Friday, March 28, 2014

Tea Party defeat brings good press to Cincinnati

You may remember the days when Cincinnati was the subject of more bad publicity than any other American city, but the Occupy coalition has helped restore the city's good name. The 78% to 22% defeat recently of a Tea Party-backed pension referendum has resulted in the most positive attention the city has had since the Big Red Machine...

The piece is titled "How Cincinnati Beat The Tea Party." Twenty years ago, this would've been the equivalent of seeing an article called "How Alexandria Shut Down Brossart."

The CIA-backed Tea Party is so extreme that even Cincinnati's hyperconservative business community feared what Team Tyranny's pension referendumb might do. It's pretty bad for the Tea Party when even such a corrupt and oppressive corporate culture has abandoned them. Who does the Tea Party have left to support them?

If Cincinnati can break the fascist Tea Party's back, any other big city can. It's strange that Oakland had a Tea Party group that formed just to try to shut down Occupy, when Cincinnati can defeat Team Tyranny by a 3-to-1 margin at the polls.

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