Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supreme Court guts ruling for exonerated prisoner

Hay Stupreme Court! Ya fucked up again!

The Supremes have just overturned a $14,000,000 judgment that had been awarded to a former death row inmate who had been exonerated. The prisoner received this award because New Orleans prosecutors withheld evidence in order to convict him of a murder he didn't commit.

The Supreme Court's activist ruling to overturn this award was 5 to 4. Yes, the usual cast of fools composed the majority.

A side note: The prosecutor sued by the inmate is one Harry Connick. You know who his son is? "It had to be you..." Yes, that guy. Also, the elder Connick is a big advocate of drug tests for high school students - which is lucrative for him because he serves on the board of directors of a drug testing firm.

Who's surprised? People who go around supporting drug testing because they're too unimaginative to come up with real solutions can't really be depended on to do their job right.

(Source: http://www.whec.com/news/stories/S2040031.shtml?cat=10036)

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