Tuesday, December 12, 2017

No more Moore

Democrat Doug Jones has just won the Senate election in Alabama.

You blew this one, Repubs. Blew it in a big way.

The fact that something like this just happened in Alabama - of all places - is truly a sight to behold. Today is the first time in 25 years that the GOP has lost a Senate election in Alabama.

Regardless of who had won, it's mind-blowing that the Republican National Committee actually gave money to Roy Moore. We need to remind people of this from tonight until the end of time.

Looks like the mall won't be unbanning you anytime soon, Roy.

School uniforms ruled unconstitutional again!

I have a vague memory of this case, which has been bouncing through the courts since 2011, but I had no recollection of what became of it. But now it's finally been decided in favor of the forces of good!

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that requiring students in public schools to wear uniforms is unconstitutional. The case arose from a right-wing uniform policy at Roy Gomm Elementary School in Reno, Nevada.

So there's that.

(Source: https://www.nevadaappeal.com/news/local/reno-school-uniforms-policy-ruled-unconstitutional)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Racist lawmaker exposed in scathing report

We've talked about Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson before. The Tea Party legislator from Bullitt County made explicitly racist Facebook posts and was a sponsor of fascist legislation such as the unconstitutional "right-to-work" law. The Republicans chose him as their candidate in 2016 despite knowing about his racist posts.

For years, Johnson has also been a pastor of a right-wing Louisville church, where he has declared himself pope. Now the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting has produced a detailed report on the sordid history of this preacher-turned-lawmaker...


Here's some key information in the report: Johnson lies about having a divinity degree from an Iowa seminary. He claims to have served as White House chaplain - though no such office exists. He says he set up the morgue for 9/11 victims - though people who were at 9/11 say that's also a lie. Johnson even falsely claimed during his political campaign to have been an ambassador to the UN.

Johnson's church has violated laws prohibiting tax-exempt nonprofits from endorsing candidates. A former member of Johnson's church, who tried to run for what is now Johnson's House seat, accuses him of delivering racist sermons.

Johnson was once indicted for setting his Cadillac on fire to collect the insurance money. Later, he was a suspect in a fire that destroyed his own church.

A young woman reported feeling uncomfortable when a drunken Johnson allegedly kissed her at a church party. The pastor has even been accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl. Through it all, the Louisville media has been engaged in a cover-up of Johnson's activities.

Why do we put up with clowns like Dan Johnson in public office?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trump regime ends housing program for homeless vets

The Trump thugocracy has just hit a new low - and not just in its approval numbers.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is slashing funding for a program that helps provide housing for homeless veterans. In fact, the VA says the program will end.

Veterans' advocates and state and city officials are livid.

If Trump treats homeless veterans this way, nobody is safe.

(Source: http://thehill.com/homenews/news/363681-va-slashes-program-that-helps-homeless-veterans-obtain-housing-report)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Former Colorado GOP head charged with election fraud

Steve Curtis is a former head of the Republican Party of Colorado who also ran a right-wing talk show on Denver radio.

Shortly before last year's "election", he said on his show, "Virtually every case of voter fraud that I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats or do I not have the facts?" But now he's the one being charged with election fraud and forgery. Curtis stands accused of forging his former wife Kelly Curtis's signature on her mail-in ballot after they divorced. Kelly Curtis discovered the fraud when she called the county clerk's office to see how to cast her ballot and was told she had already voted.

Do you really expect anything less from the party of fraud?

(Source: http://kdvr.com/2017/12/04/voter-fraud-trial-underway-for-former-gop-chairman)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Motortrike assailant praises Trump on Facebook

Every community has its own cast of characters, and our part of town is no exception. We're a regular Sesame Street!

Several months ago, a man driving a motortrike on the sidewalk was charged with assault for shooting pepper spray at people gathering outside a Newport social services agency. The Dayton, Kentucky, resident had also been accused of scratching cars in his own city about a year earlier. Folks also say he would ride around in a convertible and randomly shoot pepper spray. He was also accused of a stabbing a few years ago.

