Friday, November 23, 2018

DHS wants immigrants' credit scores

It's wrong for the financial racket to keep credit scores on people.

It's wrong to cut off welfare for people who paid taxes and rightly qualify for welfare.

It's wrong to deny a green card to immigrants who have committed no crime and meet all the legal requirements for immigration.

So leave it to the Department of Homeland Stupidity to use credit scores to determine if someone is likely to go on welfare. Trump's Department of Homeland Security wants to do just that.

The DHS was founded as Bush's personal plaything, and the department has never let up since. Now the DHS wants to force immigrants to provide their credit scores to determine whether they're likely to go on welfare later - as a requirement for receiving their green card.

Credit scores themselves should not be used for anything - ever. They are an illegal title of nobility. Plus, if we're so worried that someone will become dependent on government assistance, why don't we do anything about the 1% and big corporations that receive more handouts than anyone?

The American Immigration Council reported in 2010 that while immigrants paid about $90 billion a year in taxes, they got just $5 billion in public benefits. It's hard for American-born citizens to qualify for any benefit - but much harder for immigrants.

How about no more handouts for corporations - many of whom are responsible for compiling credit scores?

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