Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gingrich praises Pearl Harbor attack

Newt Gingrich - the Nazi who hired a Hitler apologist as House historian - opened his ugly mouth again.

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor. To commemorate the attack, Gingrich posted this on his Twitter feed:

"75 years ago the Japanese displayed professional brilliance and technological power launching surprises from Hawaii to the Philippines"

Thousands of Americans were killed or wounded at Pearl Harbor, and the elder statesman of Republican fascism praised the bombing.

You picked him, media.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Confident, confident, dry and secure!

This is primarily a political blog, but this is something personal I need to have a chitchat about.

In the course of only an hour back in August, I went from being a sad sack of a man to acting like an overconfident teenager. All because of one funny story.

You might have to stop me. I overcompensated, and it might not be healthy. Myself and another individual are feeding off of each other, and we might have to stop. It was great for a while, but now I'm not so sure.

Maybe I'd feel better about this if I had validation from other people. I almost feel like I'm acting cooler than I really am. I'm not absolutely sure, because after all, I am mighty cool. It could simply be teenage rebellion, except I'm 43.

If you know I'm cool, please authenticate my coolness. It'll make me feel so much better. But if you know I'm not, break it to me gently. I'll come to terms with it.

Think. Do. Be.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump staffer convicted of election fraud

Isn't it strange how the last poll I saw of Michigan prior to the "election" had Hillary Clinton leading the state by 20 points, but Donald Trump ended up winning it?

Here's a case out of Michigan that might shed some light on election fraud in the Wolverine State. Brandon Hall - a Trump staffer - has just been convicted of 10 counts of election fraud. Now he may face 5 years in prison. Back in 2012, Hall - along with Republican activist Zachary Savage - forged signatures on petition forms supporting a judicial candidate. But Savage received immunity in exchange for testifying against Hall.

Hall had served on his local school board, but he had to quit when he was convicted of stealing from a school fundraiser. So why did the Trump campaign and the Michigan GOP hire him after that? And why did they hire him while the election fraud charges were pending?


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Local media covers library gun incident

Even the decidedly pro-Trump Cincinnati Enquirer covered the incident last night in which 2 armed Trumpthugs tried to crash a meeting at the Covington library...

For the record, I left before the second man showed up. I didn't see the first man openly carrying, but others say they both did, and I believe they did.

Also, others have pointed out that pretty much every library has a sign declaring that it's a felony to bring in a gun. I didn't notice a sign at this libe, but then again, this was also the first library I ever caught censoring my website.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nobody fails to learn a lesson quite like progressives

Hate to say it, but my ideological allies still don't get it.

There's an anti-Trump march coming up in Covington on Saturday. Earlier tonight, I went to a meeting where we were to make signs for this event. This meeting was in the meeting room at the public library there.

Remember the Trumpthug who shoved a man against a car at a Cincinnati march? He showed up right when the meeting was supposed to begin. I warned the legit attendees of the meeting that he had assaulted someone at a previous event. Instead of kicking him out of the meeting, they engaged him.


Sixth grade must have really been hard for these folks. They don't know how to react to a bully. They have no clue whatsoever. They should know by now, but they don't. They're so competent at everything else, but they've never learned how to deal with bullies.

After dawdling for a few minutes, I decided to leave. I wasn't going to be a part of them engaging a right-wing criminal. As I was leaving the library, I called 911.

The Covington Police never got back to me, so I didn't know for another few hours whether they showed up. In the meantime, I discovered that the man who openly carried a gun at the first anti-Trump event had joined this man at the meeting, and attendees engaged him too. Someone also said in a Facebook post that both men were armed with guns at the meeting.

From what I can gather, the police did arrive - but didn't do anything. It appears as if there was a cop stationed at the libe, who confronted the first armed man who showed up tonight, but no action was taken.

Surprised? Strange how I was arrested by the Covington Police for acting up at school, but they won't do a thing to right-wing criminals who intimidate meetings. Many states have a law on the books calling it menacing - but I don't know if Kentucky is one. There's no way in hell it doesn't fall under some criminal statute.

Engaging bullies. Now there's a surefire way to lose.

