Monday, November 30, 2015

Workers robbed to pay for stadiums

It never ends with these right-wing fucks, does it?

County employees in Hamilton County were supposed to get a pay raise this year. Democratic Commissioner Todd Portune has championed this raise, pointing out that the county budget can easily cover it. But the raise was blocked by Republican commissioners Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann - who demanded that the money for the pay raise instead go into the fund to pay for the Reds and Bengals stadiums.

All this after the Bengals and Reds have spent the past 19 years fleecing the taxpayers to pay for their stadiums? All this after the Bengals decided they weren't even going to use their stadium for all their "home" games, preferring instead to play in England of all places? All this after county workers have already suffered a 10-year-long wage freeze to pay for the recession the Republicans caused?

Hartmann and Monzel say the money should go into the stadium fund in case the sales tax doesn't bring in enough revenue. If the sales tax isn't enough, TOO FUCKING BAD!!! Let the zillionaire sports team owners pay for it themselves. Maybe they need to get a real job like everyone else.

Chicago suburb relies on right-wing stink tank for legal advice

A government jurisdiction is depending on a right-wing think tank for legal advice. Doesn't this sound familiar?

It's all going down in Lincolnshire, Illinois - a Chicago suburb. Lincolnshire is on the verge of becoming what is likely the only place in Illinois to enact its own misnamed "right-to-work" ordinance. Town trustees have already officially endorsed right-wing Gov. Bruce Rauner's economic platform.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has issued a ruling saying it's illegal for towns to pass their own right-to-scab laws. Court decisions say the same thing. But - instead of listening to courts and state officials - Lincolnshire is relying on the far-right Illinois Policy Institute for legal advice.

Maybe we really shouldn't be surprised, because this is the town with the much-ridiculed Par King, after all. But it's ironic that such an anti-worker law would pass in a town that was named for Abraham Lincoln, who would certainly oppose this law. It's kind of like how the Northern Kentucky Tea Party gathered in a park named for a Kentucky governor who had much more in common with Occupy than with the Tea Party.


Our hopeless media won't call it terrorism

There is no hope - at least not for the media.

Robert Dear's rampage that killed 3 people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs was domestic terrorism. There's no other phrase for it.

But I haven't seen any major media outlet call it that.

When ISIS attacked Paris, it was rightly called terrorism. I don't know anyone who would deny that it was terrorism. But why is it so easy to see international terrorism but not domestic terrorism?

And make no mistake: Dear's attack was inspired by the misnamed Center for Medical Progress's fraudulent editing of its Planned Parenthood videos. The CMP was also cheered on by Republican politicians - which is hardly surprising, because the GOP long ago abandoned pursuit of facts.

From the standpoint of electoral politics, this is a big deal, because - decade after decade - the media has doubled down on its efforts to install Republicans in public office. The GOP wasn't always this extreme. I can't imagine, say, Gerald Ford throwing bombs at Occupy marchers. But the GOP of 2015 is a different matter. Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been described as being to the right of even the heroin-dealing Tea Party - because some in the Tea Party at least were smart enough to sanitize their fascism before broadcasting it. The more extreme the party gets, the more the press seems to support it.

The party that encourages domestic terrorism is the party that the media thinks is entitled to win votes without having to earn them. That's the state of American politics in the 2010s.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

GOP officials team up with neo-Nazis for anti-refugee events

I thought the Republican Party couldn't stoop any lower, but just in the past couple weeks, they have.

Republican leaders in Pennsylvania are teaming up with outright neo-Nazis to organize rallies against Syrian refugees. Leading GOP activists Mary Ann Benitez and John Rentschler - along with the Tea Party - are joining forces with the neo-Nazi group Keystone United to put together the protests.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Keystone United a "racist skinhead extremist group." Its members have been in trouble for a long series of crimes, including murder, racketeering, and vandalizing a Vietnam War memorial.

Two anti-refugee rallies in Pennsylvania were attended by Republican leaders, the Tea Party, and Keystone United. During a rally at the State Capitol, Rentschler gave a speech where he was backed by Keystone United's Ian McCorts. A highway overpass rally in Scranton was organized by Keystone United members and joined by local Republican committee members and leaders. One GOP committee member, Steve Smith, was busted for ethnic intimidation and assault in the early 2000s. Smith is closely allied with the Tea Party, which has joined protests with him many times before. He is also a former Aryan Nations member.

