Friday, April 21, 2017

Tim Nolan charged with human trafficking

Remember Tim Nolan?

Nolan is a former Campbell County judge who later disgraced himself by joining the Tea Party and becoming one of its most active members. He filed a frivolous lawsuit trying to close the Newport courthouse. This past November, he managed to get elected to the Campbell County school board - to the delight of those who long for the days when the school system was the area's laughingstock. accuses Nolan of being "one of Campbell County's most vehement racists" - resulting in Nolan suing the website. He also headed Donald Trump's Campbell County campaign.

Now Nolan has been charged with human trafficking and unlawful transaction with a minor. Authorities say Nolan, 70, induced a minor into illicit sexual activity and gave alcohol to the minor.

If the allegations are true, this continues a long string of serious crime by the local Tea Party, which also includes the Tea Party's drug dealing.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A person bunkerooed twice at Kroger

Today at the Kroger in Bellevue, I was waiting at the end of the checkout lane for our grocery order to be completed, and I detected the powerful scent of an SBD bunker blast. Twice! There are several possible suspects.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Campbell County Schools finally realize a mistake they made

I grew up on the mean streets of Highland Heights, Kentucky, and I know the '90s were the low point in the history of the Campbell County Schools. Among other problems, the school district engaged in a pattern of closing and consolidating schools - forcing most students to travel miles further each day to receive the education they were entitled to.

Now the school system finally realizes it was a mistake to merge its 2 middle schools back then. I knew firsthand that one of them was already too crowded. But school officials are finally admitting that the merged middle school is "aging" (as it occupies the old high school building).

Couldn't they see this coming 25 years ago?

Now the school system needs 2 new middle schools - which it already had before they gunked everything up. They want to build one of them in the northern end of the district - which has most of the population, but is now furthest from any schools.

At least the Campbell County Schools are finally coming to their senses about this. It's a shame they have such baggage left behind by the Footloosers.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

1,000 XP in the bank

I went to the anti-Trump rally on Fountain Square today - which most of the right-wing media ignored even though it was bigger than Tea Party rallies that were held there.

It's already April, but for the first time this calendar year, I got in a confrontation in person with a Trumpthug. He verbally threatened me, and it almost erupted into a brawl.

In case you're the one other person out there who's paying attention to my game of Dungeons & Dragons & Donald, that's 1,000 experience points for me. I bet you're sorry you missed it! Didn't even have to melt stone or pick locks!

Next ish of The Last Word will discuss this event in greater detail. I may need a week or two to hone the wit that is necessary to regale you with today's rally.

Virginia court dismisses frivolous antigay lawsuit

See, this whole democracy thing isn't finished off after all.

In a blow against the Far Right, the Virginia Supreme Court has tossed a frivolous lawsuit filed against the Fairfax County school system by the fascist Traditional Values Coalition. A right-wing student there had sued the school system because he disagreed with its decision to add sexual orientation and gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy.

The student claimed that the nondiscrimination policy caused him "general distress." It's "distress" that his school district won't discriminate? That's his definition of "distress"? What a little crybaby.

The court needs to heavily fine the Traditional Values Coalition for bringing such a silly lawsuit. We also need a law that says lawyers who file suits like this can't collect fees. Suits like this gunk up the court system, and it's part of the reason I had such a hard time serving my largely successful suit against people who owed me money.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mount Auburn! Corryville! It's a great place to start (and fart)!

Being the coolster I am, I have 15 brand bippus-bustin' new Roads Scholaring photos and videos from Cincinnati. Know what you're gonna do? Peep 'em...

Monday, April 10, 2017

Alabama governor arrested

How often do governors actually get arrested?

I'm not saying there aren't a lot of governors who deserve it, but how often does it actually happen?

Today, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley was arrested - and he resigned from office - because of charges resulting from an affair with an aide. The 74-year-old Republican was arrested on 2 misdemeanor charges regarding disclosure of campaign information. He promptly pleaded guilty to the charges. He was fined and sentenced to community service.


I told Far Right to "get a job!"

For years, I've heard that some silly clods keep harassing Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati, but I don't think I've ever seen any people out there until today. Then again, I haven't been to Mount Auburn much in years.

Today, I went Roads Scholaring in Mount Auburn and Corryville. I happened to bike past the Planned Parenthood clinic, and there were people out there protesting it.

I can respect those who oppose abortion on human rights grounds. I personally do not endorse abortion. I am pro-choice, but I personally support life. On the other hand, I have zero reverence for people who loiter outside Planned Parenthood and call its clients "murderers" and "baby killers." That's exactly what the protesters were doing. They were blocking the sidewalk too.

So I yelled at them, "Get a job!" Twice.

The second time, one of them yelled back, "This is a job!"

My reply: "No it ain't! Get a real job!"

For these control freaks to be out there on a weekday during normal business hours proves they don't actually work - unless some Tea Party group is paying them to be out there, which doesn't exactly constitute real work.

America's biggest baby killers are usually control freaks like this. They're the ones who have shredded economic security programs for Americans from infancy to old age. These cutbacks have killed innocent people. You can't call yourself pro-life if you support right-wing economic policies.

On a less serious note, I later rested at a bench on Short Vine right after getting lunch at Kroger, and a middle-aged man who was jogging up the street ripped a loud-and-proud bunker blast. He was behind a sign while the LAP was released, so he thought I wouldn't notice.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Massachusetts wouldn't properly investigate abuse allegations

HEAL has been going after this scandal for years, but only now is it getting more coverage.

Massachusetts officials haven't been properly investigating claims of abuse in daycares and residential "treatment" centers. Regulators at the Department of Early Education and Care were phoning in investigations instead of visiting the facilities in person.

HEAL had been warning of the problem since 2014, but the department still didn't take action. In fact, the agency still conducts many of these probes by phone.

WFXT-TV in Boston is actually covering this story a little bit...

Senate confirms known fascist to Supreme Court

In the hopes that nobody will notice because of the illegal bombing of Syria, Senate Republicans have just confirmed Neil Gorsuch - founder of the Fascism Forever Club - to the Supreme Court.

At least Neil Garbage replaces another conservative Justice, instead of a more liberal Justice.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump tries to start war with Syria

Did Donald Trump really just do something stupid like firing 50 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base without congressional approval?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Scholarin' in the air...Every sight and every sound...

Some of you know that I attended a human rights conference in Washington, D.C., last month. The photos I got from this trip count as March's Roads Scholaring.

Best all, a majority of these photos are aerial! That's because I was required to fly on a commercial airliner!

So peep, weep, and oggle-beep...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Judge rules Trump incited violence at Kentucky rally

Remember a year ago when Donald Trump's thugs assaulted protesters at a Louisville rally? And remember how 3 victims of these attacks sued the Donald personally for it?

Now a federal judge has ruled that the lawsuit may proceed. U.S. District Judge David Hale agreed with the plaintiffs' claim that Trump incited followers to assault them. Hale denied most of Trump's motion to dismiss the complaint, calling Trump's incitement "particularly reckless."

