Monday, January 5, 2009

Right-wing lawmaker ran gulag

If you're from Utah, you may have heard of State Sen. D. Chris Buttars, a Republican. You may have even heard of his links to abusive teen gulags. But for the rest of the world, this is a new story.

When Chris Buttars was criticized for a racist remark he made about a year ago, he cried that he was a victim of a "hate lynch mob." This episode occurred a couple years after Buttars's criticism of the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling. The intolerant bigot with a fucked-up face also sponsored a bill to require public schools to teach creationism.

Another Buttars bill would have required students to be taught that sex outside of marriage is "criminal conduct."

It turns out that - unbeknownst to most Americans - Buttars was director of Utah Boys Ranch - now known as West Ridge Academy - for years. This facility claims to "treat" boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 17, but it's actually an abusive gulag. Last year, the facility became the target of a lawsuit accusing it of allowing a detainee to be sexually assaulted. There have also been confirmed cases of physical abuse there.

Not long ago, a report emerged that Chris Buttars himself had personally ordered 2 staffers to rip a 13-year-old's clothes off and shave his head. The victim of this attack described Buttars as "the worst human being I've ever been eye to eye with."

Accounts like this however have been swept under the rug by the media.

Now another account has emerged about Buttars's reign of terror. According to this account, a 15-year-old who was sent to Utah Boys Ranch for the "crime" of not liking church met Buttars. Buttars boasted of his political influence and threatened to have a judge keep him there until he turned 21.

There's more in these and other accounts, but this should at least acquaint you with Buttars's fascism.

Teen gulags like to boast of influence they have with judges. CPH did it too. Why? Because they're run by scuzzballs.

Chris Buttars however recognizes his competition. I'm as against Ritalin as anyone, but Buttars's anti-Ritalin bill seemed like more of an effort to fight a competitor than anything. He apparently thought Big Pharma's forced drugging approach competed too much against Utah Boys Ranch's forced beating approach. In 2004, he supported a bill to permit state regulation of gulags, but that's only because he felt the bill would have a greater effect on facilities that competed with his own.

That bill of course never passed, because it was opposed by the founder of the abusive WWASPS chain, who was a major Republican donor.

I think what it boils down to is: Follow the money.



  1. The program for girls is every bit as bad. The pressure to conform caused me to start having panic attacks. Even now, after being away for a few years, fear of being retaliated against for going against my family and LDS leaves me shaking sometimes.

    I pity any child that falls within their grasp and hope they can grow up and get away.

  2. Thank you for helping to draw attention to this story. Please note that West Ridge Academy is licensed by the State of Utah, and their license is up for renewal this month. I'd welcome all who're concerned by these reports to please e-mail the licensor, Bonnie Stuver (, at the Utah Department of Human Services, Office of Licensing.

  3. I agree with Chino Blanco, people have to start speaking out and fighting these people and programs.

    The internet is going to be the downfall of this torture industry if enough people decide that they won't put up with it.