Such is the current state of the party The Media wants running the country.


Kentucky restores voting rights to former felons

Amazing! Kentucky is obeying the Constitution!

Today, outgoing Gov. Steve Beshear issued an executive order restoring voting rights to most people convicted of nonviolent felonies. This brings the Bluegrass State in line with most other states and with constitutional protections of the right to vote. About 180,000 Kentuckians will be able to vote thanks to this order.

Lawmakers had tried to pass a bill to do this, but Republicans in the Kentucky Senate had blocked the measure.


Black Lives Matter activists shot in Minneapolis

Violence against Occupy was endemic during that movement's heyday (before Occupy surrendered). Now that the political world's talking heads are ramping up the rhetoric, the Black Lives Matter movement is being targeted too, and lives are on the line.

Last night, 5 people participating in a Black Lives Matter event in Minneapolis were shot when a gang of 3 masked white supremacists opened fire on their encampment. The attackers had previously been harassing the activists and had been asked to leave.

The shooting victims are expected to survive, but many fear that the next victims might not be so lucky. The Far Right's lie-fi town criers will inevitably gin up more violence like this - because that's all they ever do lately.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Election fraud suspected in Ohio referendum vote

The outcry over the Matt Bevin campaign stealing the Kentucky election has expanded to Ohio.

This month, there was a referendum in Ohio called Issue 3 - which would have legalized marijuana but would have also subjected it to a rigid monopoly that would have limited production to only a few sites. Many folks who support legalization didn't support this measure, because it would have protected monopolies.

So when the referendum was defeated by 2 to 1 on Election Day, I thought it had just plain old lost. You can argue that it was so poorly written that it deserved to lose. On the other hand, I know voting wasn't completely on the level, considering America's recent history of rigged elections - and the fact that Republican "poll watchers" had threatened voters in Cincinnati neighborhoods. But 2 to 1 seems like it would have been a wide enough margin that it would have lost regardless.

But not so!

Benedictine University's Ron Baiman says the results of that referendum "are not only impossible but unfathomable." Polls actually did show the measure passing. Baiman - who teaches statistics - says that the odds for it to lose by 2 to 1 are "one in a trillion." That's million with a T. Even if every undecided voter went on to vote against the measure, it still shouldn't have lost by 2 to 1.

If the result of a referendum with no party labels can be off by that much compared to pre-election polls, you can only guess how badly partisan elections are rigged, considering party labels are programmed into the machines. It's much worse than it appears, because pollsters weight their polls to account for past rigged elections.


More about Diaper Dave's extremism

Here's a sample of how extreme David Vitter is.

Diaper Dave says he will not seek another Senate term next year, but the Louisiana senator has already disgraced himself enough. In 2007, he tried to earmark $100,000 in federal taxpayer money to a Religious Right group called the Louisiana Family Forum. Then, in 2009, he introduced a resolution that would have designated April 15 of each year as National Tea Party Day. He even proposed a bill that would have gutted 'Net neutrality.

I guess we can expect this from the guy who used to represent David Duke's old district in the Louisiana House. But he's Louisiana's fascist, not Kentucky's.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Diaper Dave loses governor bid in upset

You wouldn't expect Louisiana to provide the highlight of an election season, but I guess having Diaper Dave around changes things a bit.

Louisiana's gubernatorial runoff was today, and fascist Sen. David Vitter - the Republican candidate - has gone down in defeat to Democrat John Bel Edwards.

Surprised? Actually, there's a history in Louisiana of Republicans underperforming in runoffs just after the party trumpeted its victories elsewhere. My theory is that it's a voter backlash. On the other hand, if Louisiana uses the same voting machines that Kentucky has that are easily tampered with, we'd expect the GOP to do much better.

Unfortunately, folks in Louisiana still have to deal with the diaper fetishist embarrassing their state in the Senate. And it's not as if today's runoffs are completely on the level, since - as in Soviet Russia - the only 2 Attorney General candidates are Republican.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Huge scandal devours Grant County GOP

Even the ultraconservative Cincinnati Enquirer has had its fill of the corruption and political favoritism that defines the Republican machine in Grant County, Kentucky. I'll take the rare step of letting you read about it from the Enquirer first...