But the judge disagreed that Trump himself should be held "vicariously liable", because the assailants weren't actually employed by Trump's idiotic campaign.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Have no fear, the April ish is here!

Have no fear! The April edition of The Last Word is here!

Much of this issue focuses on my trip to Washington, D.C., for a human rights conference in which we presented a legislative agenda to fight institutional abuse of youth.

But there's other interesting items in this ish too. As usual, people Chewed Gum And Thought It Was Funny. One of my readers reports that someone even chewed gum off the carpet! A video about strabismus used the magic word, a child intentionally ripped the arms off their own glasses, people blew bubbles with stuff that isn't gum, and I downvoted cosmetic dentistry and Dr. Phil videos on YouTube.

Read it and peep here...

If that doesn't work, read it on my personal site...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Interview about my D.C. trip

As you know, I went on a trip to Washington, D.C., a couple weeks ago, and we met with congressional staffers about our legislative agenda to halt institutional abuse of young people. In this new video, I was interviewed about the event...

A couple years ago, I was also interviewed about my own experiences with abuse in a program.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

University fires reporter because right-wing lawmakers told it to

If you're a journalist in Tennessee, be sure you never report things in a manner that right-wing public officials don't approve of. They'll get you.

After North Carolina passed its hated "bathroom bill", Tennessee is considering similar legislation. Jacqui Helbert - a reporter for WUTC-FM, owned by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - reported on the bill and met with a group of high school students as they met with legislators about it.

After the story aired, right-wing State Sen. Mike Bell and State Rep. Kevin Brooks complained about the story. They claimed Helbert didn't identify herself as a reporter - even though she clearly was a reporter, because she was lugging around recording equipment. Later, when university officials met with other Republican lawmakers, State Sen. Todd Gardenhire complained about the story and demanded Helbert's firing.

After Todd Garbagefire's complaint, the university promptly fired Helbert and removed her report from the station's website.

What's the point of even having news media if all they do is cave to public officials?


Thursday, March 23, 2017

A toast to success! Blublublublublub!

Last night, I got home from the human rights conference in Washington, D.C.! The big success story is that we met with congressional staffers from multiple states and both major parties about our legislative agenda to halt abuse of youth in confinement programs.

On a lighter note, this trip featured loads of celebrity look-alikes too. Yesterday, during my layover at JFK Airport in New York, I saw a man who strongly resembled Luis of Sesame Street.

Also at this airport, some old man bubbled. It was an elderbubbling!

Monday, March 20, 2017

People kept bubbling on Saturday

My trip to Washington, D.C., is strictly business - not vacation - but on Saturday, I kept seeing people who were in such a festive mood that they bubbled.

On the National Mall, down by the Washington Monument, a person bubbled. Later, a person bubbled at a Safeway on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest D.C. Not long after, a person bubbled at a bookstore down the street.

Congressional staffer resembles Blair from 'The Facts Of Life'

On Friday, when we visited various U.S. House members' offices to talk to them about our legislative agenda, one of the younger staffers resembled Lisa Whelchel, the right-wing has-been who played Blair on The Facts Of Life and later wrote a book advocating child abuse.

Where I've been the past few days

Long story short: For the past few days, I've been in Washington, D.C., for a human rights conference I was invited to. I was invited because of my activism in fighting against abuse of young people in residential "treatment" facilities.

This trip has been very productive. We've met with numerous congressional staffers to present our legislative agenda.

I know I have a sense of humor, but this is very serious business, folks.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kidney stone probably won't ruin event

Keek! Ruin!

If you've followed my Twitter feed, you know that I had to fly out of town for a very serious event. I can't reveal the details until next week. But I can't help but laugh at some of the things that have happened today.

My only confirmed kidney stone was in 1999, but I strongly suspected one yesterday (the day before leaving) because I had a weak pee stream. Then I peed out a small speck of something, and the symptoms went away. The exact same thing happened the day before the big St. Louis roadmeet of 2014.

Today was marred by a series of fuck-ups by Delta Airlines. I plan to publish more details in the next ish. On the bright side, I did detect a silent-but-deadly bunker blast on the first flight, and another at the layover airport. I also saw my share of celebrity look-alikes. A Larry David look-alike was seen at the TSA checkpoint at the Cincinnati airport. A James Watt look-alike was on my first flight. An uproarious Judge Mills Lane look-alike was seen at my layover airport.

Also, I saw 3 people at 2 different airports who bubbled. This includes a woman who was about 30 who took selfies of herself bubbling with orange bubble gum and laughed maniacally about it. She Chewed Gum And Thought It Was Funny.

Best all - and get this - somebody stuck a wad of bubble gum that they had blown into a bubble on a urinal flushing mechanism at the layover airport.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A person bunkerooed at Target


Today, we goed to Target in Newport. What should have been a quick trip to buy about 5 small items turned into an hour-long ordeal. I thought we'd never get out of there.

Anyway, I was in the school supplies aisle looking for tape, when I detected the unmistakable audio of a loud-and-proud bunker blast.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When 'Sesame Street' characters go bald ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)


I finally found it!

This is a Snuffleupagus moment - even though it doesn't involve Mr. Snuffleupagus at all! For years - I'm talking decades upon decades - I've insisted there was a Sesame Street segment around 1978 in which they imagine what some of the characters would look like if they were bald. It showed Maria and Oscar the Grouch bald!

Everyone said I was just making it up. But now - for about the zillionth time - YouTube has saved the day...

I don't think this was a regular segment. I think it was just part of the storyline for a single episode, and that's why I saw it only once. It starts out with the characters lamenting how Gordon keeps shaving his head instead of letting his hair grow. Then they show Gordon with various hairstyles, before the other characters are seen bald.

Are people going to keep insisting I made it up?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kentucky GOP would gut public school choice

The party of "local control" and "school choice" is about neither!

Louisville has one of the strongest school desegregation plans in the nation. As part of this program, parents of elementary school students can actually choose from several public schools. Wow! Choice!

But a Republican bill in the Kentucky legislature would gut this program by forcing children to attend a specific school. Not only does it erase real choice, but it would also pulverize local control.

The bill has already passed the fascist-dominated Kentucky House. Every Democrat opposed it, but almost every Republican supported it.

That's "choice" and "local control", GOP-style.


Church paying members to create right-wing sockpuppets?

A phony Internet identity that's used to deceive is called a sockpuppet. We've all seen them, but we might not always detect them. They praise or criticize other Internetters - perhaps other people or organizations - while they pose under a false identity. I've never seen a sockpuppet last long before they disappear or are caught - but they succeed at stage-managing public opinion.

Here's a secret: A significant number of right-wing comments on news websites are from sockpuppets. It's been like this for years. But I've overheard things that are even more disturbing, and I'm pretty sure a local church is paying congregants to create right-wing sockpuppets to flood website comment pages with extremist vitriol and shout down dissenters.

I'm not 100% sure - and that's why I'm not naming the church - but I'm maybe 95% sure. I didn't hear anyone specifically state this, but I've put two and two together. I'm not stupid.

I can understand why someone might be eager to earn a little extra dough this way, but odds are, they'll get caught eventually. If the church keeps this up, it too will be caught - and it could get in some real trouble with the IRS. If the Trump regime refuses to enforce the IRS regulation on this, I will expose the church.

