today's equivalent of the DLC. Shitlibs tar the name of a political faction while not even supporting the values that said faction is supposed to stand for. The term is often used by real progressives to denote establishment "liberals" who toe the party line of sources like MSNBC (which is now full of right-wing Republicans from the Bush era).

But what are some of the favorite insults lobbed by shitlibs?

One of the most common is "anti-vaxxer", which they apply to people who aren't actually anti-vaxxers. Make no mistake, there are real anti-vaxxers out there. But shitlibs call people "anti-vaxxers" even when they write something that explicitly supports vaccinations. Shitlibs are the real anti-vaxxers. They deny natural immunity even exists – while vaccines are based on some of the same ideas as natural immunity.

Another shitlib insult is "dirtbag leftist." Though they intend this phrase as an insult, it's been turned around by those on the receiving end of it to be a compliment.

My favorite shitlib insult lately is "class reductionist." Shitlibs deny that classism and credentialism are even real. They think it's just a hoax. So anybody who points out a real instance of classism or expresses class consciousness is attacked as a "class reductionist."

Another favorite of mine is their tendency to call opponents "right-wing Trump supporters" – even though shitlibs were often Republicans until very recently.

What's your favorite shitlib insult?

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

George Carlin look-alike sighted

I just got back from a little road trip centered on northwestern Michigan, and I saw a George Carlin look-alike at a Speedway station in Findlay, Ohio.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Puerto Rico statehood drive would gut territory option

As corruption and authoritarianism grow in the once-great Democratic Party, it's also expanding in Puerto Rico, and that's why the Democrats are pushing harder than ever to make the island territory the 51st state. In fairness, existing states are plagued by tyranny and corruption too, but that doesn't make this effort any better.

The truth is, however, that Puerto Rico had a worse COVID-19 response than almost every existing state. A bad COVID response has practically become an article of faith for Democratic "leaders." COVID totalitarianism is a cult that the Democrats follow. I'm not using that term figuratively, for it has all the characteristics of a cult.

Now a group of Democratic members of Congress are introducing a bill that would authorize a referendum next year in Puerto Rico that would give the territory's voters 3 options: statehood, free association, or complete independence. One of the problems with this referendum is that it does not allow Puerto Rico to continue its current territorial status.

Trying to force Puerto Rico to change its status has angered the territory's leading opposition party.

Removing the island's existing status as an option isn't the only problem with this bill. There is currently no major effort to enact laws in Puerto Rico or nationwide against the government abuses we saw during the pandemic – and which we still see. Last year, Pennsylvania enacted a pair of measures to fight abuses of emergency powers. That would be a good model for the rest of the country.

We will not support the Puerto Rico statehood bill unless both these things happen: The referendum there must allow an option to continue the territory's current status. And there must be a law to limit emergency powers.

From now on, there must be a law against abuse of emergency powers before we can support any new states. It can be a federal law or a law enacted by the new state – just as long as there is such a law.

I say this as a former member of the local Young Democrats: The Democrats are now mired so deeply in COVID cultism that it composes much of their identity. It's a second skin to them. If they're able to do so, they will admit or reject new states on the basis of COVID policy alone.

If new states are admitted as a reward for having a tyrannical COVID response, we have a right to expect new states to also be admitted for having a good response.

WKU censored online criticism (a blast from the past)

Much of academia these days is made up of dumb losers who cannot tolerate or comprehend dissent. America's universities are in bad hands. But students have suffered through universities' intolerance for years now.

This includes the poologgery that occurred at Western Kentucky University back in 2012. Even in a state whose public universities have a history of political intolerance (as I know firsthand), this was worse than usual.

The college persuaded Twitter to close down a parody account that criticized the school. A student also said her schoolmates had been skeeped at by school officials over Twitter posts.

WKU's president went on Facebook to reprimand students over their posts, but getting Twitter to close an account is what truly crossed the line into censorship. The critical posts weren't even made using a school account or school computers.

WKU officials claimed they were trying to protect the school's brand. But actually the effort was aimed at silencing criticism of WKU.