Among other things, county officials - including Republican Judge-Executive Stephen Wood, who is Grant County's top elected official - are seen discussing firing a payroll clerk who supported Democrats. They also suggest replacing the clerk with someone younger who has "big tits."

As a result of this firing, the payroll clerk has asked for lost wages from the county, and may file a lawsuit.

This follows a separate scandal in Grant County government that involved now-defeated Jailer Terry Peeples. Peeples, who called himself the conservative candidate in his 2010 campaign, went on to be sued by several employees who alleged he had ordered deputies to lie under oath, committed sexual harassment, and forced employees to engage in sexual activity. Peeples had also been accused of child molestation in Oklahoma.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Far Right incites violence against refugees

Now the Far Right has really done it.

Kentucky has been able to accept Syrian refugees before Matt Bevin could seize power and force them out. But Bevin's extremist rhetoric has already incited violence against them.

Refugees who have been resettled in Louisville already report being the victims of hate crimes - incited by the likes of Bevin. A refugee was attacked on a bus by someone yelling, "I'm going to fucking kill you!"

To be sure, there are many folks in Kentucky and elsewhere who welcome Syrian refugee families. But there's lots of folks in lots of places who think lots of things - and don't always prevail, no matter how right they are. For instance, Congress had only a 5% approval rating, but most of Congress was re-elected anyway.

Meanwhile, agencies in Kentucky say they will continue to settle refugees in the Bluegrass State - until someone orders them to stop. But Matt Bevin telling them to stop might not be the only worry. Now these newcomers to America's shores are forced to contend with violent hate crimes - all because of Bevin and other right-wing robots.


Lexington resists Tea Party by increasing minimum wage

Don't look now, but Lexington just raised the minimum wage to $10.10/hour - joining Louisville as the second place in Kentucky to approve a minimum wage higher than the federal level.

The Tea Party is pooping a hole in its diaper as we speak.

Kentucky counties will be audited for election irregularities

If this is done properly, the wheels will fall off the Republicans' Radio Flyer much quicker than we'd ever expect.

Today, the Kentucky Attorney General's office announced 6 counties chosen at random - Bullitt, McCreary, Clark, Hardin, Morgan, and Harrison - to undergo independent audits for irregularities in the recent "election."

This itself wouldn't be unusual, because state law requires random audits after each election. The difference this time is that the pre-election polls provide a clearer smoking gun than ever before. If voting machines in these counties are like those in some states, any political operative can just park outside the polling place on Election Day and doctor the results by remote control.

Maybe you never heard the outcome of past audits because this election fraud technology is relatively new. If they had this technology 35 years ago, we would have seen it on The Dukes Of Hazzard sooner or later.

It isn't just the pre-election surveys that were off by 14 points. An exit poll in Boyle County was off by about the same margin - so you can't attribute it entirely to a turnout gap. (The Media promised statewide exit poll results, but those never materialized. This is the same stunt they pulled nationwide in 2002.)

How many indictments will result from the audits? There's no guarantee the audits will nab any individuals for election fraud. But one thing is certain: The audits will prove that fraud occurred. And it's not the Green Party that committed it.

County guts bill because Tea Party told it to

Does Campbell County Fiscal Court always kowtow to the white supremacist Tea Party, or is that only on days ending in y?

Recently, commissioners presented a resolution listing guidelines for public use of county administrative buildings. The document said you can't use these government facilities for political fundraising. But then the Tea Party told commissioners to change the resolution so they could continue using the buildings for its fundraising activities.

The resolution now says that any money raised must go to a "charity" - which would be fine if they actually meant real charities. But the county attorney says that means any organization that files as a nonprofit - including the Tea Party, which abuses its nonprofit status.

So there ya have it! Campbell County has just officially declared the Tea Party a "charity."


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anti-refugee crusade not an empty threat

Most of the nation's Republican governors are announcing they will refuse to accept refugees escaping Syria's civil war - and Indiana proves this isn't an empty threat. It appeared to be merely chest-pounding at first, but now the threat is real.