Why am I posting about this here? I just thought you might like to know what some of our checkbook clergy have been up to. And make no mistake, they are checkbook clergy. I don't care what anyone else says.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Kentucky House passes forced drug-testing bill

Despite Democrats in the Kentucky House raising constitutional, fiscal, and practical objections against a Republican bill that would require high school students to take a drug test to graduate, the House just voted 72 to 21 to pass the bill.

How long will it be before there's a lawsuit?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Shit got real on Facebook today

So AnnRK blogs...

Read that.

This is for real, my friends. Facebook has been censoring people for their political views, and it's gotten much worse lately.

Kentucky bill would require drug test for high school diploma

Wesley Morgan again.

If America still had a Bill of Rights that it felt like enforcing, this proposed legislation would be dead in the toilet. But we know we can't count on that.

A Republican bill in Kentucky would require high school students to submit to "regular, random drug tests" in order to graduate. Unconstitutional. End of story.

That's not the only bad thing in this bill. It would also require students to perform unpaid labor - though Kentucky wouldn't be the first state to do this. This has been an evergreen of America's corporatist educational establishment for a long time. The bill would also require a student's employer to verify "a work-based learning experience" - which means the student's diploma is based on how well they cater to their corporate masters.

But the drug-testing requirement stands alone in fascism.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Facebook back to silencing people on GOP orders

A regular commenter on The Online Lunchpail who I know personally has just had 2 Facebook accounts taken away in the past 2 days because she disagreed with someone.

The first recent revocation was because she criticized the Newport school system. The second occurred this morning because she posted a message on a local political forum detailing how the Republican Party of Kentucky had blacklisted her from appearing in a medical information video because of her politics. (People who weren't qualified to appear have been hired instead because of their political connections.)

She's right: They're out for blood. It's been years since I've seen it this bad. Accordingly, the Fascism Advisory System is being "upgraded" to severe (Elmo).

I've been apprised of the situation in greater detail this afternoon.

She also says her Outlook account was apparently hacked, for it had been disabled because someone sent spam from it. But this account has been restored.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump tried pressuring FBI to lie

Folks, Donald Trump could really be in trouble this time. This is worse than Watergate, by far.

It seems the Trump regime wanted the FBI to lie about communications between Trump associates and Russian officials. During the election campaign, Trump aides were in touch with Russia.

But the FBI refused Trump's request to suppress the stories.

How does Trump escape real trouble for this? I just don't understand how he can.


The video you've been waiting for!

If you happen to make YouTube videos, and if you happen to rock a visible overbite, count on getting requests like this from friends and fam. You probably wouldn't oblige, but I will, because I'm just so cool.

People want me to make a video in which I open the pull-tab on a can with my teeth - and use my peculiar chompers to lift the can. That I can do. And I can do it without spilling the contents of the can everywhere like a slob - at least if I lift it before I open it.

Oh, and these are friends asking me to do this. They're political allies, and they appreciate my sense of humor.

In this video, I use that handsome overbite to open a can of Cincinnati-style chili. I didn't spill a drop or slosh the stuff everywhere. Ninety-five percent of people wouldn't be able to do any of the things I do in this video. But I can. Brings a whole new meaning to "can-do" spirit...

Kentucky bill would legalize wage theft

Fascism is on the march in Kentucky, courtesy of alt-right State Sen. Chris McDaniel.

McDaniel's Senate Bill 237 would legalize wage theft and run afoul of a gamut of federal labor laws. Among other things, it would:

• Let employers take money from employees' paychecks to pay for workplace thefts allegedly committed by other workers. That's like if you go out and rob a bank because your boss doesn't pay you.

• It would repeal the minimum wage for many workers, especially those in the amusement industry.

• It would rob tipped workers of their tip money.

• It would state that lunch breaks and rest periods would no longer be required.

• It would exempt a host of industries from federal overtime rules.

Who voted for this clown? It doesn't matter, because McDaniel was allowed to run unopposed last time - just because.

No hate in the 'Gate!

Did you know that I went Roads Scholaring in Southgate yesterday? Sure. Sure you did.

This outing yielded 8 utterly pibtastic photos and videos, and you're gonna peep 'em until your ears digest themselves..

California city endorses Trump impeachment

You gotta hand it to the city of Richmond, California.

With Donald Trump's thugocracy in power for only a month, Richmond City Council has already voted to urge Congress to impeach him. Council cited his business holdings as the reason. Council's vote was unanimous.

A Trumper disrupted the council meeting by gloating, "You don't have a voice because the GOP controls Congress and you people are stupid enough to think Congress will impeach Trump." How many city councils in urban areas do the Republicans control, brainiac? That's where the real power is going to be - if the cities have the guts to use it.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's not for you, revisited

I shouldn't even have to tell people this, but I must.

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone. So this is something else I've discussed with a friend - lest the need arises. If I die, my cellphone is to be turned off. Calls are not to be answered. The phone is not to be rummaged through for photos or anything else. My contact list is not to be viewed or used. Odds are that any individuals on my contact list will know I'm dead shortly after it happens anyway. They don't need to be called.

It's a shame I have to tell people this, but I don't trust anyone. People going through my mail or my cellphone scares the living dickens out of me, because some things are simply private. They're not intended for public consumption.

Fight against abusive teen programs continues

After I participated in a series of protests that successfully shut down a chain of confirmedly abusive teen residential programs in the late 2000s, the fight continues.

It continues against phony "rehabs", "therapeutic boarding schools", and psychiatric "hospitals" - programs based on a failed model.

I'm humbled to learn that I'm one of America's leaders in fighting against this abuse. I've been held back by health conditions, and I'm not any more powerful than a small-town mayor. I can't afford to hire my own ambassadors. But this is one issue where I lead - because most of our public officials do not. The crisis of institutional abuse has been catatonically swept under the rug.

This blog continues to attempt to be a referral-free zone. I will not refer anyone to a residential program.

What some people still don't seem to know is that I'm a regional coordinator for HEAL...

Somehow, my close family members didn't know this, even though I told them ages ago. They now think I retconned HEAL into existence going back 5 years or so to when I was appointed as a coordinator.

Remember, it was also HEAL that busted NorthKey for its unsafe food handling practices.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Terrifying dream last night

This is the bullshit I've had to worry about for the past 30 years every night when I go to bed.

I had a nightmare that I was working or volunteering at some large medical facility or hospital. One of my old schoolmates - the same Enemies List inductee who threw a piece of wood at me in shop class and later knocked my tooth out on the school bus - showed up for some psychological test. I was assigned to escort him down to a special waiting room in the back.

When we got there, he started harassing me. In response, one of the other hospital staffers asked me to leave the hospital. I was fired.

A family member showed up and drove me home, and I had to explain the experience to them.

But the Evil Empire normalizes all the violence that happened to me in school - even if I still have nightmares about it 30 years later.

So when does the punishment phase finally begin?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Have no fear, the March ish is here!

Wow, this is a good ish!