By that time, much of our education system had already become a tainted brand. There wasn't much left to protect in 2012, and it's far worse now.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Kentucky Democrats endorse Andy Barr

The elitist bullies who make up the shitlib Democratic vanguard are always bumping their gums about how we must "vote blue no matter who." But a few weeks ago, they rejected the Democratic candidate for Senate in Utah and instead endorsed right-wing independent Evan McMullin. Now Kentucky Democrats have done something like this too. They're endorsing a right-wing Republican even though the Democrats have a candidate.

Kentucky's 6th congressional district has long been "represented" by right-wing Republican Andy Barr. Barr is seeking another term, and is being challenged by Geoff Young, who won Tuesday's Democratic primary.

Although Young was the choice of Democratic voters in a contested primary, the state's Democratic "leaders" are endorsing Barr instead. The Kentucky Democratic Party even released a statement saying they would not back Young. Failed Gov. Andy Beshear has been particularly nasty and vitriolic.

If Democratic Party bosses wanted somebody more to their liking than Geoff Young is, they should have put up a more well-known candidate – instead of throwing a fit about the results of the primary.

The reaction by Democratic "leaders" to Young's candidacy also typifies the burgeoning war by elites against rural America. Young actually won every county in the district except Lexington's Fayette County. Why should the gentrificationists who have ruined our cities have more of a voice in our electoral process than rural counties do?

Up here in northern Kentucky, most local elections are just as bad, for the Democrats – not for the first time - made backroom deals with the Republicans to not field candidates in most races.

There is nothing shitlibs enjoy more than calling Americans idiots. Yet they're mystified that we don't give a shit what they think anymore.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Celebrity look-alike embellishes Wasatch Range

I just received an important e-mail declaring that an Ellen DeGeneres look-alike was seen working at the Salt Lake City airport.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Getting your fill of Phil

Today at Kroger, I saw a Phil Donahue look-alike.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Vermont town wanted to burn house to force out residents (a blast from the past)

Here's another slice of fairly recent history that shows just how heartless our overlords are.

A few years ago, officials in the town of Arlington, Vermont, planned to ask the fire department to burn down a historic town-owned house to drive out a family that had lived there for years. The family included 6 people, including an elderly widow and a visually impaired man. Three of the 6 were deaf. Two of the 6 were small children.

But the town called the family "squatters." As we all know, that's one of those words that gets thrown around so much that it's lost all meaning.

It turned out that the town wanted to demolish the house just so the property could be turned over to a well-connected developer. The town practically admitted as much, as officials said clearing the property would be a good way to attract buyers.

When I was about 4, I used to think the purpose of a fire department was to burn down houses – not put out fires. But that was before I ever heard of gentrification.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Airline bee incidents could sting

For reasons that are completely unknown, the spread of killer bees was long laughed off as something we'd just have to live with – even though it could have been prevented. But a 2006 article said killer bees had reached Florida after "decades of hype" – posing a threat to "basically everyone who ventures outdoors." These "decades of hype" provided plenty of time to prevent it, but not a damn thing was done about it. Killer bees had already appeared in the southwestern U.S. in the 1990s. At least 14 people in the U.S. had been killed by them.

In Florida, killer bees killed animals and menaced utility workers, firefighters, reporters, and even police. People were trapped in their homes by swarms of the dangerous insects. The decades-long inaction on killer bees forced residents to bee-proof their homes.

Now there's been another incident involving bees. They might not be killer bees, but this episode underscores the dangers that may be present.

Last month, a shipment of 5 million honeybees heading from Sacramento to Anchorage was rerouted all the way to Atlanta by Delta Airlines. The bees were being shipped to over 300 beekeepers in Alaska. Most of the bees died when they were stranded on the hot tarmac in Atlanta. The crates were also placed so the bees could not access their food.

It's bad enough that this shipment was destroyed in a way that was completely avoidable. But here's a terrifying question we can't find an answer for: Are bees shipped on the same flights as passengers? Maybe the reason nobody can find an answer is that they might not like the answer.

The prospect of crates containing millions of bees being on passenger flights is a disaster in the making. If you don't understand why this is dangerous, ask an adult. Can you imagine 5 million bees swarming a passenger flight? No people should be anywhere near these bees unless they have special training and perhaps a beekeeping suit.

