Friday, August 31, 2018

Have no fear, the September ish is here!

The September issue of The Last Word is now pub-a-roo, and guess what? It's our Back-to-School edition, people! Doesn't that make you just want to watch 'Sesame Street' until your face flies off in public?

This ish talks about many pibtacular things, including these and more...

• My electric bicycle and class consciousness.

• A burning toilet.

• More eyeglasses found in the street.

• People trying to chew gum with dentures. (Imagine that!)

• Donald Trump's idiotic board game.

• A right-wing politician's bubble gum blowing caper

• Rats getting into cereal boxes at the supermarket.

• Bubble paste.

• The outcome of the lawsuit against AdSense.

So point your pooper here...

If that doesn't work, bubble your way here...

National service should be mandatory for undeserving rich

In almost all cases, I'm staunchly against obligatory service. It violates the fundamental value of freedom, and it extracts a price just for being.

But we should make an exception. As we put more and more demands on the poor and working class, shouldn't the rich face these same demands? America's richest young people receive money from their parents and grandparents starting at birth - often adding up to millions by the age of 21. And what did they ever do to earn it?

I think that before they receive any amount over $1 million, they should be required to perform 2 years of national service. Nobody gets more handouts than the 1%, and the era of easy money has to come to an end. Those who receive stocks and bonds from their parents don't even have to pay gift taxes on them. That's a handout.

Some years back, the Supreme Court let stand a public high school's requirement that students perform unpaid community service. If that's legal, how is my proposal not also legal?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Jimmy Carter look-alike sighted at Bob Evans

I've just been informed that a Jimmy Carter look-alike was seen devouring lunch at a Bob Evans restaurant yesterday.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Right-wing activists circulate uniform petition, get laughed at

In Meriden, Connecticut, a small group of right-wing parents is circulating a petition to require students in the city's public schools to wear uniforms.

And the superintendent practically laughed right in their ridiculous faces. He cited the fact that students strongly oppose uniforms.

Shouldn't that kind of like settle it?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Author wanted by Singapore for draft-dodging

Kevin Kwan is an author originally from Singapore, but he's lived in the U.S. since about 1990. He wrote the novel Crazy Rich Asians, which is the basis for the now-popular movie of the same name.

Now the government of Singapore - a dictatorship so extreme that it outlawed chewing gum - is accusing Kwan of dodging the draft, an offense that carries up to 3 years in prison and a fine of thousands.

In Soviet fashion, the totalitarian Singaporean government is also accusing Kwan of staying out of the country without permission. Seriously. This is just like how the Soviet Union wouldn't let its citizens emigrate. Also, in 1994, Singapore rejected Kwan's bid to renounce his Singaporean citizenship.

It's unknown how Kwan is responding to Singapore's plan to reach into the U.S. to punish him for what he allegedly did 30 years ago. Considering perennial U.S. support for right-wing foreign dictatorships, I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. agrees to extradite him - which would be yet another smudge on America's increasingly sad human rights record.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Bevin loses his own frivolous Medicaid lawsuit

Not only has Matt Bevin lost a federal lawsuit that sought to overturn his illegal Medicaid requirements. Now he's also lost a separate federal suit he filed against the 16 Medicaid beneficiaries who had sued him.

This ruling was issued by a different judge from the one who ruled against him the first time. Bevin lost the suit he filed because he couldn't even show what injustice against him it was supposed to redress.

Bevin is still threatening to end Medicaid expansion altogether in Kentucky if he keeps losing in court - a move that would be illegal under state law.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Another fascist bill to gut Social Security Disability

The Far Right loves to pick on the disabled, and that's why programs like SSI and SSDI are constantly under legislative attack. It hasn't let up in a quarter-century.

A new bill by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Indiana) - a known racist who also tried to unconstitutionally ban unionization of federal employees - would gut Social Security Disability Insurance. Cosponsored with Rep. "Taliban Dan" Webster (R-Florida), the bill would punish administrative law judges who award benefits more often than other judges. It would bar recipients from receiving unemployment insurance. It would require recipients to undergo many more continuing disability reviews - which are already very frequent. And it would slash retroactive benefit payments.

I know, man, life is just so easy for disabled workers.

Don't like disabled workers receiving benefits? Well, you can always move to a fascist country.

A person bubbled at Kroger (imagine that!)

Today at Kroger, a store employee bubbled repeatedly. But it didn't burst on her glasses.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hitler apologist runs on "school choice"

"School choice" is a handout to private schools that don't need any handouts - and don't pay taxes to begin with.

Now its rotten core is laid bare as a politician who declares that "Hitler was right" is running on this issue.

