Monday, July 13, 2009

Right-wing charter school opens in Idaho

It appears that being a charter school means not having to hide the fact that you use taxpayer dollars to advance a political agenda.

In effect, charter schools are private schools that are taxpayer-funded like public schools. Charter schools aren't all right-wing, but they've certainly created a new opening for public funding of right-wing doctrine.

Last month I told you about a charter school in Oakland that explicitly advances conservative causes - and is run by a clod who uses racial epithets to refer to students. Despite California's budget crisis that has led Republicans to try to close state parks and end assistance to the poor, this so-called school continues to receive taxpayer money.

Now a similar experiment on the minds of our children is starting in Nampa, Idaho.

A charter school titled Nampa Classical Academy is opening this fall. Founder Isaac Moffett admits, "We're not a liberal school. ... We are a conservative school."

Then you can do without public money, Isaac. Don't compel Idaho taxpayers to fund your political delusions.

Nampa Classical Academy will also teach the Bible, which raises the issue of separation of church and state. One has to wonder though whether they'll teach what's actually in the Bible, instead of distorting it.

The school's curriculum will be based on Hillsdale Academy, a prep school in Michigan run by Hillsdale College, which even the National Review calls a "citadel of conservatism."

Nampa Classical is also based on Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. One of the founders of Logos School has been involved with the neo-Confederate movement (hence the racism icon from the key), has advocated the forced exile of gays, and supports execution as a punishment for adultery.

With the opening of Nampa Classical Academy, Idaho taxpayers are being forced to pay dearly for this type of "education." At least Nampa Classical doesn't try to hide its ideology - a party line that has already reduced America to a mockery of its former self.

It's a shame that in today's America, there are few options for families who do not wish their children to be brainwashed with right-wing propaganda.


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