Left is right

This, my friends, highlights one of the duties of the Electoral College. Even if Donald Trump got 100% of the popular vote, the Electoral College has a duty to reject him because of his poor character. If they don't, they're not doing their job.

Have you noticed that you personally know hardly anyone who supported Trump? That's because you live in the reality-based community, and you associate with people of high ethical standards.

Yet think about people who you've known who either have bad character or are just plain spoiled. Go find their Facebook page. Notice that most have one thing in common: They like pro-Trump pages on Facebook. They've supported Republicans in past elections, but with the growth of social media, it's easier to weed them out now.

Yes, I know the official exit poll shows Trump performed much better among men than women. But I'm as macho as any other guy out there, and that didn't induce me to vote for Trump. Most men who know how to act right didn't support him, so what about the guys who did? I have some theories. Maybe they're abusing steroids. Maybe they're compensating for some, uh, shortcomings. Maybe they've got other issues they haven't come to terms with. They seem to be preoccupied with certain topics, and that's always a sign of some serious self-hatred. I don't have any prejudices about this, but they do, and I think it's because they won't confront a part of their own lives. They obsess over things they feel threatened by because it reminds them of something within themselves.

Think back on the spoiled brat at school who put your calculator in the toilet, and find their Facepoo page. I dare you. If you want to see a showcase of Trumpist memes, you know where to look. This also shows why society has to keep a sharper eye on them.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

It wasn't Castro who...

If people want to talk about what a tyrannical dictator Fidel Castro was, in the wake of his death, they really need to clean up their own yard first.

It wasn't Castro who outlawed chewing gum. That was Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew - a darling of America's Far Right. (Gum is actually very popular in Cuba.)

It wasn't Castro who used psychiatric prisons to detain dissidents without a trial. That was the Bush crime family.

It wasn't Castro who started illegal wars with Iraq. Again, the Bush royal family.

It wasn't Castro who banned Fahrenheit 9/11. That was the Bushes' friends in Kuwait.

It wasn't Castro who forced me to wait years for adequate health care or a dental visit, or who sold drugs to a neighbor. It wasn't Castro who arrested me for "trespassing" for using a university library, or who blacklisted me from more lucrative employment. I'd appreciate it if I didn't need political connections just to be hired to clean a damn toilet at a store.

Look, if you're gonna criticize a country's leader as too authoritarian, at least be fair enough to criticize other leaders. The Bushes were not simply authoritarian. They were totalitarian. That's worse. It's like the difference between Guardian Angel and Brossart.

So cool it with the hypocrisy.

Ironically, the U.S. government squandered over $1 billion trying to assassinate or overthrow Castro - yet he managed to outlive most of the people behind these efforts.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Right-wing idiot insults Dayton (a blast from the past)

Remember those Tea Partyin' days of the early 2010s - before Occupy kablammoed what little mainstream interest there was in the Tea Party's fascism?

That was when one of the regular commenters on this blog found her Facebook account yanked for disagreeing with the Far Right about mandatory drug tests of welfare recipients. What did said right-wingers say about our friend? One had this to say...

"Of course she's for drugs. She's from Dayton, KY. The majority of that whole damn town is on assistance of some sort. Mostly welfare and SSI. They're generational too. The majority of the town is on drugs too. That's why I moved the fuck away from there. ..."

Hey asshole, I have family roots in Dayton, Kentucky. So I know the above statement is a lie.

He also said I was stirring up "the same shit as she." Yes, that's exactly what we were doing. The Tea Party was asking for it. It was obvious the Tea Party was full of burning fart gas, and they're damn lucky they weren't called out more.

Another idiot had this to say...

"ANN M----- IS A COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wow, that really elevated the tone of the discussion. They didn't even know what gum was, so I'm sure they didn't know what communism was.

Who else remembers them days?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Have no fear, the December ish is here!

The December ish of The Last Word - your road atlas to freedom - is pub early! That makes us coolsters even cooler than usual!

This ish is a beaut! In this edition, we talk about all the things people who wear glasses aren't allowed to do, how to troll right-wingers by mishandling your dental work or your glasses, a stupid drawing of a person blowing a bubble with bubble gum, an idiotic glasses ad in the phone book, and more!

