Friday, August 31, 2018

National service should be mandatory for undeserving rich

In almost all cases, I'm staunchly against obligatory service. It violates the fundamental value of freedom, and it extracts a price just for being.

But we should make an exception. As we put more and more demands on the poor and working class, shouldn't the rich face these same demands? America's richest young people receive money from their parents and grandparents starting at birth - often adding up to millions by the age of 21. And what did they ever do to earn it?

I think that before they receive any amount over $1 million, they should be required to perform 2 years of national service. Nobody gets more handouts than the 1%, and the era of easy money has to come to an end. Those who receive stocks and bonds from their parents don't even have to pay gift taxes on them. That's a handout.

Some years back, the Supreme Court let stand a public high school's requirement that students perform unpaid community service. If that's legal, how is my proposal not also legal?

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