Thursday, December 31, 2015

Forced pooing proposed in West Virginia

Tea Party Republicans purport to be champions of property rights, but even that claim is falling to rack and ruin.

The Republican-dominated West Virginia legislature is proposing a bill that would require homeowners and farmers to allow natural gas companies to drill on their land without having to get permission first. The policy is often called forced pooling - but I call it forced pooing. Just because.

The plan is being pushed by Chamber of Commerce officials and right-wing politicians. Landowners would be required to cede access to their property for drilling if 80% of surrounding landowners agree.

West Virginia Republicans have become among the most ideologically driven of late, even praising the suitably named Arthur Laffer's discredited recommendation of abolishing progressive taxation.

What was the point in West Virginia seceding from Virginia if they're just going to do this?


Monday, December 28, 2015

Religious fanatic kills pregnant woman in Arizona

It isn't only ISIS that kills people over religion.

So-called Christians are starting to wage war right here in America. Of course, these self-anointed religious warriors really aren't very Christian. Like ISIS, they are extremists who distort religion to meet their ends.

A religious fanatic in Phoenix, Arizona, named Anitra Braxton has been arrested for shooting and killing a pregnant woman over religion. Braxton then kept the victim's body on her couch for 3 days as a "shrine from God."

This is what America is up against in the era of Fox News and the Tea Party.


More Jim Gooch stupidity

As Kentucky State Rep. Jim Gooch Jr. switches parties, he's been ramping up the stupid in the process.

Today, Gooch issued a rambling statement blaming President Obama and everyone else for just about everything. Gooch even said of Obama: "His divisive policies of class warfare will continue as he punishes those who dare to work hard and be successful. After all, it is their fault that others are less fortunate."

That's hilarious! About the only thing as bad as Gooch's climate change denial is his income inequality denial. He thinks it's either 1997 or Facebook if he expects not to be called out.

It's no wonder most of the Democrats are actually glad to see Jim Gooch gone. Ironically, the Democrats needed to get rid of its right wing in order to grow the party.

Meanwhile, Republicans have issued a statement welcoming Gooch - after Gooch's own statement that was full of bigotry and finger-pointing.

Kentucky GOP using undemocratic means to seize House

If no other members of the Kentucky House switch parties or are appointed to other posts, the chamber could conceivably be split 50/50 after upcoming special elections - even though voters gave the Democrats a 54 to 46 majority in the last cycle. The Democrats won that majority despite gerrymandering and election fraud that favored the Republicans - and the fact that the Democrats didn't run a candidate in many seats.

With climate change denier Jim Gooch joining the GOP, the Republicans' task has been made easier. If they pull it off in the House, it would mirror the coup they pulled off in the Kentucky Senate some years back. Republicans gained the Senate by the same undemocratic method: Lawmakers waited until after being elected as Democrats to switch to the GOP.

However, in order to have a 50/50 split, the Republicans would have to win all 4 upcoming special elections. As I said, that assumes nothing else changes.

After Matt Bevin's flurry of much-ridiculed, illegal executive orders, this would be a strange time for a politician to switch to Republican. But you'd think 1995 would be too, yet that didn't stop a lot of politicians from switching then. Is there much that does stop them? We have a media that paints the Republicans as doing no wrong and divinely entitled to unlimited political power.

California highway department posts pro-Trump sign

In my career of exposing right-wing follies, I've never said most of our high-ranking government officials haven't been more interested in rightist ideological pursuits than in governing. It was bad enough when "Diaper Dave" Vitter introduced a bill to establish a national Tea Party day, or when counties in Kentucky accepted free services (i.e., a payoff) from a right-wing legal foundation to defend union-busting laws, but this story is as flagrant as it gets.

The California Department of Transportation has posted an electronic sign on Interstate 15 in Corona endorsing Donald Trump for President. On Christmas night, motorists saw that the sign read, "INLAND EMPIRE SUPPORTS DONALD TRUMP. MERRY XMAS. VOTE DONALD TRUMP."

Naturally, Trump's cultists are praising Caltrans on website comment sections for spending taxpayer money on this endorsement.

