Friday, April 3, 2020

Fox News sued for calling conservavirus a hoax

Conservavirus threatens lives in a variety of ways, but it doesn't help that people were encouraged to let their guard down earlier in the crisis.

Some weeks back, Fox News insisted the virus was a hoax. Now a little-known organization in Washington state is suing the channel along with cable companies that carry it because of this claim.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday in the Seattle area and seeks an injunction to bar the channel from "interfering with reasonable and necessary measures to contain the virus by publishing further false and deceptive content." Because of the channel's denial, there are still people who believe the virus is a hoax. The suit asks for relief under the state's Consumer Protection Act.

Sadly, Fox News isn't the only offender. Far from it. Some outlets are more into apocalyptic views than outright denial, but both stances are deceptive and harmful to public health.

Some have said the First Amendment protects Fox News. There's some problems with that, however. The airwaves are supposed to be a public trust. The FCC used to be very unkind towards outlets that distorted news.

Also, lockdowns violate the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. So why are we suddenly so concerned about the First Amendment while it's being violated to a degree not seen in modern times?

If this pandemic is ever allowed to end, we need to crack down hard on the fake news media. I hope to see a long string of lawsuits against media organizations for their coverage of a variety of stories.

California becomes domestic violence hotspot due to lockdown

Why do wife beaters support the conservavirus lockdowns? It's because they have more chances to commit domestic violence.

According to a covered-up story, California is seeing an early spike in domestic violence cases. Santa Barbara County DA Joyce Dudley said, "We will see an increase in domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, animal abuse, spousal rape." Not only will there be more instances of these crimes, but many more will not be reported, because victims have little interaction with those in the community who might see the warning signs. Even domestic violence agencies are closed.

Dudley called domestic violence "predictable and preventable."

Lately, however, many websites have supported lockdowns and have acted as if the lives of domestic violence victims and others mean nothing. They don't just act this way. They've come right out and said it. Your life means absolutely nothing to them. Nothing.

A Kos Kid says Sanders should quit race just so primary can be canceled

Even though the media hates his guts, Bernie Sanders hasn't dropped out of the presidential race yet. But now someone on Daily Kos - probably one of the same ones who complains about the "dirtbag left" like they're so fond of doing over there - says Sanders should quit. Why? Just so the states get to cancel the primary and install who they want.

The Republican primary in a lot of states was canceled months ago just so Trump could be installed.

Since when do we go around canceling elections just so we can declare a winner?

Kentucky sued over conservavirus

I figured that states' actions on conservavirus might prompt lawsuits, but this suit may open up important legal questions.

A northern Kentucky woman has filed a federal suit against Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear and Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron over attempts to limit out-of-state travel. The plaintiff says she regularly visits family in Ohio and exercises at Ohio state parks. She now fears visiting the Buckeye State "due to uncertainty over whether she will be detained or otherwise punished."

It would be hard to imagine Kentucky detaining someone for going to Ohio as long as they maintain a safe distance from strangers. But many states have tried to do things more extreme than that. Anyone who dares to oppose it gets called a communist.

Everyone has relatives who either think conservavirus isn't real or that it's so cataclysmic that you have to put everything on hold for a year. You know, some of us try to just go about our lives. It's hard to do when the government and the media are so invested in doom. My heart has been racing in recent weeks because perhaps our biggest foe in this crisis is the Trump regime itself, which has tried to use it as an excuse to abolish habeas corpus.

The freedom to travel and assemble is fundamental, and if it is curtailed, these restrictions must be limited in time and scope - and must actually be realistic. This point is highlighted by the fact that so many government officials are doing as little as possible to actually fight conservavirus.

For instance, the federal government is dragging its feet at approving broad use of remdisivir, which doctors have described as a silver bullet against the virus. It's been used on some critically ill patients in America and around the world - and they all recovered. More and more countries are approving the drug. Why won't the U.S. approve it for wider use? The FDA rubber-stamped pemoline for ADHD patients, though pemoline destroys the liver. ADHD is not a fatal condition. Conseravirus is - except that it wouldn't be fatal if people could get remdisivir.

I'm wondering if we can bring a class action suit against the government for not approving it, which not only endangers the lives of those who catch the virus but also puts everyone else in fear of dying from it. The drug itself has been around for years.

