Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CBS exec sends threatening e-mail to Kathy Griffin

Remember a few months ago when the lunatic Right tried to destroy comedian Kathy Griffin's career because she dared to criticize Donald Trump?

CBS has become a carbon copy of Fox News, and it's because of right-wingers like filmmaker Arnold Kopelson who sit on CBS's board. CBS has been blacklisted as a source by this blog for years - probably since even before the CBS-owned TV station in Pittsburgh falsified footage to attack Occupy. The right-wing bias of CBS continued with its one-sided 60 Minutes story attacking the Social Security disability program.

Turns out Kopelson sent Griffin a threatening e-mail in the wake of the recent controversy. Kopelson told the comic she has "one chance left" to send a tearful apology letter to Trump and release it to Fox but no other media outlets. Kopelson's e-mail told Griffin, "IF YOU DON'T DO EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN, YOUR CAREER IS OVER."

CBS should lose all of its broadcasting licenses over this. But after the way the FCC rubber-stamped the sale of WNKU to a right-wing ministry, it's clear we can't trust the FCC.

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