This is part of the revolving door of right-wing patronage. Who says the Evil Empire wants to tear down government? Instead, they mold government for ideological ends.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A person bunkerooed on Christmas (imagine that!)

Would you believe that someone cracked some bunker blasts at an important family gathering on Christmas Day? It's true, it's true, it's all true!

Flatulence was the story of the day, continuing a long, noble holiday tradition. Many SBD's were detected yesterday. These were good ol' standard stinkers. As is often the case, cries of accusation sprang up around the room, but no suspects could be indicted for this crime against humanity.

They sure did stink!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grant County finally abolishes prohibition

It's hard to believe any county in Kentucky in 2015 would still prohibit alcohol sales - but Grant County is a dry county. Republican support for "limited government" doesn't apply to alcohol, it seems. Only 3 small towns in the county allow alcohol sales - and only at large restaurants.

Until today.

Today, Grant County voters voted 56% to 44% to end prohibition.

Hopefully, Matt Bevin won't issue an executive order to overrule the voters like he does on everything else.

Bevin uses executive orders to gut pretty much everything

If you're a Republican governor, you can abuse executive orders to gut pretty much every law that ever passed before.

That's Matt Bevin in a nutshell. He's issuing reams of executive orders to reverse progress on every issue you can think of. Despite claiming to support restoring voting rights to people convicted of nonviolent felonies, Bevin has reversed former Gov. Steve Beshear's order that would have done so. Bevin has even released an order reversing a minimum wage increase that applied to state agencies.

Time to impeach.


West Virginia! Virginia! North Carolina! It's a great place to start!

Like the macho superman I am, I've finished posting 60 Roads Scholarin' photos from November's trip to North Carolina. Since I have just about zero energy remaining, this may be the last fact-finding mission for some time.

So peep these photos now before they opt to peep you...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tea Party supporter charged for shooting up mosque

Last month, a mosque in Meriden, Connecticut, was hit by a hail of gunfire. Three bullets penetrated the building.

Now federal authorities have charged a nearby resident - Ted Hakey Jr., 48 - with the attack. Court documents say Hakey used a high-powered rifle to shoot up the mosque. A text message on Hakey's phone way back in July said, "I want to take the jewzi and unload on Muslims. I'm in a target rich environment."

The charge carries up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Go check out Hakey's Facebook page. I dare you. You'll find that he supports a lot of Tea Party and other right-wing sites. Big surprise.


Friday, December 18, 2015

New Mexico governor calls cops on herself over loud party

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R-The Media) makes Matt Bevin look like - forget it, Bevin's hopeless.

This past weekend, Martinez staged a loud party at a hotel in Santa Fe in which bottles were thrown off the balcony. The inn warned her repeatedly to pipe down, since it was the middle of the night. When she didn't, the clerk called police to make her leave. Then Martinez called 911 herself and argued with the cops. She repeatedly asked them who complained, and grew more and more belligerent when police didn't tell her.

Needless to say, it was pretty damn funny.

This follows a far more serious scandal in the New Mexico GOP, in which Secretary of State Dianna Duran was forced to resign because of a corruption and identity theft probe. Duran has been convicted of some of the charges and sent to jail.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Embarrassing political career haunts Bevin appointee

So David Dickerson - who Matt Bevin appointed to head Kentucky's powerful Public Protection Cabinet - is a conspiracy theorist, right-wing hack, and Tea Party leader. But Dickerson also has his own humiliating career in elected office.

Dickerson used to be Barren County Judge-Executive - the county's top elected position - before being defeated for reelection by a 2-to-1 margin. Dickerson - a member of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition - was having an affair with a teacher at a private religious school.

Now - in his first 3 days since taking his post in the Bevin regime - Dickerson has been calling up important people back in Barren County to tell them they're "cut out" from the new administration.

