Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sandy Hook suit should send chills through right-wing media empire

Families of victims of the 2012 school shooting at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School are suing Alex Jones - and I hope the suit succeeds.

In a ghoulish attempt to discredit the families, Jones - a radio host known for his right-wing conspiracy theories - has claimed that the shooting was a hoax. Now the families are suing Jones for defamation in Connecticut and in Texas, where Jones's media machine is based.

Jones's attack has been sustained and malicious, and he has incited followers to harass the families.

I hope the lawsuit succeeds because that would send a strong signal that the Far Right's fake news machine must be reined in. I'd go a step further and support new legislation to punish what can be termed gross defamation. When people are shouted down based on fake news, it has a chilling effect on society and the public's general welfare. For right-wing media figures to be punished for their lies would be only fair.

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