You're gonna peep, weep, and oggle-beep, and you'll accomplish this trifecta by pointing your pooper here...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pipeline protester may lose arm to police violence

As protests against the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota continue, police violence is escalating. And make no mistake, it is police violence. There's no other term for it. This police violence is unjustified and unwarranted.

On Sunday, about 300 protesters on a bridge were injured by police. One of them was a 21-year-old woman who was hit by a police grenade. Now she might lose her entire arm. At minimum, she will only have 20% functionality in this arm for the rest of her life.

Twenty-one. Disabled for life. For no reason.

Afterward, the Morton County Sheriff's Department lied about the event by saying that no such grenades were used. Instead they accused protesters of making explosives that caused the injury - even though no explosives made by protesters were found.

If you have some Tea Party third cousin who defends the cops' actions when you see them on Thanksgiving, kindly put giraffe tranquilizers in your relative's Coke.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump = Bush

Why didn't the George W. Bush thugocracy elicit the same huge public protests that Donald Trump is getting?

Let's be honest here. Trump = Bush. Granted, Bush had experience in public office, but I don't see any ideological difference. A Ku Klux Klan chapter even endorsed Bush, but the right-wing media did of course sweep it under the rug. Bush was doing all the same things Trump is doing.

Looking on the bright side, the stronger pushback against Trump means people are smarter than they were in 2000. Back then, everyone's idea of thinking outside the box was growing their helmet hair an inch longer or suing Napster.

But if it takes this long for people to get it, people are not fast learners.

My gun law proposal

With Trump-inspired thuggery on the rise, it's way past time to get serious on gun safety legislation.

I wanted to put forth this proposal months ago, but I knew there'd be a better time for it. This is that time. It will always be that time - from now until this idea is acted upon. Best all, my idea doesn't violate the Second Amendment (or the First) in any way, shape, or form.

For starts, let me be frank: It is time to outlaw hate groups. These organizations have recruited thugs to commit hate crimes. One may occasionally hear a news report about a "banned terrorist group" in another country. Even Britain has tough laws on this. The United States should enact a similar ban.

This would be entirely constitutional. There are precedents under American law. The Enforcement Act of 1870, for example, specifically banned the use of force to prevent people from voting because of their race. The state of New York later passed a law requiring the Ku Klux Klan to disclose membership lists. The Supreme Court upheld this law.

Gang membership is banned under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. So why not hate groups?

What about gun safety laws? Instead of an across-the-board beef-up of gun laws that will only hamstring innocent people, we should ban members of hate groups from having guns - or other weapons. It's that simple. There should also be stiff prison terms for sellers who knowingly supply weapons to hate group members.

Convicted felons already can't have guns. It's hard to see how anybody would oppose this restriction. So there clearly is a precedent for restricting gun ownership by hate groups.

You can't legislate all the hate away. But we must deny it public support. It's in society's interest to protect its citizenry. The violence of hate groups is detrimental to America's social fabric.

More about yesterday's Trumpthug

My biggest regret about yesterday's anti-Trump march in Cincinnati was that I didn't catch the entire incident in which one of Donald Trump's thugs shoved a man against a car and knocked him over.

I've been reading about the incident a little more, and a witness says he didn't just shove the man. He "speared" him.

Then, after this incident, the assailant told a cop he wanted to kill "liberals." Then the cop shook his hand.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How cool people rock an anti-Trump shirt

This isn't exactly a fashion blog - except when confronted with a proliferation of clothing items assailing right-wing politicians.

When we coolsters get our hands on anti-Trump shirts, this is how we rock 'em...

This is how we do - because we think it's circa 1999 when I got that jacket, which is the same one I was wearing when I got chased out of Villa Hills while I was at work. I call it the anarchist jacket - not because I think real anarchists would wear it, but because the Far Right thinks it makes me look like an anarchist. That jacket probably predates the Extremist, the George W. Bush regime, and the closure of Tantrum 95.7, so it's a durable one, and hopefully it won't get (keek!) ruined any time soon.

Another huge anti-Trump protest in Cincinnati today!

I didn't think today's protest against Donald Trump in Cincinnati today would attract very many people, because of the biting wind and cold - but it did.