Lots of folks - smart folks too - seem to just assume that either the entire Bevin administration will be hounded out of Kentucky soon or the Republicans will be beaten so badly in 2016 that it won't matter. Given the inaction on challenging the election results, media bias, and other factors, I'm not very confident of this. The GOP is the party that enjoyed a 5-year streak of wave elections when they should have been put on trial for crimes against humanity. If I knew for sure the Kentucky GOP would be held accountable soon - instead of having to wait until today's youngest voters are 65 - I wouldn't have planned my Detroit move.

Bevin appoints right-wing conspiracy theorist

Kentucky's Public Protection Cabinet covers numerous agencies ranging from the Department of Housing to the Crime Victims Compensation Board. It is one of the top appointed positions in Kentucky government.

So naturally, Matt Bevin appointed a far-right hack named David Dickerson to this post. Dickerson's specialty is his claim that President Obama's birth certificate was falsified and that Obama's father was actually political activist and journalist Frank Marshall Davis, who Dickerson says was a communist. Dickerson has left an electronic paper trail on Facebook as long as a roll of toilet paper consisting of mind-numbingly idiotic ravings.

This is the current state of The Media's preferred political party. Every time I point this out, I feel like Archie Bunker complaining to Edith, "Once again, your side of the family." Of course, Archie wouldn't be bigoted enough for today's Republicans.


Bevin appointee mismanaged Lexmark's taxes

Matt Bevin has only been in power for a few days, and there's already a major scandal in his administration.

On Monday, Bevin appointed former Lexmark International bigwig Daniel Bork as Kentucky's Commissioner of Revenue. It turns out that Bork left Lexmark amidst an accounting quagmire that forced the Lexington-based tech company to spend millions overhauling its internal financial controls.

Bork mismanaged Lexmark's taxes, and now he's in charge of collecting taxes for Kentucky?

Meanwhile, public support is growing for hundreds of workers at a Lexmark factory in Mexico who were fired because they demanded a union and better wages.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Now you need government permission to form a union?

The city of Seattle has just passed a law allowing drivers for services like Uber and Lyft to form a union.


But the real story here is pretty disturbing. Why did drivers need to have a new law passed to let them unionize? In my America, you didn't need a law like this. If you wanted to unionize, you could unionize. The right to unionize used to be already protected under other laws. I thought it still was. What happened?

Workers are being forced to beg cities to pass laws to give them rights that they already have under the Constitution?

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tea Party finally loses library lawsuit for good

It wasn't reported in major media, but on Thursday, the Tea Party's frivolous lawsuit against libraries in Kentucky was finally put to rest for good.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in March that the suit was without merit, and this week, the Kentucky Supreme Court finally weighed in. The high court refused to reconsider the appeals court's ruling - thus letting it stand - and rejected the Tea Party's motion for discretionary review.

Get lost, Tea Party.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Right-wing thugs firebomb mosque

Today there was a terrorist attack in the United States. It was fueled by hatred and intolerance - and there's hardly a word about it in the media.

This afternoon, a mosque in Coachella, California, was firebombed with a Molotov cocktail. The bombing caused significant damage to the building. There were people in the mosque when it was struck.

We're living in an era of stupid - because people don't fight back against Fox News groupthink.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tea Party activist almost shoots up university

Today, Arkansas State University just narrowly avoided being the site of a mass shooting by a Tea Party activist.

An armed man named Brad Bartelt drove onto campus after declaring on Facebook that he intended to kill people. But police were able to stop him before he shot anyone. Bartelt was then arrested.

It turns out Bartelt's Facebook page is full of Tea Party and other right-wing material - much of it complaining about the "war on Christmas" that Fox News is always hyping.

Authorities actually went to Bartelt's home yesterday because of his Facebook threats. But I guess they didn't take him that seriously. I guess nobody wants to believe a Tea Party supporter would act on their violent threats. If he was, say, an Occupy member, he would have been hauled off to the slammer on the spot. I guarantee it.

Stronger gun laws? Let's start with the Tea Party. They've proven they can't responsibly handle any weapon more powerful than a toy Star Wars Lightsaber.

Racist crap in Bellingham

This is an example of the garbage that goes on in America because of Donald Trump and the rest of the Tea Party encouraging it with their hate speech...

