Monday, February 14, 2011

GOP bill would raise Kentucky sales tax

If Kentucky Republicans get their way, it's bailout time for the corporate empire yet again!

Class warfare has loomed large in the current session of the Kentucky legislature. Our Legislative Crap-Up of late has included nasty right-wing bills that would revoke pensions of hard-working public employees, and effectively bar the poor from living in Kentucky unless they pass a drug test.

Now a bill by State Rep. Bill Farmer (R-Lexington) would not only expand the sales tax to services but actually increase it from 6% to 7%. This same bill would also abolish Kentucky taxes on corporations.

Another job creation bill! Wait, it isn't. So where's the jobs bills the GOP promised? In the toilet?

Let's get this straight: Bill Farmer wants to increase taxes on Kentucky families so he can pay for getting rid of taxes on big corporations. Yes, I saw it too. This is actually a bailout for Big Business paid for by hard-working Kentuckians.

Meanwhile, a different bill - which would do the opposite of Farmer's bill by cutting most taxes for you and making corporations pay up for once - has almost no chance of passage. This despite the fact that it would net the state an estimated $480,000,000 in additional revenue.

The war on the working poor guides the Kentucky General Assembly nearly as much as it did the 104th Reich. Every few years, right-wingers take giant leaps towards starving the poor, but they never get it out of their system.



  1. Tim, we've been over this a hundred times. If businesses don't have to pay as much in taxes there's more money to expand and hire workers. Why can't you understand this? It's not complicated. Concentrate Tim. Keep up the good work. The People are proud.

  2. We've been over this a zillion times: You can't tax the poor into prosperity while corporations and the wealthy are getting everything for free.

  3. Relax. The wealthy pay far more in sales tax than you or I. Sales tax is nothing. If it goes up 1 percentage point you'll pay 3 cents more for an Incredible Hulk comic book. The People will give you 3 pennies. Don't worry about sales tax. You're not going to be buying a boat any time soon, are you?

  4. Sales tax is generally a regressive tax.

  5. rrrrrrepub: bullshit. Corporations are creating *foreign* jobs. Why must we give tax cuts to companies who create jobs overseas?