When I saw his mugshot, I noticed he strongly resembled a man I'd seen at a local Subway restaurant who gave a brief speech praising Donald Trump and spread a shredded newspaper around the eating area. I concluded it was probably the same guy.

Until recently, I couldn't find any political material on the motortrike assailant's several Facebook pages, but now he's changed his cover photo to a picture of Trump smiling his ass off. He also changed his intro text to: "President Donald J. Trump is #1 & he rules."

It gets weirder. On his timeline, he posted a copy of the Channel 19 report of the motortrike incident. Below it, he bragged about spraying one of the victims. He's also started a YouTube channel where he boasts about the episode. He's even taken to calling himself "The Dayton, KY Mace Clown."

What a beezweezer.

Trump admits to obstruction of justice

Look at what Donald Trump just said on his idiot-like Twitter feed...

"I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!"

In other words, Trump just admitted he knew Flynn lied to the FBI before he asked James Comey to get off Flynn's case. Trump kept Flynn on knowing full well he had lied. That's obstruction of justice. That's all you need to charge Trump.

It may seem like Robert Mueller's job just got a lot easier, but there's a good chance he already had Trump but we just don't know it yet.

Passing illegible tax bill proves Republicans have lost their minds

How many decades have I been warning people that the Republicans would someday do something like this that proves they've lost their damn minds?

The GOP-led Senate has just passed an overwhelmingly unpopular tax bill that not only gives free money to corporations and the 1%, but isn't even legible. The 497-page bill is made up largely of scribbled handwritten notes in the margin of the pages that nobody can read. It's like when you give a Magic Slate to a child who isn't old enough to read and tell them to write a story.

Imagine handing in a term paper full of scribbled additions in the margins. I knew by 5th grade that this would never be accepted in school.

The more economists and congressional budget accountants said the bill would add to the deficit, the more the Republicans doubled down in supporting the bill!

Inevitably, the GOP will try to use the budget shortfalls caused by this bill as an excuse to slash Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other programs. They've even admitted as much. This despite the fact that Social Security doesn't add to the national debt. It's paid for from separate trust funds. Then again, the bill is such a political liability for Republicans that by the time many of these cuts would take effect, adults may be in charge of the government again, and they'll reverse them. That of course assumes The Media doesn't let the GOP get away with all of this - like they usually do. (Remember the 2013 government shutdown?)

In addition to that, the bill raises taxes on America's poorest. One writer called it "nothing short of a hate crime against the economically disadvantaged" that aims to strip everyone except the 1% of the rights of citizenship.

One thing is for sure: As the Obama economic recovery is already being snuffed out, this bill will hasten the process. This is a guarantee.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This ends now

This ends now.

There was an altercation today. I was afraid this would start happening again with Donald Trump encouraging it, but he was The Media's choice, not mine.

I went to the doctor today, and when I got to the waiting room, I walked past a middle-aged man and young woman who were sitting there. The male was probably about 45 and looked vaguely familiar. The female - who I assume was his relationship partner - was about half his age.

I sat down across the room from them, and immediately, the man started popping off at me. I was about ready to get up and deck him, but then his girlfriend tugged on his arm to get him to shut up.

They lingered around in the waiting room a few more minutes before they were gone.

This went on today. In 2017. In Bellevue. At a doctor's office.

After the appointment, I frantically texted my friend about it from Kroger. We agreed that this has to end. Right now.

Many negative feelings have been floating around since this happened today. Frankly, we're tired of it. Maybe someone is just mad because Cincinnati Bell is no longer able to leak my new phone number to them every time I change it.

How was society permitted to sink like this?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

More Scholaring photos kablammo everywhere

To help fight the Evil Empire, I've been catching up on Roads Scholaring photos from August and September that I owed!

