Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Right-wing treason not new

So Donald Trump committed treason in Helsinki, and the Republican establishment supports it. And we all act shocked.

But in fact, treason is not new among America's Far Right - and much of it is motivated by their greed and meanness. Despite their bogus claims to be superpatriots, these extremists don't love America.

I remember when they bragged that they wouldn't build their factories in America, claiming Americans were "lazy."

I remember when they let foreign dictatorships police the private behavior of America's fighting men and women.

I remember when they let foreign dictatorships censor American news organizations.

I remember when they sent mail to news outlets praising foreign dictatorships' draconian criminal laws that would be unconstitutional in the U.S. - and were ineffective at fighting crime.

I remember when they let other countries defy American laws by letting them overfish in American waters.

I remember when they backed a bill to repeal country of origin labeling requirements for food - laughably claiming these requirements "discriminated" against other countries.

I remember when they let foreign dictatorships build farms in America to drain our groundwater so they could support their own agribusiness operations back home - polluting local water and leaving some folks with no water at all.

I remember when they sold missiles to Khomeini.

And nobody dared to call these acts what they were: treason. But treasonous they were.

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