Thursday, November 8, 2018

Campbell strongest county for Marsy's Law

On Tuesday, Kentucky voters voted on a ballot measure called Marsy's Law - which would amend the Kentucky Constitution to outline rights for crime victims.

I support victims' rights, but I voted for the measure only reluctantly. I had some concerns that the poorest crime victims wouldn't be represented as well as the rich. But as a whole, victims' rights is a sound premise - and perhaps that's why the Tea Party opposed the measure, as the Tea Party always opposes common sense. It's obvious that Kentucky gives more rights to hardcore criminals than it does to their victims, and that needs to change.

Voters approved the referendum overwhelmingly, though it lost in a few rural counties. And Campbell County gave the measure its highest percentage out of all of Kentucky's 120 counties, at 74%. I'm not sure why it did best here. The county's torrid history of covering up right-wing crimes because of the perpetrators' influence in the community may have been a factor.

However, the measure may be tossed because it was vaguely worded on the ballot.

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