Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pro-Trump student pulls knife on BAMN

On Tuesday, Wayne State University in Detroit was the site of a right-wing meltdown.

A student by the name of Corbin Steele - who was wearing a Trump/Pence 2020 shirt - approached a table where the civil rights group BAMN was handing out flyers about immigrant rights. He then pulled a switchblade and threatened the BAMN folks. Steele declared, "I think we should deport or kill all illegals that don't belong in our country."

Steele said his name is Earl Johnson and proceeded to argue with BAMN before stomping off with his Bert-like unibrow.

Much of the incident was caught on video.

As a result of the episode, Steele was suspended from school pending an investigation. Of course, we all know folks who have been expelled from college for much less - don't we?

This was the third time BAMN had an altercation with Steele.


Florida school shooter had right-wing links

This story should surprise absolutely no one - except those who insist on listening to the right-wing talk radio droids who deny it and laugh about it.

According to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was a fan of right-wing websites. Cruz also posted racist messages and threatened to kill antifascist activists.

A white supremacist organization called the Republic of Florida even admits that Cruz trained with them!

But we can't ban hate groups from having guns because it might hurt their feelings.

Mass shooting survivors should receive benefits

Since lawmakers aren't doing a damn thing about the fact that the United States is one of very few countries that gives guns to members of hate groups, here's an idea to support those who are harmed by mass shootings.

I'm as antiwar as anyone, but I realize America's military personnel make grave sacrifices. Wounded soldiers and the families of those killed in war receive benefits - as they should. I believe they deserve these benefits because of their sacrifices. I also think similar benefits should be awarded to survivors of mass shootings and the families of those killed in such shootings.

Perpetrators of these mass killings are almost always found to have links to right-wing hate groups. If their victims must sacrifice their lives and well-being for the "freedom" for hate groups to carry guns, they and their families should be properly honored.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another funny dream

I had a hilarious dream last night that Donald Trump shaved his head completely bald. I swear I'm not making this up.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Tim Nolan gets 20 years for human trafficking

Former Judge Tim Nolan - who in recent years has become a leader in the hated Campbell County Tea Party - has pleaded guilty to 21 charges dating back to 2004, including human trafficking. As a result, he will be sentenced to 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine - but he'll be eligible for parole after 4 years.

As the trial concluded, Judge Kathleen Lape read the charges to the 71-year-old Nolan. The list of charges was so long that it took 10 minutes to read them. According to the charges, some of the victims lived on Nolan's property, and Nolan threatened to evict them unless they performed sex acts. Some victims were addicted to heroin, and Nolan paid for it. Nolan also threatened to have one victim arrested by the FBI. The charges also say Nolan asked a minor to engage in sexual activity for money.

I woke up to another government shutdown

This morning, the federal government experienced its second shutdown in only a month.

Once again, it was the fault of the Republicans. It was Rand Paul himself who held up an important Senate vote. But (thanks to the right-wing media) there were no political consequences for the other shutdowns the GOP caused, so do you really think this time will be any different?

Monday, February 5, 2018

Charlton Heston look-alike sighted again

Last night, I received another e-mail about the Charlton Heston look-alike. He was seen again at Kroger. He blocked access to merchandise in the freezer aisle as he argued with his wife on his cellphone about what to buy. A line formed as other shoppers tried accessing the product.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cincinnati now has nation's second-highest housing costs

For decades, greater Cincinnati has had some of America's highest food prices, but at least we had cheaper housing than many larger cities.

Well, that's gone now too, and it's all because of developments full of expensive homes being rubber-stamped without requiring affordable housing to be included. This has driven up housing costs exponentially. I've warned people about this problem for 25 years and the crisis that would inevitably result. Did they listen? Haha, no. It's just like all the people who'd rather scream out "GODWIN'S LAW!!!" than find solutions to hate groups spreading on the Internet.

The real estate investment firm HomeUnion has a new study that ranks Cincinnati as America's second-most expensive rental market - behind only Oakland. Interestingly, Chicago was the least expensive.

This is a clarion call for local zoning authorities to make sure some housing space is set aside strictly for affordable housing.


Haley Barbour tried bringing a gun on a plane and The Media tried covering it up

Remember Haley Barbour? He was the ugly cretin who used to be Republican National Committee chairman and Governor of Mississippi.

It was bad enough when Dan Quayle joked about bombs when boarding a plane, but now Barbour has been arrested for trying to bring a loaded revolver on a plane in his briefcase.

The arrest happened a month ago when Barbour tried to fly from Jackson to Washington, D.C. The right-wing media tried sweeping the incident under the rug, but now that Barbour has been fined thousands of dollars, bust goes that bubble.

Barbour led the party that treats everyone else like terrorists when they try to fly, but he tried bringing a gun on board.