The federal government's actions throughout this crisis have been not only incompetent, but malicious.

Before long, nobody is going to take stay-at-home orders very seriously, especially when they know the government doesn't take the pandemic seriously - except when it suits their goals.

Lockdowns lead to looting

While domestic violence and hate crimes have soared under the martial law regime of conservavirus lockdowns, I would have thought that at least standard street crime would be curtailed. Was I ever wrong! Instead, it's just getting worse.

In Santa Cruz, California, a group of 5 allegedly tried to rob and loot businesses throughout the city. Merchandise littered the sidewalks.

In Brooklyn, a man allegedly tried to rob a deli of money and Tylenol. Police found him on a nearby rooftop.

And when criminals are caught, they have to go to jail. Guess what virus spreads remarkably easily in jails?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Ohio says it has no access to antibody tests. Uh, yes it does.

I'm sick of hearing "can't, can't, can't" all the time. I'm tired of hearing how we "can't" test people for conservavirus, after other countries did it right away. I'm tired of hearing how we "can't" do this or that.

The United States and some other countries are dragging their feet, because it makes it easier to control people. This is why drugs like remdesivir haven't been approved for broad use yet.

Now there's antibody tests to determine if anyone has been exposed to the virus and has recovered. This has been touted as a vital tool in allowing people to return to society and ending martial law. A county in Colorado is testing every resident. Instructions for making serological tests have been distributed, and some hospitals are starting to make this simple test.

Ohio - along with California - has had among the worst responses to this crisis. It's been a mix of alarmism and selective enforcement of rules. As the latest example of Ohio's incompetence, Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton claimed Ohio doesn't have access to antibody tests. The tests will be in "the future."

Uh, the FDA has already approved a test. Why doesn't Ohio have tests that other places are getting?

I've heard more excuses about how we "can't" fight this crisis than I have about everything else in my lifetime put together. That says a lot. No solutions. Just excuse after excuse.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

San Francisco must pay raided journalist

I can't understand why the "liberal" San Francisco Bay Area has so many Tea Party public officials and policies in an era in which similar policies have been rejected in places like Cincinnati. San Francisco was even a Ronnie-come-early to right-wing talk radio, with KSFO touting its stance in 1994.

Last year, a freelance journalist in San Francisco named Bryan Carmody found his home and office raided by police wielding a sledgehammer. Cops were looking for the confidential source of a leaked report into the death of that city's former public defender Jeff Adachi. Adachi had been known as a watchdog against police misconduct, and there was speculation that people in high places tried to smear him for it.

Mayor London Breed did of course defend the illegal searches. Five city judges authorized these searches - even though a state law protects journalists from searches like this. Police seized computers, cameras, and phones.

Later, Carmody filed a claim against the city. Now the city has to pay him $369,000. In San Francisco, that will probably cover rent for the next 2 weeks, because of the city's serial refusal to rein in high housing costs.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Lockdowns likened to post-9/11 assaults on freedom

Last week, a rather well-written op-ed by Samuel Miller McDonald appeared in Britain's Guardian newspaper...

I can't find this op-ed in any American paper. Few American media outlets or websites would dare print anything that criticizes the lockdowns.

The author talks about how 9/11 was followed by the Patriot Act and deadly wars. He talks about how the late 2000s recession led to taxpayer dollars being transferred to wasteful Wall Street execs and companies. He mentions that environmental ruin has helped fuel conservavirus.

The authoritarian response to the virus is likened to actions taken after 9/11 and the recession. The Trump regime is launching a bailout of Big Oil, and lockdowns endanger basic civil liberties. "Emergency" measures that infringe on freedom are rarely reversed. In fact, they often expand.

"Seeing self-avowed leftists and liberals praising such draconian reactions is frightening," the author writes. Don't worry. Nobody on this blog supports lockdowns. I don't know any "leftists and liberals" who do. Then again, I can't ask them, because I haven't been able to see them, as they're bullied into not leaving their home. The author goes on to say, "We must reject such authoritarian measures wholly."