We again gathered on Fountain Square, and we marched to Washington Park. About 1,000 people showed up.

But that includes one of Donald Trump's goons who was there to start trouble. I saw him in the crowd at Fountain Square. When the march got under way, I walked past him, and he said, "Hey Tim." I don't know how he knew my name. I don't think I saw him last week, because all I remember is that last week's Trumpthugs were considerably shorter. I'm sure he doesn't read this blog, because it's mostly just cool people who read it. The fact that he knew who I was just shows he's been conspiring with the rest of Trump's criminal cult.

Later, as we were walking up Vine Street, he violently shoved a person into a car. Naturally, the police did not arrest him. In fact, when he was talking to the police, he pointed at me - as if I somehow had anything to do with that incident.

I'm pretty sure I got pictures of him, but just not this incident.

We need to protest the Trump regime until our bell bottoms bust in public.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Tim rocks his missing tooth!

I've been getting gobs of requests for this, so hang on to your mittens!

I only have 27 teeth. The dentist ordered 4 teeth removed, but I have one other that's been broken off at the gum line since high school because some prep punched me in the jaw.

People ask me about it. I know I don't have the most socially acceptable teeth in the world, and that's fine. I think they look cool. Punk rocker teeth are one of my trademarks. I've actually gotten requests for a video about my missing tooth. A lot of requests.

I'm happy to oblige. It really is time for those of us with punk rocker teeth to take a stand on YouTube. I'm not embarrassed about it, but I'm tired of people being shamed on YouPube for missing or crooked teeth. I want to show people how to rock it!

Because you're cool, and most cool people have irregular gnashers like I do, you're gonna rock 'em once you see this widely requested clip I just made...

Texas man burned in Trump-inspired hate crime

Trump-inspired violence is out of control.

One of the worst Trump-related hate crimes so far just took place on a Houston area freeway. Syed Raza, a Muslim, was driving home when 2 men in a truck pulled up beside him. The pair threw a firebomb into Raza's car. The car was engulfed in fire, and Raza was severely burned.

As far as I know, no suspects have been identified yet.

This is one of many reasons we can't afford to give Trump a chance.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Singapore's human rights abuses continue

This is the sort of government that traitorous fucks like David Perdue support.

Chijioke Obioha, a Nigerian man, is about to be executed by the right-wing dictatorship in Singapore for alleged possession of a small amount of cannabis. It's unclear if the trial was even legit. That's because the law in the police state of Singapore says that in drug cases like this, one is considered guilty under proven innocent - not the other way around. The defense - not the prosecution - had the burden of proof. Plus, Obioha's family members have been unable to help him.

This case has drawn the attention of human rights groups like Amnesty International.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Professor taken to psych ward for criticizing Trump

It begins.

More accurately, it continues! Isn't that right, George H.W. Bush?

Kevin Allred, an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, found himself face-deep in big league poo this week after he made a series of Twitter posts daring to criticize Donald Trump. After the posts, New York City police came to his home and forced him to go to a hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Docs at the hosp, however, thought the fuzz was full of WaftGas - and they let Allred go.

Apparently, authorities went after Allred because a right-wing student had their feelings hurt by Allred's criticism of Trump.

Allred later said on Twitter that the incident "is proof positive that Trump's crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun."

Is it fascismness yet?


Laugh of the year: Campbell County in a "drought"

You wanna hear something uproarious?

Campbell County just ordered Thanksgiving bonfires banned because the county is in a "drought."

Seriously. They said that.

The order comes after the area received its rainiest single day in recorded history, which flooded homes on Covert Run Pike.

In commemoration of this diktat, here's some recent "drought" photos and videos for ya...

Nice to know Campbell County is promoting climate change denial - and my tax dollars are paying for it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Armed Trumpthug doubles down

Donald Trump's thugs have been laying on the stupid thick this evening, so let me give you the poop.

As you know, I got in a confrontation with a man carrying an assault rifle at the anti-Trump protest in Cincinnati this past Saturday. One of the Trumpers' main talking points is that it's not really an assault rifle since that's a just a term made up for political reasons. Even if it is, it's moot. I'm not the guy who took a gun to the event to intimidate people.