The March edition of The Last Word is now pub-a-roo, and it's gonna cause your butt to fly off in public!

This is of course yet another month in which people chomped beegee and thought it was uproarious, because that's what people do. They even ruined their gum with peanut butter! But there's other interesting stuff too, like...

• Amazon and EBay scammers.

• Adults doing donuts at their high school stadium.


• The hypocrisy of "school choice" and Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

• People farting and making it stink.

• Kids making hilarious paper airplanes out of an idiotic school assignment.

• Vacationers writing Janet Jackson lyrics on a hotel wall.

• Dogs chewing up dentures.

• And more!

So squander your bandwidth by reading the latest ish on Scribd...

If that doesn't work, squander my bandwidth by reading it here...

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Newport must fight religious discrimination

The campaign of religious persecution going on in Kentucky of late is unprecedented in modern America.

If you look northeast at 5th & Saratoga in Newport, you'll see a billboard for what's called Ark Encounter. A strange thing that Ark Encounter is. It's a dominionist theme park 30 miles south run by the Answers in Genesis cult.

You may argue Ark Encounter is strictly a ministry. Ministries wouldn't be expected to hire anyone who doesn't follow the ministry's beliefs. But Ark Encounter has received millions of dollars in handouts funded by Kentucky taxpayers. This is unconstitutional, of course, yet it occurs anyway. Plus, once you accept taxpayer dollars, you're no longer just a ministry. Entities that receive taxpayer money are not allowed to hire people based on their religious beliefs. Yet the taxpayer-funded Ark Encounter requires employees to sign a statement of faith affirming that they follow Answers in Genesis.

It is state-sponsored discrimination. There's no other word for it.

This obligates the city of Newport to remove the billboard. If it does not do so, Newport itself is practicing illegal discrimination. Newspapers can't run classified ads for apartments that practice housing discrimination. Why should a city allow discriminatory businesses to advertise on its billboards?

In Kentucky in 2017, anyone who is not a dominionist is suffering the most extreme religious persecution seen in America in modern times. Anyone who believes in truth and love will find themselves a target.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bevin caught lying about Volvo plant

This is a day ending in y, which means Matt Bevin lied.

During Bevin's much-laughed-at State of the Commonwealth speech, he said the Swedish ambassador told him that Volvo refused to place a factory in Kentucky because the state had no right-to-scab law then.

But the ambassador - Björn Lyrvall - says that's a lie. Lyrvall told Bevin no such thing.

In addition, Volvo officials say that so-called "right-to-work" laws were not a factor in deciding where to build a factory.

Just impeach the little liar already.


Massie gives completely crazy interview


Just wow.

This looks like something from The Onion. But no. It's real.

You've got to see how crazy our congressman has become...

Here's a summary of that interview: Our already-unpopular right-wing congressmoron - Thomas Massie - gave an interview with CNN in which he said several bizarre things.

He said the military and intelligence officials are trying to draw Donald Trump into a war with Russia. Later, he said Barack Obama tried to cover up Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11 - even though 9/11 happened years before anyone ever heard of Obama.

This ranks up there with the time Mitch McConnell thought Israel was covered by a dome.

UK wastes $4M on locker room

I don't want to hear another word about how Kentucky universities can't have all the programs and facilities they want because of "budget cuts." Ever.

As Northern Kentucky University sells its radio station, and as the asswipe Matt Bevin slashes university budgets across the state, the University of Kentucky is planning to throw away $4 million renovating the locker room for its men's basketball team. The Republican legislature had actually approved $5 million - while other university programs have been cut for decades.

Also, even though Title IX requires parity of athletic programs, there are no similar plans to renovate the locker room for the women's basketball team.

Congratulations, Repubs, you fucked up at least 2 things today: You squandered millions of dollars and you violated Title IX. What is it with Republicans and failure?

The university also wants millions to replace the ceiling tiles in the arena - and a $21 million dining facility for athletes.


People bubbled with spearmint Bubble Yum and thought it was funny (Bubble Gum Weekend)

It's spearmint!

It's spearmint gum!

It's spearmint bubble gum! Thus its mere existence is funny.

Remember when the Bubble Yum wrapper used big, bubbly lettering? Remember when they had a spearmint flavor? Remember when people bubbled big, green bubbles with it?

Back around 1978, Bubble Yum aired a memorable commercial for its spearmint flavor. People in the commersh bubbled and laughed uncontrollably about it...

A brief synopsis in case you're afraid the bubbles in the ad will expand out of your screen and engulf you: The ad included a group of adults at a boring party. A woman sticks toothpicks into pieces of spearmint Bubble Yum and arranges them on a plate - like they're hors d'oeuvres. The woman's husband laments, "The party's dying and you're playing with Bubble Yum."

But all is well, because partygoers grab up all the beegee and blow bubbles that pop all over their faces.

Because I'm sure that's all you do when you go to parties with other mature, intelligent people.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just think! 20 more Scholaring photos!

Tuesday's Roads Scholaring with the Road Ruiner was like an electric bunker blast wisping up US 22!

It yielded 20 photos, and you're gonna peep 'em until your peepers are all peeped out...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kasich has his most ridiculous idea yet?

Gosh, who voted for this clown?

Ohio's Tea Party Gov. John Kasich has just emitted what may be the worst idea yet of his reign. Under his budget plan, Kasich would require teachers to complete an "externship" at a business in order to renew their teaching license. This means teachers would have do extra work at a business or chamber of commerce. The reason for this is because Kasich wants Big Business to be involved more in education.

As if Big Business doesn't commandeer our schools enough?

Kasich also wants to pack each school board with 3 businesspeople. I'm not saying that being a businessperson should automatically disqualify someone from being on a school board. But if there are school board seats reserved for businesspeople, why not some reserved for labor reps too?

All the Far Right cares about is molding our young people into cheap, docile labor to be exploited as cogs in the wicked capitalist system.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

WNKU sold to evangelical broadcaster

Yet another religious radio station in greater Cincinnati? You have got to be kidding me!

Nobody listens to radio anymore - unless it's WNKU, I've noticed. The station owned by Northern Kentucky University actually still has listeners.

But for the past year - ever since the scumbag Matt Bevin slashed funding to all state universities by 4.5% - WNKU has been on the chopping block. I truly believe Bevin pressured the university into making no attempt to ensure WNKU was sold to a responsible owner. I absolutely and honestly believe that. I think Bevin wanted it to be sold to someone that shares his ideology.

Of course, the university gave him what he wanted. After my experiences with NKU's suppression of dissent, that doesn't surprise me. The school is selling WNKU for $1.9 million to Bible Broadcasting Network - which already owns almost 50 stations nationwide and perhaps hundreds of low-power translators. BBN broadcasts what is described as "conservative evangelical" programming. NKU's Portsmouth simulcast is being sold to Educational Media Foundation, another religious broadcaster that already owns too many stations. The Middletown simulcast is awaiting a buyer too.

The FCC will of course rubber-stamp this purchase. They always do. It's easier for some checkbook clergy operation to buy a station in a major city than it is for the average person to buy a pack of bubble gum.

Since the FCC won't intervene, the city of Highland Heights should evict the station.