The writer suggests ways to fight the conservavirus crisis. One way is for the government to provide a universal basic income to every person in America to remedy job losses. Another is to enact universal healthcare - not just for during the crisis, but after. Another is to nationalize utilities, and another is to limit actions like foreclosures. Still another is to reform the criminal justice system, and another is to loosen intellectual property laws to allow distribution of the drugs to fight this virus.

Do we want a right-wing police state, or do we want forward-thinking ideas that work?

Church blasted for not halting services

Here's another #1 smash from the album Lockdowns For Thee, Not For Me.

Solid Rock Church is a megachurch along I-75 north of Cincinnati known for its giant Jesus statue. A similar statue caught on fire there a few years ago, and the church spent a huge sum of money replacing it.

Now the church is refusing to stop holding services despite the risk of conservavirus. Many congregations have suspended services. But Solid Rock refuses to quit, which enables hundreds to sit elbow to elbow with potentially infected fellow worshipers.

The Butler County Health Department and a religious group called Faithful America are highly displeased at the church's actions.

And get this. Ohio recently imposed martial law against gatherings - but made an exemption for religious services. Why??? Why does religious privilege get to rule?

And how does any private group of a few people pose a health risk if a packed church full of hundreds doesn't? This is more proof that the official response to conservavirus often has nothing to do with science. If it did, we'd have our tests we were promised over a month ago.

Conservavirus expert says lockdowns aren't all that great

CNBC usually isn't worth the electricity it takes to run the TV, but with the media blackout, it was the only place I could find this story...

Dale Fisher, an expert on conservavirus and other infectious diseases who heads the WHO's Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, said lockdowns are largely ineffective in the long run. Instead, FIsher said countries should implement the policies of Singapore, which have generally shown more regard for civil liberties.

Let this sink in for a moment.

Singapore is now one of the world's civil liberties giants. I repeat, Singapore. It's the Western countries that have seen the most instances of martial law and incompetent leadership.

Fisher said the lockdowns may buy response time for officials to react to the pandemic - but some have been going on for weeks. That should be plenty of time. Fisher said lockdowns do not solve conservavirus.

Singapore has so far not had a full lockdown throughout this crisis. But it has had far fewer cases per capita than countries that have locked down. The numbers aren't even close: Singapore has had 137 per million, versus 1,529 in Italy.

Singapore does quarantine those who are ill. Singapore does practice social distancing. Most places did before they opted to lapse into martial law. And opt they did. Nobody forced other countries or states to enact martial law. The media has long been invested in authoritarian "solutions" to problems, but when public officials listen to it, these officials have nobody to blame but themselves.

If you really believed in Western exceptionalism, that ended this month.

Smooth move, Martial Grover

More proof that full lockdowns are ineffective? California was the first U.S. state to issue this form of martial law, and now it's one of the few where new cases of conservavirus are still rising significantly.

Maybe if Gov. Gruesome would make himself useful instead of praising Trump all the time, California could start to finally bend the graph of new cases.

Incidentally, it is martial law. Newsom even admitted it was martial law in a bizarre speech.

If a public official is so incompetent that they can't fight conservavirus without issuing a complete lockdown that lasts as long as it has, they should resign. This may well be past the point of mere incompetence.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Bellevue bubbling!

Just a few minutes ago, some woman walking through the alley next to my apartment bubbled.

A bunch of right-wingers are purposely spreading germs

Before anyone gets mad at me because I won't obey an 18-month lockdown, they should read this article about right-wingers who engage in recreational activities just to spread germs and make a political point...

There's a big difference between being holed up at home for 18 months and just skipping a country club outing. And no, it's not class warfare on my part. It's science - physical and social.

Also, wasn't right-wing demigod Donald Trump pushing a bill to use conservavirus as an excuse to gut habeas corpus just a week or two ago? If everyone else has to be locked up, why not right-wingers too?

Anybip, according to the above report, right-wingers are defying every sort of recommendations and restrictions just to try to stick it to everyone else. One Georgia resident says right-wing members of his country club defied rules just to be defying them. They even said conservavirus is a "stupid hoax."

Well, if it's a hoax, they don't get to use it as an excuse to take away habeas corpus or ban constitutionally protected activity. It's that simple. Make up your minds, conservos. Is it a hoax, or is it an apocalypse? You can't jump between alarmism and denial just to suit the purpose at hand. Of course, Trump does anyway.