Even last month's incident could have threatened many people. When the bees first got to Atlanta, they were kept in a cooler. But many of the bees escaped from the cooler – right there inside the airport, no less.

At the end of the day, we need to make sure that bees are considered hazardous cargo that may not be transported on passenger flights. If this isn't a rule or law already, it ought to be.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Have no fear, the May ish is here!

May wouldn't be May if the May edition of The Last Word wasn't pub!

This ish talks about my waterlogged sleeping bag on a camping trip, 4th grade troubles, Kentucky Horse Park tickets getting ruined by ketchup, luxury cruises getting spoiled in ridiculous ways, and more! It's not sold in any store!

So beep your bipper here...

If you can't read it on Scribd, float on over here...

Friday, April 29, 2022

Another Kroger bubbling (imagine that!)

Today at Kroger, some woman bubbled.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Comic Book Guy goes Krogering

Earlier, I received an e-mail declaring that a person who resembled Comic Book Guy from 'The Simpsons' was seen at a Kroger. He was even wearing a 'Star Wars' hoodie!

The e-mail also said Casey Kasem mentioned 'Sesame Street' in a rebroadcast of an 'American Top 40' from 1973. He made reference to "a Muppet called Ernie."

In addition, the e-mail said a person bubbled conspicuously and with extreme dispatch at a local park.

Monday, April 25, 2022

A person got mad because Elon Musk doesn't have a master's degree

Using literacy tests to disqualify voters was an ugly chapter in American history. But the mindset that drove this requirement lives on in the credentialism that defines America's elites today.

Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter is an improvement over the previous disastrous state of affairs, but if we just go by raw measures, it would be a wash. Musk is a billionaire, but he has no master's degree. I only oppose the billionaire part – not the part about not having a master's degree.

Some nobody posted on Twitter that Musk "doesn't even have a Master's degree. Is that who we are going to trust with the future of our democracy?" Guess what? I don't have a master's degree either.

The elites say it's just fine for billionaires to buy up entire venues – as long as they have a master's degree. Maybe people with higher education levels should be disqualified from positions of power – because they didn't exactly handle the pandemic very well.

People are right to be wary of a billionaire owning Twitter. But who do you think owned it before Elon Musk did? The Last Word?

Sunday, April 24, 2022

More "vote blue no matter who" hypocrisy

Democratic blogs have long urged folks to "vote blue no matter who." That's their bag, I guess, and I could tolerate it before these blogs sold out their principles in the name of fighting the pandemic. Appeasing wealthy donors who acted in bad faith and supported a bio-juche dictatorship was more important than principles to them.

But recent developments have shown that these blogs don't even abide by their own "vote blue" maxim.

Visit any shitlib blog of the "vote blue no matter who" strain lately, and you'll see they spend more time attacking Democrats than fascist Republicans like Mitt Romney. One of their biggest targets lately is Tulsi Gabbard, who is the topic of endless red-baiting. If the next presidential election is Romney versus Gabbard, you know damn well they'll support Romney. Another Democratic target over the past couple years is Virginia State Sen. Chap Petersen – thanks to his rather consistent opposition to the COVID police state. The shitlib blogosphere has actually tried to recruit a challenger to Petersen.

I wanted to see what Daily Kos said about Utah Democrats supporting Evan McMullin for Senate. Naturally, the Kos Kids are praising the move.

In other words, perhaps the biggest "vote blue no matter who" blog out there has rejected Democrats like Gabbard and Petersen - but embraced a right-winger like McMullin over an actual Democrat.

Do they even realize how ridiculous they sound?

Illinois school district punished students over MySpace posts (a blast from the past)

How out of control were the autocratic ghouls who run our school systems back in the 2000s? Almost as out of control as they are now.

My Big Cleaning yielded a story about the fascism practiced by schools in Libertyville, Illinois, in 2006. The school system declared that students would be punished if they used MySpace or other websites to depict under-age drinking or other "illegal or inappropriate behavior" – even if these posts were not made from school or using school resources, and even if the content was completely unconnected to school. Even if they made these posts from their own home, they would be disciplined.

Students were required to sign a pledge agreeing that such content would be grounds for punishment. The school district vowed to follow up on tips alerting them to these posts.

School officials sound like big Democrats to me. I bet they wrote letters demanding lockdowns.

