Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Even the 1% likes the magic word!

Keek! Ruin!

I went to the Occupy Cincinnati press conference on the steps of Cincinnati City Hall yesterday, and it was a downright spectacle that drew dozens of members of the Occupy coalition.

While the conference was in progress, a middle-aged woman in a gas-guzzling vehicle coasted to a halt on Plum Street. She yelled to us, "You guys are ruining our country!"

Hahahaha! The magic word!

What does this harangue reveal? It shows we really are ruining it - for the 1%. Their fun is now utterly, completely ruined. After we finally managed to make economic inequality and injustice one of the most important issues on Americans' minds, is it even possible to cram the genie back into the bottle? I think Americans today surely rank the wealth gap as a more pressing matter than (snicker) "moral values."

Hell, I think they have for years but wouldn't dare admit it until recently. I would have loved to see the electoral map if Al Gore or John Kerry had based their campaigns on closing the wealth chasm. I'm skeptical of the notion that most folks were dumb enough to believe the wealth gap was some sort of condign directive when they were the ones on the wrong end of it. It suspends disbelief even more to think most people were more willing to regulate personal behavior than Big Business. Normal people don't have these views.

Back to the quote at hand: "You guys are ruining our country!" Notice the woman said "are ruining", not "will ruin." That speaks volumes about our effectiveness. It was a desperate complaint that reminds me of a villain in a 'Super Friends' cartoon releasing a final sigh after being captured.

I'm not the only one who had a real bear of a time containing their laughter at this maniac's public outburst.

Now that we know our activity is ruining the grand old time the 1% was having, we're gonna keep doing it.

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