Some other people have also been careless about spreading germs, but at least they didn't do it for spiteful political reasons.

Nothing I've encouraged actually spreads conservavirus. Chewing bubble gum at parks isn't exactly a germ spreader. Squeezing 10 people into a golf cart is.

"Safer at home"? Maybe compared to country clubs where privileged right-wingers make a sport of spreading conservavirus.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Horrible Hephzibah House closes!

A few of you may recall that Hephzibah House was a far-right so-called Christian residential program for "troubled" teenage girls in Warsaw, Indiana. After hearing about some of the abuse there, I participated in a public protest against Hephzibah House back in 2009.

According to more recent reports, some who lived at Hephzibah House say the program was full of sexual abuse and bad nutrition, and that the health department had gotten on the program's case for a series of violations.

It deserved to be closed. It's not the only facility like this that needed to be shut down.

And now it has. Media reports say Hephzibah House has just permanently closed after 49 years.

Good riddance!


Domestic violence soars under conservavirus lockdowns

The media's nonstop demands for lockdowns to fight conservavirus - even after cases of the virus have zoomed under Italy's lockdown - are indicative of bottomless ignorance of medicine, ethics, and social science. The ignorance may well be intentional, because it should be obvious to anyone with even a single brain cell they're wrong.

It's clear that lockdowns would destroy society by gutting its institutions. But this article discusses how this form of martial law has also led to a spike in domestic violence:

Domestic violence increases when it's harder for victims to get away from abusers. Plus, under these lockdowns, victims have less access to services, and may be afraid to use a shelter because the virus may spread.

Under restrictions imposed in Wuhan, police reported that the rate of domestic violence doubled. In a nearby province, domestic violence tripled. In another, a victim had to walk for hours to reach her family after she was severely battered. Another woman committed suicide by jumping out her apartment window.

French police report that domestic violence is up 32% since France copied Italy's failed lockdown. It's a problem in the United States too. In Cleveland - where this martial law has only been in force for a few days - domestic violence is already up 30%.

I don't expect the pro-batterer media to digest these facts any more than it does with any other facts. I'm sure they know, but they just don't care, because protecting their money and political agenda is more important to them. They consider domestic violence victims' lives less important.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

People ought to post videos of themselves bubbling in public

What better way to prove we're ready to beat a crisis than to post photos or videos of yourself bubbling in public?

Bubbling is our term for blowing bubbles with bubble gum. This activity is not only hilarious, but harmless. There may be no better way to fight a serious crisis than with harmless humor.

What people should do is chomp a huge pile of bubble gum, go to a park or other public outdoor place, blow some biggies, and make a photo or video that they post on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

It's not as if public bubbling has become any less common in recent weeks. After all, I did see a person bubble right in the middle of downtown Cincinnati just last week.

If that doesn't make sense, it's because it's not supposed to! Does it make sense that our government leaders at every level have failed so miserably at fighting a crisis that could have been largely stamped out by now? If they try arresting people for bubbling, I'd like to see what statute covers that. If authorities are so eager to mimic Singapore's law against bubble gum, they should also mimic Singapore's success against the pandemic - instead of providing excuse after excuse about why we can't test people.

Trump regime kills Walmart opioid probe

Did you know that Walmart almost faced criminal charges for improperly dispensing opioids, which fueled America's outbreak of heroin addiction?

A federal prosecuting attorney in Texas thought the evidence against Walmart was so incriminating that criminal charges were a slam-dunk. There was a 2-year-long federal investigation against the retail giant because the company forced its pharmacies to dispense opioids prescribed by pill mills. This fueled the addictions of many customers - killing many.

Walmart's insistence on filling these improper prescriptions plagued many states. One Florida doctor sent patients from Kentucky to Walmart pharmacies in over 30 states.

Prosecutors planned to indict Walmart under the Controlled Substances Act. But Walmart cried to Trump appointees in the so-called Department of Justice. In 2018, the Trump regime informed Walmart that it would not be prosecuted.

The prosecutors didn't give up. They met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and other regime officials to plead their case. They said a fine wouldn't be enough of a punishment for Walmart, because the company "has more money than it knows what to do with."

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," Rosenstein smugly replied. "We are all capitalists here."