In case you can't read the link, here's what happened: A gang of 3 racist thugs assaulted an interracial couple in Bellingham, Washington. The attack was caught on video.

The assault wasn't carried out by just a lone nut. It was a trio - an organized effort.

Also recently, a pair of Boston brothers senselessly beat a homeless man - and one of the assailants said he felt inspired in part by Trump's comments bashing immigrants. White supremacist David Duke gloats that Trump's campaign has given raw bigots more cover for their actions than at any time in 20 years.

Right-wing terrorism lurks large in today's America, and the biggest culprit is the Tea Party itself - which has backed the Donald's candidacy. How can we solve the blight of fascism on America's landscape? I could give you some ideas, but it might not matter, since everyone is too wussified to act on them.

'Pail Polls are comin' at ya...

...The paddle's on the way! (That's an inside joke. Some of my grade school classmates will get it.)

I have 2 new 'Pail Polls that I'm gonna keep up until mid-January. They've been prompted by a couple of controversies I've argued with people about lately.

The first poll asks whether I should continue with my plans to move out of greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. I proposed Detroit as a likely new home, but it could be other places too. The reason I planned to move was that ideological allies locally expected me to do all their work for them, and I don't have much patience left. They need to step up to the plate too. As it is now, I have to coach them on everything - like when a teacher has to stand over a really smart kid who won't do their coursework.

When I announced recently I planned to move out of town, they doubled down and insisted that I stay. I guess that's because if I left, they'd have nobody around to rescue them, since they won't do their part.

The second poll asks whether I should switch my political party affiliation from the Green Party back to the Democratic Party. Lately I've been asked to run against Thomas Massie as a Democrat. But I doubt I have the energy to run a high-profile race like that. I switched to the Greens in the first place because of the right-wing takeover of the Democrats at the hands of the DLC and Third Way - which manifested itself in right-wing policies like Bill Clinton's support for school uniforms. But the Tea Party grew into the Republicans from the right and eventually took over the party. Why can't we expand into the Democrats from the left and capture that party?

Or is it just another of The Media's many double standards?

If I ultimately stay in this area or return to the Democrats, concessions will have to be made - and not by me. I already provided a list of rules that must be met if I stay in this area. If I return to the Democrats, the party will not be allowed to advance a right-wing agenda. Political extortion from the Third Way bullies will not be tolerated. Otherwise I'll leave the party again and split the Democrats' voter base. I can make things very rough if I want to. Those are the rules. Cooperation is expected.

Also, these polls require a yes or a no. You must be decisive and not wishy-washy. There is no "if poo" option.

Have no fear, the December ish is here!

Do you know that the December issue of The Last Word is now published? Sure. Sure you do, boys and girls.

This ish talks about loads of important things. For instance, it has a lengthy reminisce about typewriters - those revolutionary machines! It also has a hilarious in-depth investigation of who farted in 5th grade. And there's more bad hotel reviews! This edition has it all!

So point your pooper here before your pooper points you here...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cincinnati bans conversion therapy

Don't look now, but Cincinnati has just passed one of the most progressive laws in America.

Today, Cincinnati City Council voted 7 to 2 to ban the discredited practice of conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a form of quackery that claims to "cure" gay teenagers of homosexuality. It was already illegal in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.

With today's vote, Cincinnati becomes the only municipality in the nation outside D.C. with its own ordinance on this matter. The only council members to oppose the ban are Republicans Amy Murray (who tried to shut down Occupy Cincinnati because of its views) and Charlie Winburn (known for his support in the '90s for flogging graffiti vandals). Tea Party members also showed up at the council meeting to oppose the ban.

Like conversion therapy, the rest of psychiatry is also quackery. Accordingly, there should also be stronger laws cracking down on the psychiatric racket's other follies. One of the top priorities now should be going after the psychiatric industry's human trafficking and coerced drugging.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Scholaring where I buyed mill-mill

Up, up, and away!

My photos from a local Roads Scholaring in October are finally up, and this one went as far as Sedamsville.

You might peep. You might weep. You might even oggle-beep! But one thing is for sure: You're gonna point your pooper here for these 21 Scholarin' photos...