Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Indy protest a success!

To success! Blub...blub...

Our protest at the Indiana Statehouse against Pathway Family Center today was surely one of the greatest successes since we began protesting this chain of abusive facilities. The rain stopped right at the precise moment it needed to, and our rally drew 10 people.

Ten doesn't sound like a lot, but you may remember that some of our Cincinnati protests drew only 3 peeps. Despite having only 3 participants, those events did not go well for PFC.

And I'm sure this one didn't either.

As we stood on the south stoop of the state capitol, we handed out hundreds of flyers to folks going about their daily business. So now more people in Indianapolis are apprised of the situation, even if they missed the TV news investigation of PFC.

Surprisingly, there was only one apparent sighting of the programmies: A white SUV drove past, and a passenger photographed us. Photographing us has been the modus operandi of the PFC cult for at least a year, and they seem to favor white SUV's.

It's not like we have anything to hide, so who cares if they photograph us anyway?

The public's tastes may constantly change, but one thing is for sure: Things aren't getting any better for Pathway.

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