Steve West is the Republican candidate for a Missouri House seat. He's known for his racist, anti-Jewish radio show on KCXL in Kansas City, and he resoundingly won the Republican primary while running on an antigay, anti-Muslim platform. West - a Tea Party favorite - has also failed to pay child support.

Now "school choice" is at the top of his agenda. He's also campaigning against pornography, and whining about welfare recipients visiting casinos. I don't know anyone on welfare who regularly gambles, so that issue is just more right-wing fake news.

But something something free market.

Dumbest headline ever

"Wages drop despite economic boom."

Seriously, that's a headline from The Hill.

Uh, if wages drop, it's not an economic boom. Idiots.

And what economic boom is there anyway??? There is none. Where's all the "HELP WANTED" signs? Is this more fake news like the made-up boom of the late '90s?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Northern Kentucky city passes antidiscrimination law

Yes, I know, we're primarily an economic populist blog, and we don't cover social issues as much. But make no mistake, discrimination must be challenged at every chance.

Maysville has just passed its own Fairness Ordinance - a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in housing, employment, and public accommodations. This makes 10 cities in Kentucky with such a law - but only 2 in northern Kentucky, with Covington being the other.

"We are pleased that Maysville has joined with other progressive cities around the Commonwealth by adopting a Fairness Ordinance," said a statement released by Mayor David Cartmell. "I wish to commend the Human Rights Commission for the dedication and diligence in crafting this legislation."

But other places won't pass such a law, because the Tea Party won't let them.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A person bunkerooed at a restaurant and everyone thought it was funny

I was informed earlier this evening that a person ripped a hilarious LAP bunker blast at a local restaurant.

According to legend, a family of 5 was sitting at a table, and a loud clap of flatulence was released. The culprit was some girl who was about 14. This momentous occasion was followed by unrelenting laughter from the whole damn fam.

Tim takes the Junior Bottle Cap Challenge!

Pzt! Papp! Challenge!

Sometimes, having crooked teeth just isn't enough. It's hard to believe, but even we teeth punkers fail sometimes. I know I've spoiled your day with that shocking revelation.

I was asked to take the Bottle Cap Challenge. This perilous game involves opening an unopened plastic soft drink bottle - which still has the plastic ring attached to the cap - with your teeth, and chewing the cap.

Alas, I failed like a boss.

So instead, I took the Junior Bottle Cap Challenge! The only difference is that it involves opening a soda bottle that's already been opened and has the ring broken...

A toast to success! Blublublublublub!

"Right-to-work" does best in George Wallace territory

Back in 1968, race-baiting demagogue George Wallace won only one county in Missouri in his ill-fated presidential run: Pemiscot County.

In yesterday's referendum, guess what county the right-to-scab law did best in?

Here's a hint: It's Pemiscot County.

Gee. What a shock. After all, this law has racist origins.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what counties the work-for-less law performed most poorly in, and it appears as if the independent city of St. Louis comes through in that regard, followed by more rural Ste. Genevieve County. In any event, yesterday's nearly 70% vote against "right-to-work" is seismic, and should be receiving much more attention.

Kobach wins primary

This is shaping up to be a humiliating election season for the Republicans.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach - who helped lead Donald Trump's idiotic voter fraud committee and has demanded that Muslims register with the government - has won the Republican primary for governor of the Sunflower State. Kobach prevailed with all of 40.6% of the vote, defeating incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer.

Kobach is so extreme that his primary win might cost the GOP the governorship.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Missouri voters repeal right-to-scab law!

Congratulations, Missouri, on becoming America's newest free-bargaining state! And the vote margin isn't even close!

Missouri was a newcomer to so-called "right-to-work" laws, which unconstitutionally infringe on the right of workers to freely bargain. The Show Me State just passed this law last year.

Today, there was a referendum that would have green-lighted the new law. It had been scheduled for the November election, but right-wing lawmakers moved it up to today in an effort to suppress turnout for both this referendum and the regular election.

That didn't work this time. Even on a day when the laughable Kris Kobach has a very real shot of winning the Republican primary for governor of neighboring Kansas, Missouri voters voted resoundingly today to repeal the right-to-scab law. Currently, the vote stands at a smashing 65% to 35%.

Trump regime brings back asbestos

Over 30 years ago, schools and other buildings made a special effort to remove asbestos - a cancer-causing chemical. Well, some schools at least. My high school didn't yet, and forced me to spend each day in the library surrounded by asbestos. But other than that, asbestos was taken seriously back then.

George W. Bush once gave a speech whining about people who were sickened by asbestos daring to file lawsuits over it. But now Trump's EPA is taking it a step further and is now allowing companies to use asbestos again.