More Tommy Thompson right-wing extremism (a blast from the past)

Tommy Thompson is one of these fascists from 20 years ago who now seems to be among the Democrats' favorite Republicans – ever since the propellerheads switched parties and traded their Wall Street business suits for Silicon Valley underpants.

Thompson is the right-wing 4-term former Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health and Human Services in the George W. Bush thugocracy. He ran for President in 2008 but was forced out of the running after making a series of anti-Semitic remarks. Most recently, Thompson humiliated himself through his actions as interim president of the University of Wisconsin System.

As my Big Cleaning gets under way, I found a folder full of news stories on my computer dating back over 20 years that I never got to cover – because our rulers would always outdo themselves by doing something even stupider. In 2002, Thompson – while he was part of the Bush regime – announced that the government would oppose labeling of genetically engineered frankenfoods. "Mandatory labeling will only frighten consumers," he told a biotech gathering. Boo! He went on to say, "Labeling implies that biotechnology products are unsafe.'' Uh. Aren't they?

That was after 19 countries already required labeling.

This was also when Bush planned to move 300 workers from HHS to the Department of Homeland Security – a department that to this day has accomplished nothing positive.

As HHS head, Thompson succeeded Donna Shalala, who helped to nearly ruin the Democrats' electoral chances in 2020 with her vanity congressional campaign. Shalala brang her own extremism to the fore, which ultimately wasn't much different from Thompson's recent travails. Republican hero worship of big corporations 20 years ago was borne of the same bad intentions as Democratic support for corporations today.

Because frankenfoods were not labeled, American consumers remained in the dark for years thereafter. It wasn't until 2016 that Congress passed a law to try to give people more information on what they put into their bodies. The labels did not appear until this year, and some confusion still reigns. To add insult to injury, an NPR story about the labels repeated a false claim that there's no evidence that genetically engineered crops are harmful to humans.

Why should the media be trusted on any issue if they amplify outright lies like that in plain sight?

Bubbling season has sprung

Today, a person walking up the street bubbled a humongous bub.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Utah Democrats back Evan McMullin for Senate

The Democratic Party as we once knew it has essentially ceased to exist.

Utah Democrats had a candidate to challenge Republican Sen. Mike Lee in November. It's not as if Democrats in Utah are better than anywhere else, as they hopelessly botched the COVID response in the Salt Lake City area – but then again, Republicans botched it to an extent in the rest of the state. But now Utah Democrats have voted at their convention to ditch the Democratic candidate for Senate and instead support independent Evan McMullin.

McMullin ran for President in 2016, painting himself as a "respectable" conservative, in contrast to Donald Trump. By all accounts, McMullin is no progressive, and he probably wouldn't have been a major Democratic candidate 30 years ago. The Democrats back then were enough of a big tent party that they might have nominated candidates of differing policy stances – but not someone who flat-out wasn't a Democrat.

Any Utah voter who is legitimately a Democrat or outside the conservative fold is now finding themselves with no candidate to vote for. Of course, with the Democratic Party being the twisted mess it is now, this isn't unique to Utah, as Democratic candidates have inched more and more into what would have been considered right-wing authoritarianism just a few years ago. I'm also accustomed to local races where there is often no Democratic candidate, because corrupt Democratic party bosses often make backroom deals with the Republicans to let the GOP run unopposed. This story also reminds me of that congressional race in Hawaii some years ago where right-wing Democrats fielded their own candidate to split the Democratic vote and "prove" that more liberal candidates couldn't win. But at least these events aren't such an obvious concession as what happened in Utah where the Democrats actually backed a separate conservative candidacy of someone who isn't even a Democrat.

Democratic "leaders" don't give a damn about anyone except themselves and their corporate allies.

South Fairmount! Park Hills! Newport! Game day bucket go boom!

Roads Scholaring continues to loom large in the world of the Great Royal Tim. The magic continued in February, when I pept the brand bippus bustin' new Lick Run Greenway. The greenway has a poo connection, as it was part of a sewer project...

If that fails to enchant you, there's a few photos from March that focus mainly on the area around the new detention basin in Park Hills, a project that decimated the old Amsterdam Road setup...

It's free like pee!