Congratulations, Matt Bevin and the FCC! Because of the FCC and Bevin not doing their jobs, about the only interesting thing we have now on local radio is American Top 40 reruns on WGRR. It's a shame I'll have to sit through all those commercials for cosmetic dentistry services I don't want, but I still enjoy hearing ol' Casey.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Oregon may repeal Sudafed prescription law

The far-right drug warriors cheered back in 2006 when Oregon became the first state to pass a law requiring a prescription for over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine that contains pseudoephedrine. The lying sack of shit media was happy to help the failed drug war cause by falsely claiming that the Republican-backed law reduced the incidence of meth labs. (Oddly enough, the Portland media is so right-wing that it makes the Cincinnati media look like The Last Word in comparison.)

Of course, they clammed up the moment a real drug case fell right in their laps, but that's another matter entirely.

Now there's a bill in Oregon that would repeal the prescription requirement. If it's repealed, it would make Mississippi the last state that requires a prescription for allergy medicine.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Indiana town continues classist land grab

Fascism is on the march in Charlestown, Indiana.

The town is home to a neighborhood called Pleasant Ridge - which has lots of low-income, working-class people. Some are families, and some are elderly or suffer from life-threatening illnesses. For over a year, right-wing city officials have been trying to demolish the neighborhood and replace it with luxury housing and upscale businesses.

Officials' language about Pleasant Ridge is openly classist. Officials called the neighborhood a "menace" to the rest of the town. They say Pleasant Ridge stands in the way of reshaping Charlestown as a more conservative high-end suburb. The city has fined Pleasant Ridge landlords - not because they did anything wrong, but because they want to encourage them to sell their property to developers.

Even the usually conservative Institute for Justice calls the case "the most outrageous property rights abuse in the U.S. right now." Pleasant Ridge residents have even filed a lawsuit accusing the city of being in cahoots with the developer. The lawsuit claims property owners can skip the fines by selling to the developer - as long as they sell all their properties in the neighborhood, not just those with the fines.

When city officials' campaign against Pleasant Ridge began, city council passed a resolution calling for a "permanent solution" to the neighborhood. A "permanent solution"????? Really????? Uh. That really sounds...bad. Very, very bad. The resolution also referred to Pleasant Ridge as "the projects" - which isn't even an official name for it, but was included just because of the images it evokes.

Of course, land grabs like this aren't limited to small towns. We've seen them in Cincinnati too, and elsewhere locally. I've discussed before that Over-the-Rhine has been slowly gnawed away at for some time by developers and the hated 3CDC. As idiotic as that land grab is, Charlestown officials aren't even pretending to be nice about theirs.

The Charlestown lawsuit may have slowed the city's campaign of econocide - but a lot of damage has already been done, and it's placed a lot of stress on ailing residents. Hopefully, what remains of Pleasant Ridge can be saved before it's too late.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Finally caught up on my Scholaring photos!

When will I be caught up on my recent Roads Scholaring photos? When the bubble gum busts.

The bustage must have taken place, because I'm finally caught up!

Best all, this is a new era in Scholaring, as now we have the Road Ruiner - an electric bicycle! You're gonna love it!

First off, we've got several items from a Road Ruiner outing on Waterworks Road in Newport...

As a bonus, we've got a few photos from a very minor automotive Scholaring in Highland Heights...

It fails to stink.

Trump threatens Cincinnati over immigration rule

You don't threaten our cities like this, Donald. Ever.

After Cincinnati recently declared that it is a sanctuary city that will protect immigrants, so-called President Trump is now threatening to cut off federal funding for the city's roads, bridges, and other projects.

The Western Hills Viaduct is about to collapse, and Donald Trump is trying to cheaply manipulate the city like this.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

22 more Scholaring photos!

Twenty-two in a bottle of poo!

Last year was a slow one for Roads Scholaring, but I've now got all of 2016's Scholaring photos up, and the final batch from last year includes 22 photos from Newport!

Nothing great, but this time, I focus primarily on the urban prairie where KY 9 is plowing through...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Missouri enacts Klan-backed "right-to-work" law

The state of Missouri has long had a self-destruct button that's been tightly guarded enough to not have a lying piece shit like so-called Gov. Eric Greitens touch it. But today he pulled the trigger, and yet another state's economy has been replaced by a cloud of sawdust.

Today, Greitens signed a Ku Klux Klan-backed "right-to-work" bill into law - ignoring an earlier referendum in which Missouri voters soundly rejected such a measure.

Hey, I know what we can do about it: Blow a bubble. That'll show them! No, seriously, I know what can do about it: Blow a bubble inside a bubble. That'll really show 'em!

But seriously. Ever consider just ignoring the fucking law? I don't go around encouraging people to break the law. But this law is unconstitutional, so it's fair game.

I posted some Scholaring photos and thought it was funny

Nineteen! Nineteen! Nineteen!

I have 19 brand bippus bustin' new Roads Scholaring photos and videos from the Cincinnati area that will cause a 10-foot-tall Sesame Street sign to sprout forth from your noggin.

Our first set focuses on the river cities of Campbell County (the cool part)...

The next set focuses on Cincinnati's East End neighborhood and even has a few bonus items from Silverton...

Why not peep and weep?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kentucky GOP praises racist legislator

When the openly racist Dan Johnson received the Republican nomination for a Kentucky House seat last year, the reason for it couldn't have reflected well on the Republicans. At first I thought it was because Republican voters voted for him (since Kentucky has a closed primary), but actually it was because party leaders selected him because they didn't have a candidate. (Why weren't Democratic leaders allowed to select a candidate in districts where they had none?)

This means leaders of the Republican Party of Kentucky put their stamp of approval on Johnson's racism. The Media tried to make it look like the GOP didn't actually support Johnson. Nothing can be further from the truth. They picked him.

Now that Johnson has taken office, Republican leaders in the Kentucky House are praising him. Republican Whip Kevin Bratcher said of Johnson, "He's making good votes. He seems like a fine fellow."

Meanwhile, State Rep. Wesley Morgan - a Dan Johnson-style bigot - has introduced bills to benefit his own liquor stores. It's a felony for legislators to take official actions that would "derive a direct monetary gain."


Thursday, February 2, 2017

People Scholared in 1993

Remember the '90s? Remember helmet hair, Surge soda, and Roc?

People went Roads Scholaring in the decade of incoherence. Taking road photos and videos was tricky back then, and not as easy to do as it is now. But back in 1993, someone did so - right here in Campbell County! Best all, they started in my hometown of Highland Heights.

And now they've put their 1993 Scholaring video up on YouTube for the whole wide world to ogle (beep)...

Before anyone asks, I didn't make that video. In fact, there's a brief scene I couldn't watch, because it triggers traumatic memories I can't handle. But let me break this clip down for you: It starts in Highland Heights, and you see some boarded-up and dilapidated buildings there. Remember, 1993 was a sorry chapter in local history.

You'll also notice an already-stale Q-102 playing on the radio. If you're into Road Scholaring, there do appear to be at least a couple of very old traffic signs when they drive through downtown Alexandria late in the video.