The man was quoted in the local media, but it turns out he gave an alias. I'm pretty sure I found his real name now, and he lives in Erlanger. Not like it matters much, but if he was so brave, why did he have to hide behind a fake name in the media?

Earlier this evening, he posted a video on Facebook of the confrontation with me. It was edited a bit, but I still think it casts me in a very positive light - even though he said in the caption that I'm a "crazy lunatic." His video was followed by a ream of alt-right backslapping about "crazy Mr. Brown" by his demented pals, and how they're gonna search for me and "find his no job ass with beaver teeth self."

YAY!!! A CROOKED TEETH JOKE!!! Now you know I made them mad!

I have a good sense of humor, but it's not funny when right-wing pieces of shit appear at protests and carry an assault rifle just to intimidate people. If it was a rally to support open carry, I'd expect people to walk around with guns in plain sight. That's not what this protest was. As I've stated before, even in an open carry state, police have a duty to disarm those who are unfit.

If you want to openly carry a gun like that, enlist. I generally don't support expanded gun control, but I don't carry any weapon stronger than a knife, because my ideas stand on their own merits. I didn't even bring my knife to Saturday's event, because several people on my side urged me not to. I shouldn't feel like I need a fucking WEAPON!

Teacher suspended for opposing Trump

Here's another reason to bring horror to Trumpists this holiday season. If you happen to see any relatives on Thanksgiving who still support the racist sexual predator, they're going to try to make sure you can't chew any stuffed celery, because that's their violent nature.

At Mountain View High School in Mountain View, California, a longtime history teacher and award-winning Holocaust expert has been suspended because he accurately compared the rise of Donald Trump to that of Adolf Hitler. The suspension came after some Nazi parent complained to the school.

I used to think we had free speech. Silly me.


Trumpthug caught on video macing man

Nope, no violence from Trump supporters here. Except that there is...

Here's a synopsis of that video for those of you who are afraid a poisonous alligator might pop out of your screen if you click on it: An older man - a Trump supporter - walks through a crowd in Los Angeles, repeatedly yelling, "Asshole!" We soon see that the language was directed at a younger man - a Trump opponent. Then, with no provocation whatsoever, a woman - a Trump supporter - walks past and sprays mace in the young man's face before quickly walking away.

No provocation. At all. She just goes ahead and sprays it.

Workers at a food stand had to give the man some water to douse his eyes. (I have no idea why the Harlem Globetrotters music was playing in the background.)

AP stupidity

Who writes this shit?

The decidedly pro-Trump Associated Press put out an article about a wealthy business owner in Kentucky who thinks the poor have it too easy. A line in the article says the man "is not a Republican voter, although he votes for Republicans."

Uh, what?

Look at that line again to see how idiotic that sounds.

Anti-Trump protests come to Lexington!

After Bowling Green got a series of anti-Trump protests, it was only a matter of days before Lexington got its share of action! (We're talking Kentucky here!) On Saturday, folks protested against the sexual predator in downtown Lexington - a city Trump lost by a surprising margin.

Naturally, Trump's thugs are commenting on websites about protesters being "overweight."

So which is it? Are we a bunch of granola-munching, smug hipsters, or are we a bunch of "overweight" oafs? It's impossible for a person to be both. Where does that leave me? Or does my crossed eye cover everything?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Anti-Trump protester shot in Portland

Now everyone can stop laughing at me when I talk about how violent Trumpthugs are.

Some of the best protests against Donald Trump have taken place in Portland, Oregon. But last night, one of the protesters was shot by a Trump supporter. The attacker shot the protester, jumped in a car, and fled.

Luckily, the wound isn't life-threatening.


I almost got shot at the anti-Trump rally

I went to the anti-Trump rally in Cincinnati today, and America is on the brink of danger.

I got to Fountain Square a half-hour early with my huge, bright green "FUCK TRUMP" sign. I knew it would be a big day, because when I was carrying it across the square, an older man eating inside Graeter's gave a thumbs-up. But trouble brewed before the event was even supposed to start. One of Trump's thugs showed up and started shit with the crowd that had gathered. After arguing for a bit, he walked away and uttered an anti-Jewish crack.

