Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snack Break

+ Right-wing Sen. Scott "Records" Brown of Massachusetts has now been caught plagiarizing Elizabeth Dole's website. Oops. Is Record Man gonna start talking about "Smash Mouth politics" next?

+ The War on Drugs continues to be completely discredited: Former NYPD Detective Stephen Anderson now admits that the NYPD fabricated drug charges against innocent people and ruined their lives just to meet arrest quotas. Anderson was testifying in court after being nabbed for planting cocaine on 4 men.

+ In other drug warrior news, Florida's new program of requiring welfare recipients to take a drug test has also turned out to be a fraud. At first, only 2% had failed the test. But now that several thousand people have been tested, less than 0.5% have failed. That's less than 1 in 200. That's right, folks: 1 in 200. I GUARANTEE you more than 0.5% of Wall Street is abusing drugs, yet nobody makes them take a drug test.

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