Plus, 1993 was the year The Last Word was founded. I attended NKU and worked at the public library back then.

But nobody in this video bubbled.

America gets another major Interstate

If you're a Roads Scholar, you'll be interested to know about this story. Maybe not pleased, but interested.

America now has an Interstate 14. It's the little woocap that runs from Copperas Cove to Temple, Texas. That's only 25 miles, but Texas wants to expand I-14 from one end of the state to the other. Why, I don't know.

I'm pretty sure I was on this freeway during my 2015 Texas fact-finding mission.

Meanwhile, still no TANK service to Silver Grove.

Trump convoy belonged to SEAL unit

We gave military leaders the benefit of the doubt when they said a convoy sighted in Louisville carrying a blue Donald Trump flag didn't actually belong to the military. But now that claim has fallen to rack and ruin.

Now a Navy spokesperson admits that the convoy belonged to an out-of-town SEAL unit traveling between training locations. This means they violated regulations by flying a Trump flag. However, those who posted the flag might not have been SEAL's, for these units also carry support staff.

The Navy may initiate disciplinary action following this partisan display.


Trump's Supreme Court pick started fascist club

As Donald Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch - a right-wing federal judge - to the Supreme Court, it's now been discovered that Gorsuch founded an openly fascist club at an elite prep school he attended.

Gorsuch called his organization the Fascism Forever Club, and he says it was designed to fight the "left-wing tendencies" of his high school teachers. He served as president of this club until he graduated.

Gee, Donald, nice job of vetting this guy before you nominated him. Of course, George W. Bush is just as guilty as Trump is, because it was the thug Bush who appointed Gorsuch to his current judgeship. Trump and Bush probably just don't care. Sometimes it's easy to forget that Bush was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cincinnati congressman posts anti-Jewish material

Steve Chabot - the unpopular Cincinnati congressman - is a particularly nasty Tea Party loudmouth. Now he's been caught posting an item from an anti-Jewish website on his own political blog.

While arguing that the media is hostile to Donald Trump - a claim that is laughable on its face - Chabot posted a quote from Steve Bannon that used the triple parentheses "echo" commonly used as an anti-Jewish symbol. The image also included a link to an anti-Jewish website.

Chabot did this on purpose. He knew exactly what he was doing. He can't claim he didn't know.

Trump order kills elderly woman

Donald Trump has blood on his hands, and needs to be prosecuted.

Trump's travel ban against people from predominantly Muslim countries has killed a 75-year-old woman who had been a legal American resident for 22 years. The woman had flown to her native Iraq to visit family - but when she became ill, Trump's order prevented her from returning to the U.S., and she died. Her son - an American citizen - was allowed to return. The son - who had fled Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and now owns a Detroit-area business - places the blame squarely on Trump.

Dictator Trump has been in power less than 2 weeks, and already this happens.

People have a right to count on their government to protect their families. It's one of government's most basic charges. Predictably, it has failed with Trump at the helm.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

North Dakota! South Dakota! Nebraska! It's a great place to fart, I mean start!

Back in September, I embarked on my only out-of-town roadtrip of 2016! It focused primarily on Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota - a people's park!

These 173 photos and videos cover 7 states, and you're gonna peep every one of them until your face flies off in public...

Mysterious Trump convoy sighted in Louisville

In America, you fly the American flag. Not the Trump flag.

On Sunday, folks in Louisville saw what appeared to be a military convoy speeding down Interstate 65 - carrying a large flag emblazoned with the name "TRUMP." (This occurred the day before pro-Trump thugs beat demonstrators in Louisville.) However, it probably wasn't actually any branch of the military.

I've seen government agencies display partisan items, circulate political e-mails, and improperly advocate political causes. But the Defense Department says the vehicles in the convoy do not appear to currently belong to any service branch. Nearby Fort Knox and the Kentucky National Guard also say the vehicles weren't theirs. It would of course violate military regulations to fly a flag like this on vehicles.

Some believe the convoy actually belonged to a military contractor - which wouldn't surprise me at all. I remember the Fletcher administration hiring a contractor for a state construction job that had one of their trucks with Republican bumper stickers parked along a local highway for years - which was an eyesore even without the partisan advocacy.

If it isn't the military or a contractor, what's going on here? How did some outside Trumper group get hold of so many military vehicles? And what other military equipment do they have?


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump disobeys court order on Muslim ban

Here's another issue we can't just bubble away.

Dictator Trump's travel ban is un-American. This ban afflicts refugees and even legal U.S. residents who are from predominantly Muslim countries.

A federal judge blocked enforcement of the ban nationwide. But guess what? Trump is just ignoring this order outright. His Department of Homeland Security - designed as a Bush plaything - has announced it would continue to enforce the ban.

Yes, Donald Trump disobeyed a federal court order.


That, my friends, is impeachable.

Friday, January 27, 2017

More media gaslighting against public education

I'm sick of hearing about "school choice" - when it robs us (the taxpayers) of the choice not to subsidize bad private schools.

As part of the far-right National School Choice Week, private schools are making students attend rallies at statehouses all over America to demand public subsidies of private schools. And the right-wing media is of course happy to help.

For one thing, it violates IRS regulations for religious schools to promote political activity. For another, it's unconstitutional for public money to fund these schools. But just as importantly, The Media is engaging in gaslighting with its one-sided coverage of each event. If there is one "alternative fact" that the right-wing media has been consistent on, it's their notion that private schools are superior to public schools. Anyone who dares to disagree is shouted down.

The Media's stance is a lie. I know public schools are superior, because I have experience to know. I'm not saying the ones I attended were good. I'm just saying they were better than the other option.

I know, man, it's just so frightening how oppressed private schools are. It's a total tragedy. Just joking! Seriously, the people yammering to support "school choice" are actually looking for a taxpayer-funded bailout for a failed system.

When a state unconstitutionally subsidizes private schools, it is the people's prerogative to seize property from these schools as collateral.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Snuffleupagus moment with Dusty Lenscap

I just found this on YouTube when I wasn't even looking for it!

I stumbled upon a YouPube item featuring the audio of a 1988 newscast on WLW radio in Cincinnati. I listened to this expecting to hear whatever fake news against Michael Dukakis that was in circulation that day, but apparently WLW had higher standards than that in 1988. Instead I got Snuffleupagused.

For years, I've insisted there was a radio commercial for Kmart's photo processing center that featured Dusty Lenscap and a ridiculous jingle that sang, "As long as you're comin' to Kmart, don't forget the film!" The only station I remember hearing it on was the old WLAP-FM in Lexington. Kmart had such a miserable photo developing department that I always sang, "As long as you're comin' to Kmart, leave the film at home!" But everybody said I was just making the whole thing up.

Well, once again, YouTube saves the day!

This very commersh can be found at 1:15 in this WLW clip...

Believe me now? Or are we just going to keep living in denial?

Also notice that WLW played a little bit of music back in 1988. At the end of the clip, the station seamlessly segues into a Moody Blues record.

Trump full of shit about voter fraud (imagine that!)

Sore loser Donald Trump keeps whining that he lost the popular vote only because of voter fraud - and nobody believes him. Absolutely nobody.