First on the agenda is a few items from when we saw the eclipse in western Kentucky. These photos don't have the eclipse itself, but instead focus on things roadly...


The next batch covers some biperoony back in northern Kentucky...


It fails to stink!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trump makes racist remark at Navajo event

Donald Trump has a history of making racist comments about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry - but this time he did it at an event for Navajo veterans.

At the White House event for Navajo code talkers who served during World War II, Trump referred to the Massachusetts Democrat as "Pocahontas."

Then Trump condescendingly put his hand on a code talker's shoulder and declared, "But you know what, I like you. You are special people."

Attendees of the event fell silent in shock.

Warren later said, "It is deeply unfortunate that the President of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur. Donald Trump does this over and over thinking somehow he is going to shut me up with it. It hasn't worked out in the past, it isn't going to work out in the future." The National Congress of American Indians had previously condemned Trump's ongoing remarks on Warren.

(Source: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/27/politics/trump-pocahontas-navajo-code-talkers/index.html)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Reagan and Gorbachev puppets liked gum (Bubble Gum Weekend)

Because it's Thanksgiving weekend, you're gonna gum. You always do.

In light of this, we've found another hilarious old gum commersh...


That ad is for Chiclets. I haven't seen Chiclets in stores in years, but apparently they still make it, which is why I don't embed the video directly.

According to YouTube, the commercial is from 1985. It features puppets of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev arguing about what makes Chiclets so great. It's sort of like the "less filling, tastes great" beer ads. They each chomp a slab in an attempt to determine what makes the product so wonderful.

But they didn't bubble.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Have no fear, the December ish is here!

These are such momentous times that the December issue of The Last Word was published early!

Don't be fooled by Scribd misclassifying it under "Republican Party." Quite the contrary. That's like classifying Investor's Business Daily under "Newspapers." Though The Last Word gained fame as a bulwark against the Far Right, the latest ish covers a host of topics including these and more...

• Spectrum Internet being a ripoff.

• A failed treatment for an eye disorder.

• Linus from 'Peanuts' farting.

• A 70-year video retrospective of school flatulence.

• People cheating at Monopoly.

• Dogs being afraid of bubble gum.

So - if you can ignore Scribd thinking we're Republican - point your pooper here to read our latest edition...


If you can't access it on Scribd, you may read it here...


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ending 'Net neutrality would be unconstitutional

With an FCC stacked by Trump-appointed hacks preparing to gut 'Net neutrality regulations passed 2 years ago, it's hard to see how doing so would even pass First Amendment muster - not to mention the fact that the FCC lacks legislative approval to do so.

Didn't the First Amendment used to protect free speech? Nowhere does it give utility companies the right to censor speech they disapprove of. If the phone company had listened in on calls and cut them off, there's no way it would be legal. (Not like it didn't happen.) So how would it be legal to abolish 'Net neutrality?

Odds are there are going to be some court challenges to the FCC's upcoming ukase. I just don't see any way it can stand.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Barbershop quartet sings about gum

To celebrate the holidays, I've composed a little song, recorded it to sound like a Christmas carol, and uploaded it to YouTube!

What's this song about, dare you ask? Bubble gum, that's what. It's this stuff that you chew and blow big bubbles with. You chomp it daily.

Every month, I get a gafillion requests for Last Word articles about gum. So why not harmonize about this zesty goo?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kentucky congressman issues articles of impeachment against Trump

"Butbutbut Kentucky red state lolololol."

Today, 6 House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment against dictator Trump. And one of the lawmakers is from Kentucky!

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) is joining Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-New York), Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois), Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) in this effort. This includes 5 new articles outlining how Trump endangers the whole country. Cohen even called Trump's regime a "constitutional crisis."

One of the articles centers on Trump obstructing justice by firing James Comey. Another rightly charges that Trump violated the Constitution's emoluments clauses.

