Sunday, August 31, 2008

More about the school cretins

After I got that strange Transformers-themed phone call a week ago that I traced to a small Catholic high school I last attended 18 years ago, the school's unfettered cretinousness is now even clearer than before.

I was kicked out of that miserable school on April 20, 1990. April 20 just happens to be Hitler's birthday, and I truly believe that the school chose that day to expel me because they considered both that date and my expulsion to be causes for celebration. I believe they admired Hitler, and they thought they could honor him by using his birthday to purge a student who had been scapegoated by the school for 3 years.

And now the school's kooky ways are even more obvious. Last night I went to a family event, and a family member brang up last Sunday's strange phone call. This family member pointed out something to me that I utterly missed last week.

Can you guess what it was? Read my initial article about the incident again.

Note the time of the call: 4:21 PM. At least that's what the phone company's record lists. Let me put it this way: I believe the phone company lists the time the call ended, and it was a minute-long call.

In my high school's world, I don't think 4:20 means what it means in cannabis culture.

I've made an issue of the connection between my expulsion and Hitler's birthday before, and the school knows it.

My school would be so screwed if people weren't conditioned to believe private schools are 100% perfect and live in denial when caught for something like this. But I'm 35 now (almost as old as the principal was when he seized power), so if folks are programmed to believe the adult world is always honest (which I don't believe at all), they must be torn whether to believe me or the school.

Weigh the facts: I traced the call directly to the school's number and posted a clip of the proof. Even without this prima facie evidence, you have to consider that the school is still more powerful than I am. So if they do wrong, they're far less likely to get caught than I'd be. They can get away with harassing people; I can't.

I'd still love to see the circumstances of last week's call. As it occurred on a Sunday, was it placed by a faculty member? Was it one of my former schoolmates visiting because their kids go to school there now? It was on the same day as the Freshman Welcome Mass, but the Mass wasn't on school grounds. Were parents transported to or from the school before or after the Mass?

It took 15 years to even start recovering from the repeated abuse I suffered at that school, and the school knows I don't want them in my life. Any attempt by them to contact me is harassment. I am willing to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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