Fascist Gov. Mike Pence - fresh off his antigay campaign - has made Indiana probably the first state to carry out its warning against refugees. An article at Daily Kos says Pence "has won the prize for biggest piece of shit in America." Two Syrian refugee families who had been cleared by the federal government to resettle in the United States had been scheduled to arrive in Indianapolis - but now Pence has forced them to cancel their plans. A state agency sent letters to the organizations resettling the refugees that the resettlement program had been placed on hold. One of the families had been waiting 3 years to come to the United States.

Aren't the Republicans supposed to be the "family values" party?

Incidentally, Pence is violating federal law - namely the United States Refugee Act of 1980. This is an impeachable offense. Also, one of the families is being resettled in Connecticut instead. Once they settle there, will Pence stop them from moving to Indiana afterward?

When was the last time America had a coordinated persecution campaign like this by public officials? Why are we letting our country and our states be defined by the bigotry of the white supremacist Republican Party?


The fight to sell books never ends

Some of you know that I've had 2 books published through - The Fight That Never Ends (2005) and A Mind's Smithereens (2010). These books were ostensibly released to mainstream bookstores - in addition to being sold online.

The 2005 title was a generally serious work about my struggles with being harassed at school. The abuse I suffered from ages 11 to 16 was so bad I couldn't encapsulate it in any format other than a book. It's just not possible. It may well be the absolute worst series of school assaults ever - in any society.

I'm serious. It was that bad.

Unlike works by other local writers, the local media never promoted my book. They wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot-tall Sesame Street sign. Despite this cover-up - and the fact that the attackers paid off authorities to not be punished - the book probably led to the "retirement" of 2 school administrators.

Unlike that book, my second book was intended to be uproarious. This "book about nothing" consisted largely of humorous anecdotes about a Michael Jackson-themed high school art project angering my teacher, a neighborhood kid stealing candy from Walgreen's, my newsletter scaring the DLC, and more.

People buyed these books. But not nearly enough.

So what I plan to do soon is offer a PDF of the books on Scribd at a discount. In other words, they will be available as an e-book. Nobody ever heard of Scribd back when the volumes were first published, but now it's used extensively.

Of course, you'll still be able to buy the books in convenient book form (as Metro Graphic Arts would say).

You're gonna peep, weep, and oggle-beep 'em until your face flies off in public.

Right-wing bill opens moon for mining

Even on the moon, you're not safe from the hug-a-thug Tea Party - which thinks it owns everything.

The House has just approved a Republican bill called the SPACE Act of 2015. If it becomes law, this bill will give private corporations the "right" to open up the moon, asteroids, and other celestial bodies for mining.

The problem with that is that it's not theirs to mine. There are no property rights in outer space. The United States is a signatory to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which declares celestial bodies are an international zone not open to ownership by private companies or even an individual country. It's much like international waters being free from private ownership.

The SPACE Act also attempts to give itself the power to trump challenges from other countries. If a country tries to challenge a corporation's "right" to mine the moon, the SPACE Act tries declaring itself Judge Judy and executioner.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Oh no, R2!"


Kentucky election fraud scandal still growing

The scandal that the Courier-Journal and Herald-Leader continue to ignore...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pro-rape bill pending in Congress

I absolutely, positively cannot believe a bill like this was recently introduced in Congress.

In July, a pro-rape bill called the Safe Campus Act was introduced by several Republicans in the House: Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Arizona), Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), and Rep. Kay Granger (also R-Texas). This bill would prohibit colleges and universities from investigating cases of rape and sexual assault on campus - unless the victim reports the crime to outside law enforcement. In some cases, colleges would even be forbidden from expelling offenders.

Why shouldn't the victim be allowed to report the crime to whatever agency is willing and able to investigate it? It shouldn't matter whether it's the local police or some school agency that's set up to investigate such crimes.

The lawmakers' whiny excuse for this bill is that they want to make sure rape defendants are tried fairly. If that's the case, why doesn't it also protect those accused of less serious crimes on campus?

As it turns out, the misnamed Safe Campus Act was lobbied for by fraternities and similar organizations. They spent $200,000 this year lobbying for the bill. However, many student government bodies have passed resolutions opposing the bill, and rape victims' advocacy groups oppose it too. Some officials point out that the bill conflicts with Title IX.