Because Trump's pals failed to go after Walmart itself, the prosecutors then tried going after mid-level Walmart managers who went along with the company's decision. This effort also failed.

So prosecutors tried to build a civil claim. Again, the Trump thugocracy stood in the way.

Then Walmart complained to the Trump regime about the prosecutors, claiming that they committed official misconduct just by going after them.

Why is all of this so bad? It's because the heroin crisis has caused the direct deaths of countless Americans and has exacted a toll on anyone who knows someone who was addicted. That toll is not just financial but also medical because of the untold amount of stress it has caused. If this crisis has had any impact on you whatsoever, Walmart deserves a great deal of blame.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tower Hill! KY 8! Game day bucket go boom!

With the Cincinnati roadmeet looming on May 30, I've been scouting out sites and hoarding photos from these events. I plan to wait until just before the meet to release most of them - to protect these sites for the meet. But I have a small batch from November that I think is pretty safe. These are not meet highlights, but it's a little pre-bubbling of the big event...

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Abusive "treatment" centers stay open despite conservavirus

Let's face it. Rules don't apply to some people and agencies.

Throughout the latest crisis caused by right-wing incompetence - the latest of many - I've been careful to follow commonsense standards of sanitation. I will not allow my constitutional rights to be trampled by martial law, but nobody has been cleaner than I am. But "treatment" centers for "troubled teens" - the type of programs I've fought against for years - refuse to close even though other businesses have.

This entire industry is abusive. All these programs should close - pandemic or not.

If any place is likely to spread viruses - especially this virus - it's these facilities. Many states have ordered elective medical procedures to be delayed. Well, these programs are elective. Plus, they're not even medical. Psychiatric "hospitals" claim to be medical, but they're still elective. Other programs don't even claim to be medical.

So why are they allowed?

The people who would scream at us for daring to oppose martial law are the same ones who would defend these abusive programs as being life-saving necessities. Bank on it.

Louisville schools force kids to see shrink

Even the Courier-Journal has had its fill of the abuse going on in Louisville schools:

According to a major story by the Courier-Journal, the Jefferson County Public Schools have forced at least 1,500 students in the past year to undergo psychiatric evaluations and have threatened parents who don't comply. Some were as young as 8.

In some cases, the school district had kids locked up in a psychiatric facility without parents' permission. School officials reported parents to child protective services if they resisted.

CPS is supposed to only be used for real cases of abuse and neglect. It's not supposed to be used by vindictive school officials or anyone else who has an ax to grind.

Also, the psychiatrists that the school sends the students to work for the same institutions that warehouse these students - a major conflict.

Kentucky school officials have connived with abusive psychiatric institutions for a very long time. Will anything be done about it? It never has, so why would it be now?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Google News stupidity

I don't rely on Google News, because it's full of old, stale "news" instead of anything up-to-date. Its top stories are usually hours - even days - old. That's not to mention that half the stories are from sites that are almost universally recognized as right-wing, not real news outlets.

But I went on Google News this morning to try to peep some real news to relax with, and this was one of their top stories...

"Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Flaunts Fantastic Legs In A Hot Mini Outfit"

Seriously. That's a top news story today.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Trump says America "not built to be closed" but won't do a damn thing about it

Donald, you idiot, if you want America to reopen its businesses, put on your "I'm a big kid now pants" and do something about it.

Today, the embattled national manbaby gave a speech about the conservavirus closures. He declared, "Our country was not built to be closed. It is not a country that was built for it."

Then reopen it.

Just a few days ago, he wanted a bill to revoke habeas corpus under the pretext of an emergency. And his appointees kept demanding martial law lasting at least months. So obviously he must think it's "built for it."

And are there any countries that are "built for it"? It's not like they haven't tried - and predictably failed to accomplish anything positive. That's because they're run by Trump's friends.

All it takes is the stroke of a pen, and at least parts of our society can reopen. But Trump doesn't want it reopened. This is his 9/11.

The Kos Kids aren't alright

My peeps all agree that Daily Kos used to be one of the best news sites around. Its founder Markos Moulitsas used to post a lot of content there. But in the past few months, Daily Kos has been just a jumble of stuff.

