Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Proof of collusion between Tea Party and Fiscal Court

Campbell County Fiscal Court has a critical case of Stockholm syndrome that inexplicably endears them to the Tea Party.

The Campbell County Tea Party has a whopping 6 members on its Facebook page, yet they command the county's entire fiscal and legislative policy. In fact, the Fiscal Court even attends Tea Party meetings to get their approval for all their decisions. The teaburglars even admit it in this notice on their website...


In that piece, the authoritarian Tea Party gloats that the meetings are their "opportunity to influence the outcome of the budget" and other county policies.

Even though the Tea Party despises Judge-Executive Steve Pendery (and has run candidates against him), Pendery still chooses to meet with them! Wikipedia defines Stockholm syndrome as "a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them." The phenomenon is named for the site of a 1973 bank robbery in Sweden in which the victims exhibited such feelings. For Pendery to ask the Tea Party for approval for fiscal decisions is like if I'd asked Bishop Brossart High School for input on my book.

The Campbell County Tea Party - made up of 6 unelected weirdoes - is in effect writing the budget for an entire county of 90,000 peeps. And it's because the Fiscal Court lets them. That's why the county can always come up with the money for handouts for wealthy developers and discredited causes but can't seem to find enough for Lakeside Terrace or our libraries.

I don't see the Fiscals asking Occupy what they think about the budget - even though the Occupy Campbell County page on Facebook has 4 times the number of fans that the local Lipton Losers do. They've had many chances to ask, but won't.

Campbell County isn't unique among local counties in doing everything the Tea Party says. Remember when Boone County canceled its greenway plan because the Tea Party told it to? And now Kenton County has appointed the president of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party to the sanitation board. As a result, Covington now has no board members, even though Covington has the most residents in the sanitation district and has already been forced to accept sewage produced by the suburbs, which refuse to limit sprawl.

The Tea Party gets what it wants because our public officials let it. Even if not all our officials adhere to the Tea Party's unbending code, they might as well, because they allow the Tea Party to bully them.

Six people. They're running the county.

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