Now the Donald has come up with a story to try to back up his claim that's bizarre even by his own standards. Trump claims that he knows there was voter fraud because German golf legend Bernhard Langer - who he describes as a friend - wasn't allowed to vote. With no basis whatsoever, Trump speculated that voters who were in line with Langer - and who were permitted to vote - must have come from various Latin American countries.

When Trump related this laughable story, the room fell silent in shock. Reince Priebus and John Cornyn urged Trump to change the subject immediately.

The reason Langer wasn't allowed to vote is because - even though he now lives in Florida - he's not a U.S. citizen. Plus, it turns out Langer isn't a Trump pal at all. Langer's daughter said of the golfer, "He is not a friend of President [sic] Trump's."

I guess Donald Trump is such an egotist and narcissist that he thinks all publicity is good publicity.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Faster than a speeding celebrity look-alike...

I saw a celebrity look-alike today, and it was as funny as all the rest!

I goed Roads Scholaring with the Road Ruiner out on Waterworks Road, and on the way home, I stopped at the Jersey Mike's in Newport. While I was in there masticating a nice, chewy sandwich, I saw some guy who looked just like the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve! He resembled Reeve in his Clark Kent persona, with a suit and glasses.

Women's March comes to Pikeville

I didn't think the Women's March would be a very large event, but wow, was I ever wrong! Small towns in Appalachia drew hundreds to their local marches.

There was a march in Pikeville, Kentucky, on Saturday that drew 100, which is a remarkable number for such a small town...

This is especially significant because small towns and rural counties have become the Far Right's geographic base. I'm especially impressed by the sign at the Pikeville march that read, "FIGHT TRUMPISM WITH SOCIALISM."

In Pikeville, of all places!

These marches are the real deal.

Monday, January 23, 2017

I support the protesters

Before anyone asks, I fully support the women's march and satellite events that took place over the weekend all over America. The D.C. event was the biggest protest in America's history, and attendance dwarfed Trump's inauguration many times over.

I also fully support Friday's protests in D.C. against the inauguration itself. Those who are urging the Army to beat protesters are sowing bigotry and extremism.

I fully support efforts to fight Trump-inspired Nazi vandalism that has recently plagued local schools and institutions, and I am urging prosecution to the fullest extent against the assailant in the recent Trump-linked hate crime in Wilder (which The Media has yet to report).

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Facebook founder suing landowners to force them to sell

Judging by the way Facebook deletes posts and yanks accounts for disagreeing with the Far Right, this story isn't much of a surprise.

Companies controlled by Facepoo founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are suing hundreds of people on the Hawaiian island of Kauai in an effort to force them to sell him their land - totaling over 8 acres. The billionaire wants them to sell because his own beachfront land surrounds these parcels, and he's mad because these landowners have to use his land to access their land.

The landowners have had their land in their families for hundreds of years.

I bet Mark Fuckerberg wishes Hawaii had a feudalist governor like Matt Bevin.


Have no fear, the February ish is here!

Sorry to disappoint you, but out of 19 articles in the latest ish of The Last Word, only 5 of them are primarily about gum.

But this 14-pager is one of the thickest editions in years, and it has so many nifty things for you to peep and weep. In this issue...

• I proudly break the law with my new electric bike.

• We were denied a youth center.

• People poop on stuff.

• Kroger sells Freedent nobody buys.

• Being cool.

• The Internet argues about bubble gum.

• A person rips out their braces because they didn't want or need them.

• Someone burned something at school.

• A person wiped boogers on stuff.

• A folder got ruined by gum.

• And more!

If you can still access The Last Word on Scribd, point your pooper here...

Otherwise, you can find the latest ish here...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tim's rock video

Back when I was about 10, I came up with an idea for a music video! It was for a song that hadn't been written yet, but trust me, you'll love my idea, because of the Sesame Street reference...

Workers quit because of prevailing wage repeal

The Kentucky GOP still hasn't provided a reason why they repealed prevailing wage or told us who they're trying to appeal to. Oh well, to each their own, I guess.

Now a construction firm in central Kentucky has informed its workers that - because of prevailing wage repeal - pay for scale jobs is dropping from $23 to $15/hour, while pay for non-scale jobs is being reduced from $15 to $11/hour. Plus, their allowance for hotel stays for out-of-town jobs is being eliminated entirely - so they have to pay for lodging out of their own paychecks.

At the snap of a finger, the Republican Party of Kentucky has managed to slash wages by 35%. Just because they felt like it.

Following this announcement, 15 workers at this company promptly quit their jobs.

What's the point in even trying to work when Damon Thayer just steals your money and gives it to billionaires?

(Incidentally, the Boone County Schools actively campaigned for prevailing wage repeal. This is just the latest example of our local schools politicizing everything.)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Iowa uniform bill stalls

A Republican bill in Iowa that would allow public schools to force kids to wear uniforms has stalled.

Right-wingers claim to be for smaller government, but they lie. Their support of this bill proves they lie.

Republican State Sen. Brad Zaun championed the bill - though the topic might be a bit of a sore spot in Iowa, for Iowa was the state that inspired the Tinker v. Des Moines ruling, which banned public school uniforms. The Iowa State Education Association opposed the bill because it ran roughshod over on freedom of expression. Democratic Sen. Herman Quirmbach also spoke against it. He said of the bill, "We are infringing on people's constitutional rights. That is not a trivial thing to do."

But Republicans do it all the time.


A person bunkerooed at Kroger

About Kroger: A person bunkerooed there.

Today after my dentist appointment, I goed Krogering at the Bellevue location. Operation KroGum did of course continue, and someone ripped an LAP bunker blast while I was in the part of the store that sold chips and crackers. The audio was unmistakable. It was a roo.

Best all, there was a police incident too. I saw cops gathering near the store's back room near the deodorant and talking about how they were reviewing surveillance video of something.

Kentucky GOP thugs attack Miles accuser

This story shows you what sort of criminals fill the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Back in September, a jury indicted GOP zillionaire Billy Joe Miles - former chair of the University of Kentucky's board of trustees - for allegedly raping a woman. Miles is well-connected. In fact, his daughter is fascist State Rep. Suzanne Miles.

Right after the indictment, Billy Joe Miles's accuser became the target of threats and outright assaults. She received a threatening message on Facebook from one of Miles's thugs. Then someone threw a hammer through her windshield from a passing vehicle as she was driving. Sometime later, the car burst into flames while she was driving it. She also received 6 harassing phone calls in only 3 minutes that appeared to be from one of Miles's daughters.

Now the state has taken over the prosecution, because Miles has too many political connections in Daviess County. Miles may face up to 45 years in prison, but he's 77.

Are we done living in denial about the violence, hate, and corruption of the Kentucky GOP?


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Road Ruiner premortem

The Road Ruiner is here!

But wait! You didn't expect it to not be defective, did you? Guess what? It is. I'm using it anyway.

The Road Ruiner is a bicycle that happens to have a small electric motor that you can use to navigate greater Cincinnati's otherwise impassable hills. It looks just like a regular bike, and it didn't cost much more than the Peace Bike did when I buyed it 13 years ago. But there's a few problems. That's in addition to the fact that the assembly instructions are absolutely terrible.