A vast majority of the content there today is not from Kos himself. I'm not even sure who's really running the site now. Daily Kos is no longer even recognizable as a progressive site. The first sign of trouble that I can recall was the invasion by "Meow Mix Mike" Bloomberg supporters.

Bloomberg's Trump-like cult kept shouting down everyone else, improperly flagging posts, and generally making nuisances of themselves. They actually used the argument that Bloomberg should be nominated precisely because he's a billionaire.

When Bloomberg's campaign faltered, they moved on to spreading Red-baiting propaganda against Bernie Sanders and making classist comments about his supporters.

Then - when the conservavirus pandemic grew - they in essence began supporting Trump's unconstitutional martial law proposal. But they only supported it when a Democrat or a Republican other than Trump supported it. Democrats who supported it were lauded as presidential material. Democrats who did not support it were bashed.

They supported Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine's unconstitutional martial law order that state officials used to try to restrict abortion rights. They supported Trump appointee Steven Mnuchin's proposal for a 3-month period of nationwide martial law. This was even after new cases of the pandemic soared in Italy under its martial law regime.

When someone rightly expressed opposition to "stay at home" orders but supported people who didn't want wealthy owners of second homes coming into their town to evade their own state's order, the new generation of Kos Kids suddenly started singing a new tune to suit the purpose at hand. After supporting these orders, they said owners of second homes shouldn't have to obey them, because they have to pay taxes all year on these homes. Yeah, it must be rough to be rich.

They repeatedly clogged Daily Kos by posting a link to a website backed by wealthy donors that used discredited data to endorse a months-long reign of national martial law.

All of that occurred after lockdowns were proven to be ineffective - and after most experts agreed that the lockdowns were unethical under any standard.

All of the above stances - supporting a billionaire candidate just because of his money, Red-baiting, classism, unconstitutional trampling of civil liberties (except for the rich), limiting abortion rights - filled a supposedly progressive website. Of course, there's still some dissenting voices. But some of the key elements of progressivism are maximizing civil liberties and minimizing influence of money. Trumpian martial law shouldn't even be seriously entertained on any website - let alone on Daily Kos. In addition, the martial law now being imposed in America has already led to at least one racially motivated hate crime.

Almost completely missing from the debate is the fact that many of the orders issued by government officials in the U.S. lately are not only ineffective but are also unconstitutional limits of freedom of assembly. What's the point of the Constitution even listing our rights if they can just be violated arbitrarily?

With the Bloomberg bots and Republican apologists bombarding Daily Kos lately, it's their way or the highway.

The past month or two hasn't just dragged the name of Daily Kos and the media through mud. It's also reflected poorly on most of Western civilization. A lot of people seem to think Western countries are freer and more democratic than other countries. But with the recent rise of right-wing demagogues in the West, the West has had by far the most instances of martial law during this pandemic. This completely torpedoes the myth of Western exceptionalism.

The leadership of not just one country but most of the Western world has now been shown to be incompetent, authoritarian, unethical, and anti-science. These include many of the same conditions that the pirates of the 18th century rebelled against. When people become pirates again, these countries' governments won't be able to do shit about it. I'd love to see them try.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Trump regime begs Congress to allow martial law

The Far Right 3 weeks ago: "Coronavirus is a hoax!"

Two weeks ago: "I need to hoard toilet paper!"

Five days ago: "The numbers from Italy are fake news put out by libs just because they don't want lockdowns."

Today: "We need martial law!"

Trump's so-called Justice Department is seeking a proposal that would expand martial law by allowing emergencies like pandemics to be used to detain people indefinitely without charges or trial. The plan would revoke the right to habeas corpus.

Needless to say, this proposal is unconstitutional for several reasons.

The Trump regime is urging Congress to pass this proposal - but it's actually unlikely to pass the House.

Presidents already have emergency powers such as ordering factories to produce items needed during a crisis. But Trump won't use these powers - saying it would defy conservative principles. Instead, he wants detention powers that are explicitly unconstitutional.

The excuse from the Far Right for violating the Constitution will be the same as it always is: "It's an emergency." But the Constitution isn't worth the parchment it's printed on if elected officials can violate it every time there's an emergency.

Have no fear, the April ish is here!