Around the time the protest was supposed to start, a Trump thug showed up carrying an assault rifle! No, I'm not making this up. I'm as pro-Second Amendment as anyone, but to sport a gun in this fashion is intimidation, and it's criminal. We immediately got in a confrontation, and I actually dared him to shoot me.

When this was going on, 3 or 4 police officers approached me and asked me to leave the event. I refused, because I was on public property and I was exercising free speech. I was fully prepared to sue if I was arrested. Then the cops took me aside and lectured me about it, and insisted the man was right to carry a gun. Actually, he was committing a crime. Even though carrying a gun is generally legal, one of the duties of police is to disarm people like him who are unfit to have one. I guarantee that if I had shown up with an assault rifle, I'd be in jail right now. Guaranteed!

The police told me that someone had complained about my presence at the event - even though I wasn't doing anything that other participants weren't doing. Translation: They knew about me already, so I was targeted.

Trump opponents own guns too, but notice how the only person to bring a gun to the event and threaten people with it was a Trump supporter.

After this lecture, I called some people for reinforcements, but then it appeared that the police were making everyone else leave Fountain Square. I saw a huge wall of people walk away towards 5th Street, but I didn't know where they went.

This was also the same day a mistrial was declared in the trial of the murderer Ray Tensing, so I knew there was a Black Lives Matter event in front of the courthouse. I zipped down to the courthouse and found this protest there, but I couldn't find any sign that the anti-Trump event had moved there. Before long, however, I saw the anti-Trump protesters walking down a side street and joining this protest!

With both protests merged, we marched all over the neighborhood, to Washington Park, and then back to Fountain Square! About 5,000 people showed up in total. And lots of participants liked my sign. Some said it was their favorite sign! And many bystanders gave me a thumbs-up! Best all, I didn't see any more Trumpers to gunk things up.

There's supposed to be another anti-Trump protest next Saturday - same time, same place, same channel!

Oh, and the guy with the assault rifle has now been identified.

They just admitted it: I lost work because of politics

Every so often, I post a message on Facepoo soliciting employment at local businesses.

I made another such post this morning. I did warn potential employers in advance that I have strabismus and punk rocker teeth. (I didn't mention the Sesame Street sore.) If they were going to discriminate against me for appearance, I didn't want to waste time being interviewed. Plus, I won't do anything about my crooked teeth and crossed eye anyway, because they look cool. You have to admit, the Rock Pile is a lot more interesting than having perfectly straight teeth. Considering hardly anyone ever mentioned it until I was 24, why should I be embarrassed about it?

I also don't understand why I should be embarrassed about strabismus. I might not have fabulous eye contact, but I'm not a people person anyway.

After I posted my want ad, this is the lone reply I got...

"So you're in support of violent protests in Cincinnati, talked about bringing a switchblade to anti trump rallies. Your appearance would be the last reason to over look you as a candidate."

Genius, the only reason I planned on bringing a switchblade is because participants were being threatened with violence by Trump's thugs.

More importantly, this guy just admitted he wouldn't hire me because I oppose Trump. It's not like I was looking for a job as a dental hygienist or eye doctor, so there's no excuse. Everything I've said for the past 25 years about being passed over for jobs because of politics was just confirmed.

So you can sell your glasses and keep chompin' with that Rock Pile!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Celeb look-alikes keep being seen in public

I haven't seen any celebrity look-alikes lately, but peeps keep their peepers peeped for them.

I've just been told that a Larry David look-alike was spotted in a food court at the Atlanta airport. Plus, a Kathie Lee Gifford look-alike was seen on a flight.

When the squeaky wheel got the grease...literally!

Remember a week ago when I was talking about the construction trucks barreling through the neighborhood and squeaking their brakes, and how I made phone calls to the construction company in which I made squeaking noises?

The phone calls worked. I haven't heard the brakes squealing in a week.

Maybe it'll start back up again, like what happened after the city sent them a Strongly Worded Letter. Also, I haven't been busted for "harassing" phone calls. If I get in trouble now, I know who'll be behind it. Here's a hint: It's not Jill Stein.

The saying goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." It means that those who protest the strongest have their grievances dealt with. Once again, the saying holds true. This ought to knock the wind out of the sails of anyone who says I should just hold my tongue.