It's clear I was sold a bike that someone had returned, even though it was advertised as new. There's a huge scrape on the frame. But that's only cosmetic. It's sort of like my punk rocker teeth. Nothing I'd ever lose sleep over or spend any money to fix.

There's more serious problems though. The left pedal that came with the Road Ruiner couldn't be installed, because the threads were stripped. So I had to remove a pedal from the Peace Bike and use it instead.

The seat can't be adjusted any higher than its lowest level, because if you do, your weight just shoves it back down. This is useful only for extremely short people. Also, the gear shifters do not work. At all. One of the brakes does not work. At all.

But the motor works. I think. I haven't gone any further than a couple houses away with it yet, because it's poured down rain all day.

This is the major purchase I was talking about that might be illegal in Kentucky. If the Road Ruiner is illegal, I've already kablammoed that Allowed Cloud clean into the stratosphere by testing it. I don't follow your laws, Bevster.

West Chester tries passing "right-to-work" law

When officials in West Chester Township, north of Cincinnati, aren't falling over theirselves to stop people from beating off to Playboy, they're trying to fleece workers to subsidize nonunion labor.

Although Ohio is not a right-to-scab state, township officials want to pass their own "right-to-work" law. This despite the fact that a federal court just threw out such a law in a Chicago suburb.

Workers have attended the township government meeting to protest the move.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hate crime in Wilder

There was a hate crime in Wilder this morning.

A Hispanic employee of United Dairy Farmers was subjected to a diatribe of racial slurs. The assailant was a male in a green Toyota pickup.

Brossart territory. Again.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bill would ban unionization of federal employees

If you're an America-hating fuck, you support this bill.

A new bill introduced by Nazi Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Indiana) - who was previously known for his racist comments - would outlaw labor unions for new federal employees. It also applies to agencies such as the postal service. This bill is of course unconstitutional, but that never stops assholes like Rokita.

The bill says of federal workers: "Such an employee may be removed or suspended, without notice or right to appeal, from service by the head of the agency at which such employee is employed for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all." This clause is even worse than it sounds. Not only does it let bosses fire people just because, but these managers may be political appointees.

Hey, I know what I'll do. I'll chew gum and blow a bubble so the problem goes away.


Illinois suburb's right-to-scab law thrown out

Don't look now, but the town of Lincolnshire, Illinois - where we once got ejected from a ridiculous miniature golf course - has just found its anti-worker "right-to-work" ordinance thrown out in federal court.

But this ruling doesn't erase the unconstitutional "right-to-work" laws that gunk things up statewide in 27 states. At the same time, however, it doesn't say cities in so-called "right-to-work" states can't opt out of their state laws. Not like I expect them to have the spine to do it.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tim parodies ketchup ad

Tim uses an old Heinz ketchup commercial to coolsplain the influence of bubble gum...

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Prevailing wage repeal??? Really???

Republicans in the Kentucky legislature just hit dumbdirt. Their underpants-staining disregard for democratic institutions this week is unprecedented in American history for any state legislature.

A host of unpopular right-wing bills have sailed through the legislature this week and will become law, such as Dan Johnson's misnamed "right-to-work" bill. But perhaps the most hated bill among these is the repeal of Kentucky's prevailing wage.

Lawmakers are actually lowering wages??? Seriously??? Man, did they just step in a big pile. Who is this law supposed to appeal to (in Kentucky, no less)? How are they going to richsplain this to voters?

A more detailed analysis of the Kentucky GOP is beneath my dignity - and I don't live to please them anyway. Even when a person isn't directly affected by the party's ideas, you'd think they'd have enough pride in their state not to tolerate it. But prevailing wage repeal will have a real negative impact. You may notice that a lot of school buildings built before prevailing wage was enacted are of shoddy quality.

And for those who say I should keep quiet because I don't work for a state contractor, tough toilets. You can't be sure I've never asked to work for one - and was rejected because it was some Republican business that won a state contract because of its political ties.

A few words about a couple other new Republican laws: Their abortion laws violate Roe v. Wade. End of story.

Tim rocks strabismus!

After I posted my video that showcased my amazing missing tooth, you knew the next thing I was going to rock was my strabismus.

I have a new YouTube video where I try to educate you about how cool this optical disorder is, and I try to show you how I'm able to cross my eye...

I repeat, you're only allowed to do that if you're cool.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I almost violated an Allowed Cloud without realizing it

Something just occurred to me about a major purchase I'm making.

I buyed something costly. Low triple digits, but costly by my standards. For the record, it's not a weapon. I'll probably have the item next week.

I wasn't even thinking about the legality of it. I just figured it was an item that not only greatly facilitates something I'm already doing, but is probably necessary to have, considering the circumstances. But then it dawned on me that some crackpot might try to make an Allowed Cloud out of it.

As it turns out, our team of legal eagles says I'm in the clear in almost all 50 states. But guess what? Kentucky is not of them.

Too fucking bad. I'm doing what I want. Instead of violating an Allowed Cloud without realizing it, now I'm doing it knowingly. I don't give a shit.

2017 Tim forms

The Kentucky legislature has truly spread the stupid on thick this week - but the 2017 Tim is here to not merely challenge it, but defy it.

No real Kentuckian is happy about lawmakers' agenda. But I may be less disappointed than any other normal person, because at least they've brung it to me instead of confining it to some distant territory where I won't get the chance to fight it. I'll cork open the bevs and bask in the fact that when Kentucky collapses, I'm not the one who is going to have to explain theirselves.

I have much more confidence now than any time in decades. I will call people out - and not just on this blog. That's the 2017 Tim.

Try me. I'm not just asking questions anymore. I'm demanding answers. If you've talked to me at length in person in recent days, you'll know what I mean.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Ridiculous orange juice commersh found

This is usually a serious political blog, but let's kick off '17 with a Snuffleupagus moment!

For years, I've been insisting there was a TV ad for the orange juice industry in which a person slowly and dramatically lifts the glass of juice up to their mouth, before the commersh suddenly ends with the glass spilling the juice towards the viewer. It was one of those things that's just unintentionally hilarious. It looked absolutely ridiculous.

I thought for sure the ad aired around 1990. I remember a family member remarking on how silly it looked, and I thought for sure I was a teenager at the time. But I accidentally found it on YouTube while looking for something else, and it's dated 1979. It's in a collection of commercials from that era, and you have to fast-forward to 8:45...

Here's a synopsis of that commersh in case you're afraid a mallet might pop out of your computer screen and break your glasses if you visit YouPube: A man discovers a pitcher of orange juice in his fridge and proceeds to pour it into a glass. Dramatic music plays, and a smile grows on his face. He lifts the glass full of juice up to his mouth. But as the ad ends, instead of him drinking the juice, the glass slowly ejects juice into the viewer's face. The video freezes on a shot of the top of the glass with the juice spilling out.

You have to admit it looks totally ridiculous. It looks like he's about to spill orange juice all over the floor, thereby wasting it.