Spring is in the air, and as April looms on the horizon, the April issue of The Last Word is ready! This ish talks about rich investors whining about coronavirus ruining their stocks, the destroyment of a Time magazine record, a scooter being thrown in a river, the difficulty of blowing bubbles while wearing a mask, a greedy speculator ruining a historic house by leaving it vacant, a gumball machine being sold on 'Hardcore Pawn', and more!

So point your pooper here...

If that doesn't work, bip on over here...

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

USA Today flat-out lies about stimulus checks

Our couldn't-give-a-shit media continues to not give a shit.

As Treasury officials and Congress mull what they describe as an economic stimulus to be paid to the public, USA Today has run an article that flat-out lies about the last stimulus. The piece falsely claims the last stimulus was enacted by George W. Bush in 2008. The article actually says this with a straight face.

Wrong. And this is typical of USA Today cheering Republicans lately (like when it supported Trump's illegal and malicious plan to slash SSDI). President Obama sent out stimulus checks in 2009. The Bush regime did send out checks to folks once, but this program specifically excluded low-income workers. When this was going on, the media claimed repeatedly that everyone got a check. But they didn't. So that too was a lie. It was as if the media was waving the stimulus checks in everyone's faces: "Ha-ha, we got a check and you didn't!" The entire sorry endeavor was to make it appear as if Bush was doing something constructive - when really it was just another handout that went mostly to those who didn't need it.

When the dust settles, a special effort needs to be made to expose our fake news media, which has hit many new lows in the past month.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cuomo blasts New York lockdown plan

One elected official who so far has had some realistic ideas on how to fight the conservavirus outbreak is Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York.

The Empire State has more cases than any other state in the U.S. (though not per capita). But Cuomo, a Democrat, has so far put a lid on the idea of instituting a full lockdown. He says New York City - or any other city in the state - will not be locked down any time soon.

"It cannot happen legally," he said. That's because America isn't supposed to have martial law.

D.C. restaurant group planned to defy conservavirus rules

My message for restaurants that want to defy reasonable emergency limits resulting from conservavirus: Don't.

The city of Washington, D.C., has ordered restaurants to do things like limit table seating to 6 people or less and make sure customers are at least 6 feet apart. These rules are much more lenient than in many states, which are limiting restaurants to only carryout orders.

Assuming these are the only limits D.C. has, these rules are well within the scope of the city's emergency powers. Martial law endorsed by many pundits would not be acceptable or constitutional - and in fact would be very harmful. But D.C.'s limits on restaurants are not martial law.

But a group that owns several D.C. eateries has announced it plans to disobey the rules outright. The group encouraged other restaurants to do the same.

The mayor then warned the group it must comply. That's why we call them rules. Not mere suggestions.

The media and self-appointed "experts" expect everyone to lock themselves at home around the clock for the rest of the year - which would bring society to a standstill and possibly a permanent end. But a restaurant group thinks it can defy even the most lenient rules.

After warnings by the mayor, the restaurant group finally decided to comply. The group worried that it would go out of business, but if so, the Trump regime needs to be tapped to reimburse it - as it was Trump's unchecked incompetence that fanned this pandemic.

I'm reminded of all the people who used to spam the Internet with personal attacks, and how their provider refused to pull their accounts. Yet administrators at providers who let them go would report posts that were not spam at all. Under our constitutional system, we would have no basis to comply with martial law. But I have no patience with businesses that won't follow mild rules that are perfectly permissible.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Cincinnati mayor orders people to stay 6 feet apart

Today, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley ordered people to stay 6 feet apart from each other in outdoor public places in an effort to help stamp out the conservavirus pandemic.

No worries, because I did this today - before I even knew of the order. I've tried to do it every day since long before anyone even heard of this virus. Before anyone who read my other recent posts accuses me of being defiant of pandemic protocols, this is one that I've followed all along. I thought it was common sense. It's just not as obvious as not sitting down on someone's pillow after your ass has picked up germs from a seat at a diner.

Meanwhile, some crew of crackpots has issued a report demanding a total lockdown lasting 18 months. I'd love to see them try. They can't keep me locked down for 18 minutes, let alone 18 months.

Bubbling season is upon us!

Today I went out to scout out sites for the upcoming Cincinnati roadmeet, and while I was heading home on 7th Street, a young woman walking down the street bubbled.