The new rule by the Environmental Protection Agency says one of the most dangerous carcinogens ever used in constriction is now permitted back in the manufacturing business. The rule says companies may use asbestos without considering its harmful effects - even though asbestos has been banned in most countries since the 1970s.

The world's largest asbestos exporter is the Russian firm Uralasbest, which has support from the Putin regime even though it has a mine in Russia that endangers the health of nearby residents. Uralasbest has used Donald Trump's face on the seal for its asbestos shipping pallets. Trump himself has denied that asbestos is harmful, despite proof that it is.


While luxury housing is rubber-stamped, Ludlow rejects low-income units

Everybody knows that in northern Kentucky, each new housing development is rubber-stamped by elected officials or zoning boards - without exception.

The only exception of course is low-income housing.

Whenever some developer proposes luxury housing - from urban lofts to rural subdivisions - our public officials can't break ground fast enough to please themselves. But this story out of Ludlow proves that the rules are different if there's any sign that this housing might serve residents of normal economic means.

Recently, a mixed-use building was proposed for Ludlow. Reportedly, about 70% of its apartments would be reserved for people of limited income. I was skeptical that this pledge was for real, but I'll give it the benefit of a doubt for now. Even so, this regulation was slated to last for only a limited time.

But even this modest proposal has just been shot down by Ludlow City Council.

One council member inquired, "Do we need a 72-unit affordable housing project at the gateway to the city?" Actually, yes. America is suffering its worst housing crisis ever - largely because of the unchecked rubber-stamping of luxury projects.

Nobody in the media asked Ludlow officials why they have this double standard. The press seems to just assume that the policy of rejecting low-income residents should stand on its own.


This is contrary to the values our parents and grandparents taught us in our day. And it's not a problem we can just bubble away.

This double standard isn't limited to Ludlow. Not long ago, a developer announced its plan to convert a Bellevue industrial building into apartments. The Tea Party reportedly circulated flyers urging folks to fight it on the grounds that it would be a low-income development. When it was revealed that it would be luxury apartments instead, the right-wing protests suddenly halted, and the city rubber-stamped the plan.


All my life, I've lived reasonably close to homes for both the rich and the poor. It's not the poor areas that have been responsible for most of the crime.

We shouldn't be afraid to say public officials' double standard is classist. It's a shame the media never seems to acknowledge such classism. The real mystery is why this inconsistency seemed to gain so much mainstream acceptance. Not only is it an injustice, but I've never been able to figure out the logic behind it.


John McCain look-alike sighted at McDonald's

Earlier, I was informed that a John McCain look-alike was sighted at a McDonald's.

Best all, the men's room at this Ron McDon was in a state of bottomless ruin. Numerous large wads of toilet paper peopled the floor. A customer of this restaurant was heard declaring, "As is typical for a McDonald's bathroom, it's filthy."

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Yes, you do need an ID to buy stuff...but Trump is still an idiot

Ever since America's mania for carding purchasers of just about anything gained height during the rise of the police state in the '90s, I've rallied against this right-wing trend.

And Donald Trump still managed to make himself look stupid.

In some jurisdictions, you need an ID to buy markers. Yes, markers.

And Donald Trump still managed to make himself look stupid.

The so-called President said at a rally in Tampa that shoppers need an ID to buy groceries. And make no mistake, it's true. Maybe not for bread and orange juice - yet - but for some items that didn't require an ID 25 years ago. Naturally, Trump took the wrong lesson from this trend and used this as an excuse for endorsing expanded voter suppression laws - which are unconstitutional.

Instead of using the rise of carding as an excuse to deny Americans their constitutional right to vote, carding should instead be halted for purchases like markers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Number of Americans living in cars soars under Trump

In America, housing costs have skyrocketed for decades - even as real wages have declined. And politicians won't do a damn thing about it. They'd rather build luxury lofts and fall-apart subdivisions, driving up housing costs.

Now, new information reveals that since Donald Trump seized power, the number of Americans forced to live in their cars has soared. A recent count in Seattle's King County says that in the past year alone, the number of people living in campers, cars, and other vehicles has risen a staggering 46%. It's just as bad in other major cities.

In California's Silicon Valley, most of these homeless work at jobs that pay well above minimum wage but still can't find affordable housing.

But it's also a problem in very rural states - especially in areas where the only new housing allowed is vacation rentals. Ironically, this leaves no housing for low-paid workers who do the jobs that serve rich tourists.

Despite all this, the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty reports that the number of ordinances against people living in cars has doubled just in the past decade. That's called "limited government" these days.

"Butbutbut nobody warned us this would happen!" Wait, I did. For 25 years. Kind of like how I warned people about Nazis in the White House and they said it would never happen.