Sunday, May 6, 2018

People got mad because churches aren't right-wing enough

Don't be fooled by the proliferation of right-wing checkbook clergy. America still does have some cool churches.

I can't link to the article, because I saw it on an MSN page, but the Wall Street Journal just ran a piece about how people are losing their cool at mainline Protestant churches whose leaders are supporting more liberal causes. They say the churches are becoming less interested in spiritual renewal and too concerned with activism.

If they're so angry at churches engaging in liberal activism, why isn't a similar amount of ire being directed at churches that engage in conservative activism and even endorse right-wing candidates? Whether Protestant, Catholic, or anything else, America is littered with checkbook clergy who preach right-wing garbledygoop. Rather than offering spiritual renewal, these right-wing churches control people's lives, shame the poor, and honor only wealth as proof of God's favor.

Some churches strongly disfavor people of different backgrounds - whether it's on economics, sexuality, or some other reason. They idolize the rich and preach that those of less favorable economic circumstances must not have been worthy of salvation. According to these churches, if you're rich, you must have been good. It's only fair that we get to have cool churches to balance out this nonsense.

At least the Wall Street Journal was the right place for right-wingers to complain to about churches being too liberal. Everyone else is sick of their babblings.


  1. I read on a website (maybe it was the same one) that liberal churches are declining in membership, amd conservative/fundie churches are gaining. But..They do not tell you that liberal churches are only declining relative to the fundie churches. Members of liberal churches are becoming non-religious or joining 'unorganized' religion..

    The only reason fundie churches are growing AT ALL is they don't have birth control..

    1. I've noticed this: People usually leave more conservative religious bodies in favor of more liberal ones - or none at all. That's because there's so much abuse in conservative religious bodies.

      The opposite happens far less frequently. When it does, it's usually because the more conservative body that they join is actually a cult and uses deceptive tactics to recruit followers.