Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Failin' Palin's adventures in sockpuppetry

When you think of America's great political legends, somehow you can't imagine them trolling Facebook with fake accounts.

Can you picture Abe Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt sitting at a computer all day, setting up bogus Facebook accounts, and laughing to themselves like morons every time they reply to their own posts?

Well, Sarah Palin has done just that.

The former half-term Alaska governor created a phony Facebook profile bearing the name (drum roll, please) Lou Sarah. Like nobody's ever gonna figure out who that is. She doesn't even have the brains to come up with something creative like Bob L. Gumm. Instead she just transposed her first and middle names - Sarah Louise. Then Palin used this account to click "like" on her messages she posted with her real account and follow up these posts with gushingly positive responses.

Now that's presidential material! This story reminds me of the old Mad magazine satire that showed a Jimmy Carter double making paper dolls out of the Constitution.

It's also exactly like how right-wingers sit at their computers much of the day and vote over and over in newspaper website polls to voice support for their goofy ideas.


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