Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What sets us apart

Here at The Online Lunchpail, we're different.

Several things truly set us apart from other blogs that have populist or progressive leanings. Don't get us wrong: They're great blogs, and we read 'em. But we put issues over party. If you want to leave comments supporting Cindy Sheehan's congressional bid, be our guest. (We're Sheehan supporters.) We blog from a perspective that's missing from other blogs (and even more missing from the dinosaur media). How many other major political blogs (left or right) are based in a working-class neighborhood in Kentucky?

But one fundamental, bedrock belief that sets The Online Lunchpail apart from your average blog is our view that, ever since the Republican takeover of Congress in the 1994 "election", the United States has lived under a rogue, illegitimate government. We're actually being very generous. We could trace this status even further back to 1988 when the right-wing media practically handed the White House to Mad Dog Bush. Even that seems generous, but at least the media wasn't as plainly biased in favor of Reagan as it was towards later conservatives.

We didn't trust the results of the 1994 "election" then, and we don't trust them now. Pre-election polls proved us right. In most countries, the polls would have been considered proof that the "election" was inaccurate. But in America, for some strange reason, it's the other way around.

Thus, any government policy enacted since then - unless it's one that would have been enacted anyway - is in our opinion null and void. To act otherwise is to live a Big Lie. (There are a few major laws since then that we consider valid, because they would have passed even if the 1994 electoral disaster hadn't happened. But these are exceptions, not the rule.)

It's about personal rights and fairness. And it's about siblinghood with working-class Americans of all colors.

This view may be rare in the blogosphere, but we come from a raw, sinewy background, and we guarantee it's not so rare out in the real world. The Contract With America was a pivotal event that still afflicts America 13 years later. Only when we see the reversal of the wingnut laws of the past 13 years will we be able to say America has a government worthy of its name.

Our job is to keep you informed of the continuing shenanigans of the Far Right, from the White House on down. Knowledge is power.

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