Saturday, December 2, 2017

Motortrike assailant praises Trump on Facebook

Every community has its own cast of characters, and our part of town is no exception. We're a regular Sesame Street!

Several months ago, a man driving a motortrike on the sidewalk was charged with assault for shooting pepper spray at people gathering outside a Newport social services agency. The Dayton, Kentucky, resident had also been accused of scratching cars in his own city about a year earlier. Folks also say he would ride around in a convertible and randomly shoot pepper spray. He was also accused of a stabbing a few years ago.

When I saw his mugshot, I noticed he strongly resembled a man I'd seen at a local Subway restaurant who gave a brief speech praising Donald Trump and spread a shredded newspaper around the eating area. I concluded it was probably the same guy.

Until recently, I couldn't find any political material on the motortrike assailant's several Facebook pages, but now he's changed his cover photo to a picture of Trump smiling his ass off. He also changed his intro text to: "President Donald J. Trump is #1 & he rules."

It gets weirder. On his timeline, he posted a copy of the Channel 19 report of the motortrike incident. Below it, he bragged about spraying one of the victims. He's also started a YouTube channel where he boasts about the episode. He's even taken to calling himself "The Dayton, KY Mace Clown."

What a beezweezer.

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  1. I saw him riding his red trike up and down Sixth St by the firehouse..