Still, some Democrats oppose the effort, since they want Robert Mueller's probe of Russian election interference to finish up first. But Cohen said he was encouraged to go ahead with impeachment because of the Charlottesville terrorist attacks.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bubblin' in Dublin

Bubbling isn't just an American pastime. It's worldwide!

I've just been informed that in recent days, 3 people have been seen bubbling in public in Dublin - yes, Ireland. This includes a woman in an airport and a man in a car!

Celebrity look-alikes have been sighted too! Even though it's Ireland, those seen resemble American celebrities. A Paul Ryan look-alike was seen riding a bike. A man who resembled Louis Edmonds - actor who played Langley Wallingford of All My Children - was seen walking down the street.

I've also been told that a restroom at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris had pee everywhere.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Elder Bush accused of groping 16-year-old

What idiotic excuses will the right-wing brain trust come up with this time?

In recent weeks, 6 women have publicly accused George H.W. Bush of groping them. The latest accuser says she was groped by the former leader of the free (?) world back in 2003, when she was only 16.

The accuser says the incident took place at a photo op at a CIA office in Texas where her dad worked. She says Bush grabbed her buttocks. "My initial action was absolute horror. I was really, really confused," she told Time magazine.

It's been clear for a long time now that the scoundrels who make up the modern GOP are about abusing people as much as possible. Only the right-wing media keeps the Republican Party alive.

Friday, November 10, 2017

GOP wants tariff on Puerto Rico

Oh the stupid! It burns!

The Trump regime and Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee want to impose a tariff of 20% on all products "imported" from Puerto Rico. The committee has already approved this tariff by a vote of 24 to 16.

Uh, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, geniuses.

The Republicans are the party that wouldn't do shit about foreign trade partners that cheated on trade agreements or broke American or international laws. Yet they want a tariff on an American territory?

The Republican Party gets stranger by the day. After all, the Greens aren't the ones defending Roy Moore after his latest scandal.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Roy Moore accused of sexual encounter with under-age girl

Well, this ought to settle it...


Another Jack Nicholson look-alike?

I've just been informed that yet another Jack Nicholson look-alike was sighted.

The same letter said a person was seen bubbling in a car.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Private school handout derailed in Colorado

Here's another great result from yesterday's elections - this one from Douglas County, Colorado!

The right-wing school board there had implemented a clearly unconstitutional program to spend taxpayer money on handouts for private school tuition. One wonders why people who are opposed to the very concept of public education are allowed to serve on a public school board, but that's a whole other matter. The school board also replaced teachers' salary agreement with a greed-driven "market-based" system that cut their pay.

Yesterday, a slate of candidates who oppose the illegal voucher scheme was swept into office - which is expected to end these handouts.

When the Far Right has lost Douglas County, they've lost, period. Then again, voucher referendums have been rejected in every place I know that's ever had one - even some of the most right-wing places in America. Still, the deplorapile is whining about yesterday's Douglas County results, saying that private school parents shouldn't have to pay taxes for public schools. Uh, of course they should. That's what public means.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Maine voters approve Medicaid expansion

Maine voters just blew a huge bubble and popped it all over Paul LePage's stupid face.

The far-right Maine governor has vetoed Obamacare's Medicaid expansion no fewer than 5 times, but today, voters there set him straight: A referendum to expand Medicaid in Maine is passing by a wide margin.

This should also wipe away the smug smirks of the talking heads who absurdly insist that the public opposes Medicaid expansion. If nothing else, the Affordable Care Act affirmed that public health care is a right, and once that happens, there's no turning back.

Democrats sweep governor elections

America only had 2 governor elections today - in New Jersey and Virginia - but the Republicans were waxed in both. New Jersey wasn't even close, and it's a Democratic pick-up. Some expected Virginia to be a Republican pick-up, but it was called for Democrat Ralph Northam less than an hour after the polls closed. Actually, no credible pollster showed race-baiting Republican Ed Gillespie ahead, but this was a bit like the Senate election in Connecticut in 2010, when everybody kept insisting the Republican would pull ahead (which didn't happen).

