Saturday, December 1, 2018

Kentucky GOPer wants do-over because he lost

The grapes, they are sour.

In last month's election, Kentucky State Rep. DJ Johnson, a Republican, was defeated by one vote by Democratic former State Rep. Jim Glenn.

County officials conducted a recount and confirmed the margin was one vote. Kentucky's Board of Elections later certified the results. Now - like the sore loser he is - Johnson is contesting the results by taking it to the Kentucky House, which is still controlled by Republicans despite their rather unmistakable net loss. Plus, Johnson apparently expects the Democrats to pay for it.

Of course, there's no basis for contesting it, because it's been shown multiple times now that Johnson lost. But don't expect that to stop the Kentucky GOP. Some years back, Republican Dana Seum Stephenson was elected to the Kentucky Senate, but a court disqualified her because she didn't meet the residency requirement. Then the Republican-led Kentucky Senate defied the judge's ruling and seated her anyway. Later, however, the Kentucky Supreme Court finally forced her to resign.

You lost, DJ, you big crybaby. Last month confirmed that America has a permanent mandate to reject Republican extremism, and the GOP can count on us to enforce this mandate.


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