You know what really would reduce rape investigations by college authorities? If people didn't commit rape. I guess all this free-floating "less government" business spewed by the Tea Party means people can commit violent crimes with impunity.

My friends, this bill is nutty.

Dayton! Bellevue! Dayton! It's a great place to start!

Much to the chagrin of the Evil Empire, I've finally gotten September's Roads Scholaring photos posted! It was a minor event in Dayton, Kentucky, involving the Peace Bike and you. Some of you will peep, some of you will weep, but all of you will oggle-beep, as you point your pooper here...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Will safe space save the day?

As I make plans for my move to Detroit, it's not too late to cancel if some progress is made towards meeting the guidelines I put forth for me to stay in this area. It's only in recent days that America is discovering a movement that may help satisfy some of these demands. I only learned about it because of right-wing websites bellyaching about it.

I'm talking about the safe space trend.

The aim of a safe space is to provide safety to people who might be persecuted or marginalized. In modern America, few groups have suffered more persecution than the political left. Thus, we on the left should create a safe space locally that protects us on the left.

As things stand now, safe spaces are found primarily on college campuses to protect students from spoiled, entitled troublemakers who attack them. Safe spaces aren't intended to turn people into hermits. The idea is largely a response to right-wing violence that has been perpetrated against students. The shrillest critics of safe spaces are the very people who'd make safe spaces unsafe!

But safe spaces shouldn't be limited just to campuses. There should be a safe space strictly for the left in this area. Fact is, most of the United States is a safe space of sorts for the violent right. It is more than safe for the right, in fact, for dissent is not tolerated, period. These right-wing safe spaces also impose views on an unwilling public. Being subjected to it is like being forced to stick your head in the toilet in a public restroom and leave it there indefinitely.

I propose acquiring either a building or a vacant lot to serve as a progressive safe space. No amenities are required. I also think it's fair that government should fund it - just as government subsidizes what are effectively right-wing safe spaces. I also believe government should set aside perhaps a city block or neighborhood for use as a safe space for the left - but a single lot would be preferable to nothing at all.

Government pays for everything the Far Right does. The Bush regime looted Social Security to fund an illegal war. Local government continues to finance pet projects like luxury housing and a new clubhouse at the golf course - despite officials' claims to be taxpayer watchdogs. So it's only fair that they fund our safe space too. The lunatic right complains that those of us on the left have everything handed to us, but that's a lie. I've never had anything handed to me - ever. But the right has. Entitlement is central to the right wing in modern America.

A safe space would likely pay for itself many times over. Yet it doesn't audit rigged elections. That too was a requirement for me to stay in the area. It gets done, or I leave.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

When Rand Paul's thugs stomped on a person's head

Remember this moment from the 2010 campaign?

So if I see a Tea Party event anytime soon, they've got one coming. That's a promise.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Study confirms it's normal to laugh at rich people's misfortunes

What does Mother Nature say about the gutter cult of worshiping random rich guys? Nothing positive.

A new study published in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience journal says it's only natural to feel less empathy for people who have a higher status in life. Researchers asked 22 people to undergo a sensory test to see how they'd react to the idea of people of various social statuses appearing to be poked with needles. The results were not favorable to the elite.

This study backs up past research that also showed people are less empathic to those of a higher status.

The Far Right cries that we want to "punish success", but - in a society like ours that is not a meritocracy - it's only natural. Those among the Far Right who want to make us revere people just for having more money are fighting nature.


Bevin administration to hire only "conservatives" for state jobs

Anyone who denies that folks in Kentucky are being blacklisted from employment over their political views can slam their yip tight now.

Matt Bevin's website has added an application for state jobs. But the site says Bevin "desires to attract and select" applicants who "share his conservative values." The form also asks applicants their party affiliation.

This is the exact same thing Ernie "Hey Bert" Fletcher got in trouble for. (Not like this matters, because Fletcher ultimately got out of having to serve any prison time.)

Grant County hamstrings heroin program

This story is a perfect example of right-wing county officials running roughshod over cities' local control.

Despite Tea Party complaints, Kentucky recently authorized needle exchange programs for heroin addicts. This is one of the most effective measures for reducing health threats posed by heroin abuse.

