Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PG&E should suffer for fatal blast

The California Public Utilities Commission has issued a record-smashing fine of $1.4 billion against Pacific Gas & Electric for causing a natural gas pipeline explosion in 2010 in San Bruno that killed 8 people, severely injured another 58, and leveled a whole neighborhood.

That sounds like a lot of money, but the penalty isn't nearly stiff enough. There should be strong prison terms for members of PG&E's board of directors. If a corporation wants rights like a person, then it needs to go to prison like a person.

Nonetheless, this fine shatters the previous California record of $38 million - which was also imposed on PG&E, for a similar blast in Rancho Cordova in 2008 that the company was responsible for. I guess PG&E didn't learn shit from that fine. The California Public Utilities Commission has also ruled that PG&E can't pass the cost of paying the latest fine onto customers. Plus, a federal grand jury has indicted PG&E for 12 felonies.

But in my opinion, it's still not enough - unless someone goes to prison. America puts hard-working parents in prison for minor drug offenses. It seems that every day, we read another article about police gunning down an unarmed person for no reason. But if you're a big utility company, anything goes - as we've seen countless times before.

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