As a bonus for the Democrats, the incumbent Democratic Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, was re-elected when many didn't expect him to be.

Although this is an off year, this is actually the worst election for the GOP in 5 years. In the past few years, we've usually stayed up almost all night only to be outraged in the end. This time, the most important races were called before we even had dinner.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Col. Klink quits speaker job and cries about it

In the midst of an ongoing sexual harassment cover-up, Jeff "Col. Klink" Hoover announced today he is resigning his post as Kentucky House Speaker. He bawled like a big baby.

Unfortunately, however, he's remaining as a member of the Kentucky House, so the voters are going to have to retire him from that.

Lawmakers in harassment scandal named

In addition to Jeff "Col. Klink" Hoover, the 3 other Republican members of the Kentucky House involved in the ongoing sexual harassment scandal have now been named, and one of them is from northern Kentucky. The 3 are...

Rep. Brian Linder (R-Dry Ridge)
Rep. Michael Meredith (R-Oakland)
Rep. Jim DeCesare (R-Bowling Green)

Now watch the Democrats refuse to run an opponent against any of them, because reasons.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Another Bellevue bubbling

Earlier, I had to go down the street to run some errands, and a young woman in a car that drove up the street bubbled.

Kentucky GOP harassment scandal expands

After right-wing Kentucky House Speaker Jeff "Col. Klink" Hoover was caught in a sexual harassment scandal, the scandal continues to grow.

Republican State Rep. C. Wesley Morgan is now accusing Kentucky GOP leaders of conspiring to cover up information about the settlement. Morgan says there's also sexual harassment allegations against 3 other powerful Republican lawmakers, who serve as committee chairs. He did not name the legislators.

When the Republicans have lost even the embattled Morgan, they've just about lost, period.

Let this civil war within the Kentucky GOP entertain you.

(Source: http://www.kentucky.com/news/politics-government/article182770501.html)

Kentucky may lose an electoral vote in next census

Happy now, Forehead?

There's some very real speculation now that Kentucky may lose a U.S. House seat - and an electoral vote - in the 2020 census. After the rise of Matt Bevin, population growth in the Bluegrass State has slowed to a crawl - and lags far behind most other states. If so, Kentucky would be reduced to 5 House seats or 7 electoral votes.

And for those who think Kentucky can't lose 2 because it's a small state to begin with, Oklahoma lost 2 in 1950. At the rate things are going, this is actually a possibility.

The party that loses from this should be the Republicans. Most of the state's most Republican areas are actually losing population, so the Democrats should keep their seat around Louisville and have an easier time winning the one around Lexington. But don't bet on it, because of illegal gerrymandering. In fact, even if the Democrats retake the Kentucky legislature, they'll probably do their best to preserve Republican seats - as the 1990 debacle proved.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kentucky House Speaker caught up in sexual harassment scandal

The party that The Media thinks is entitled to control all of Kentucky politics strikes again.

Far-right Kentucky House Speaker Jeff "Col. Klink" Hoover has just reached a settlement regarding sexual harassment allegations by a woman on his legislative staff. The agreement was reached following a letter regarding the allegations that date back to March 2016. The accusations weren't even known until just this week when they surfaced on an anonymous Twitter account.

As part of the scandal, an account that appears to belong to Hoover sent the woman suggestive text messages asking to send photos of herself. The woman was told by staffers that she needed to keep Hoover happy to protect her career. One of the texts that appears to come from Hoover declares, "My phone was in seat between my legs. You texted and it vibrated."

Meanwhile, Hoover says in his Twitter profile that he is a "sinner saved by God's grace."

Nobody abuses quite like the Republican Party of Kentucky.

(Source: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2017/11/01/jeff-hoover-sexual-harassment-claim/821468001)