The town of Williamstown in Grant County was prepared to open a needle exchange. But so far, Grant County Fiscal Court has refused to approve the exchange.

How many people will die before the county lifts its thumb? This is also an illustration of why cities need to be given more autonomy from the counties' misrule. That's kind of the whole point of having cities.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ohio GOP busted for fuzzy math

The Ohio Republican Party claims to support fiscal responsibility, but that's another lie, because they can't even get their own stupid checkbooks in order.

The Federal Election Commission has been repeatedly sending letters to the Ohio GOP asking them to explain theirselves and their shoddy accounting practices. The numbers on the party's accounting reports don't add up, and keep mysteriously changing.

Earlier this year, the party's federal campaign account experienced a suspicious $40,000 increase in receipts - and nobody could explain why. On another occasion, the Ohio GOP had a discrepancy of thousands of dollars between the amount on hand at the end of one month and the beginning of the next month - as if there's some gap between that's not part of any month. The FEC also found another month containing over $70,000 in undisclosed donations.

This isn't new in the Ohio GOP. During the previous 2 years, similar problems were found, and the party blamed its computer and staff turnover.

The FEC has repeatedly warned the party that if they don't turn over a new leaf, they may face "audit or enforcement action." This is always followed by more reporting discrepancies by the party.

Of course the Republicans don't report their finances properly. Most criminal gangs don't.

A person bubbled at Kroger

Today at Kroger, some guy bubbled.

Monday, November 9, 2015

List of demands to thwart Detroit move

I decided Tuesday I was moving out of town - most likely to Detroit. I even changed the current city on my Facebook profile to Detroit.

Then people suddenly decided they didn't want me to move. Who can blame them? If I move, there won't be anyone left to do all the work they talk about doing but won't do. They're like the kid in school who was really smart but had to be coached by the teacher to do their coursework.

So I'm coming up with some very simple demands.

Demand #1: More stable employment, because I'm not making enough money from my blogs, book projects, and other websites to justify staying in this area. I went on 4 different Facepoo pages to ask if any small businesses here were hiring for maintenance jobs, and almost all the replies I got were people criticizing my "scary" Facebook profile photo. Leftists with knives frighten the Establishment. Tough toilets. What you see is what you get.

I don't want to accept handouts to do nothing. I was brung up with the belief that almost any task is worth doing right. If anyone supports handouts and sloth, it's the fascist fucks in the Tea Party.

Demand #2: Additional pay to stay in the area. Just living here actually is work. Just living in most places in America actually is work. I mean that literally. We live in the Golden Age of Treason, and it takes actual work to clean up the Tea Party's heroin dealing and other messes. I calculate that if I'm hired for conventional employment again, my going rate for extra pay should be another $694.08 a week (negotiable). Ideally, the Tea Party would pay it, but the money has to come from somewhere.

Not being paid to stay in the area is actually worse - economically and morally - than the cancer scam that I sued over. By far. A few weeks of living here is valued at more than the amount I lost to that swindle. You can reasonably argue that the cancer scammer has a very real medical condition - drug addiction - and that there's no evidence they wouldn't pay me back in full if they cleaned up. (Not like I expect them to clean up.)

Demand #3:
An official audit or legal action against recent election results in Kentucky. In anything resembling a democracy, this is how we do.

These are binding guidelines for me to stay in the area. Comply or don't whine.

Another website covers Bevin election fraud

Unlike the Louisville Courier-Journal, which doesn't have the guts to stand by its own polls that showed Matt Bevin losing handily, some websites fight back.

Here's the latest of many...

Meanwhile, the exit polls we were promised are missing in action.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Reverb Press latest to pick up Kentucky election scandal

Daily Kos and several other leading websites have picked up the story, but no official action has been taken (big surprise)...

Obama kills Keystone pipeline!

Tough toilets, conservos.

President Obama has just rejected a permit for the remaining portion of TransCanada's job-killing Keystone XL pipeline - citing concerns about climate change. It was actually reported in 2012 that Obama would kill this project - possibly because of Occupy's urging - but now the pipeline is finally dead.

It's a done deal.

