Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cincinnati now has nation's second-highest housing costs

For decades, greater Cincinnati has had some of America's highest food prices, but at least we had cheaper housing than many larger cities.

Well, that's gone now too, and it's all because of developments full of expensive homes being rubber-stamped without requiring affordable housing to be included. This has driven up housing costs exponentially. I've warned people about this problem for 25 years and the crisis that would inevitably result. Did they listen? Haha, no. It's just like all the people who'd rather scream out "GODWIN'S LAW!!!" than find solutions to hate groups spreading on the Internet.

The real estate investment firm HomeUnion has a new study that ranks Cincinnati as America's second-most expensive rental market - behind only Oakland. Interestingly, Chicago was the least expensive.

This is a clarion call for local zoning authorities to make sure some housing space is set aside strictly for affordable housing.


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