Bill would require zillionaires to fund Social Security raise

It's another year of dog food for Grandma, as Social Security beneficiaries are once again receiving no cost-of-living increase for the upcoming year.

Congress says this is because there has been no (whoosh...whoosh) inflation this year. That appears to be a lie, for CEO's of America's 350 biggest corporations received a 3.9% raise in their salaries - which is reminiscent of the stagflation of the 1990s and 2000s.

But the legendary Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) wants to correct this high-handed larceny. Warren has filed a bill called the Seniors and Veterans Emergency Benefits Act that would increase Social Security and veterans' benefits by 3.9% - and pay for it by taxing these rich CEO's. It would provide a onetime benefit of an extra $580 to each person on Social Security.

The bad news is that Republicans will obstruct this much-needed bill. Why wouldn't they? It's clear there's no electoral consequences, no matter how unpopular their actions are. Which is why these traitors need to be toppled in a coup.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yet another website picks up Kentucky election scandal

This story has legs.

Yet another leading website has picked up the story about the Kentucky election being rigged, and it's even more blunt about it than the others...

And in other news: Evidence mounts that poop may stink.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Michigan! Wisconsin! Minnesota! It's a great place to start!

Remember back in August when I goed to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan?

Welp, that trip yielded a staggering 135 Roads Scholarin' photos and videos, and you're gonna bip 'em until your bip bone falls off. So point your pooper here...

Daily Kos picks up Kentucky election fraud story

And boom goes the bubble gum...

Crooks & Liars goes there

Uh-oh, a leading website is going there. And by there, I mean there...

That's the very definition of there.

Tea Party selling something a little stronger than tea (a blast from the past)

Boston was the home of the real Boston Tea Party, but the city isn't immune to the astroturfed Tea Party movement that the CIA and the Kochs have helped prop up. And the notion that the modern-day Tea Party sells heroin isn't brand new.

Back in 2011, participants at a Tea Party event in Boston were arrested for selling heroin. The defendants reportedly pleaded not guilty, but it's unclear what happened to the case after that.

The incident wasn't widely publicized. Of course.

Governor Bert

On a lighter note, I've just noticed something funny in Matt Bevin's Wikipedia biography, but nobody outside greater Cincinnati will get the joke.

I've pointed out before that Bevin resembles Bert from 'Sesame Street', with that huge forehead and wide smirk and all. Well, I discovered something biographical about Bevin that will only be true for 2 more months that sort of relates to this, and you're gonna burst out laughing when you see what it is.

Time to overthrow Tea Party

I'm gonna lay it on the line.

It is time to overthrow the Tea Party.

Yes, I said overthrow. Like any other country would do.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well, I gave you your chance

Well, friends, after the disaster in the 2014 "election", I gave you your chance: Put up or shut up.

I met with some of you, had some meals, and had some intelligent conversation. But in the end, no follow-through.

Now I can honestly say this: You're screwed, and you got what you deserved for sitting on your hands. So screwed. You had a chance, and didn't take advantage of it.

It's just like the people I sued because they wouldn't pay back the money they owed. I gave them many chances to pay it back, and they didn't do it.

Is it my fault? No. Seriously, what are people thinking that they can just do nothing and a problem will magically fix itself?

To be sure, I'm going to be looking at some out-of-town apartment listings over the next few weeks. I want to be around real activists, not posers.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Have no fear, the November ish is here!

A brand bizcream-bustin' ish of The Last Word is now pub, and you're gonna read it until your face falls off in public!

This edition talks about a local politician's alleged involvement in a cancer scam, an old public service film about a hi-fi that destroys antique records, and more!

So point your pooper here...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

When Fred Thompson made a televised funny

With today's death of Republican former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee, I'd like to recall a memory of the man himself.

One year during the Republican National Convention - I believe it was 1996 - Thompson gave a televised speech in which he touted the notion that Congress had banned gifts to its members. Following this, I wrote in The Last Word that this meant Jim Bunning wouldn't be getting any 'Sesame Street' coloring books for Christmas! At least I think that was the joke I made. It was either that or something very similar.

Also, years before his Senate career, Thompson was an actor in an episode of 'Roseanne'. If you get old 'Roseanne' reruns in your area, watch for Fred Thompson sometime.