Monday, April 18, 2011

Budget deal restores private school bailout

Private school vouchers have long been championed by the extreme right, because (like the welfare drug testing bills) they embody the worst of social and economic engineering. But whenever vouchers are the subject of a referendum in any state or city, they're always soundly rejected by voters.

The public doesn't like this program, OK? Understand? This program drains money from public schools, and it attempts to build a rightist nation on the backs of disadvantaged children.

In fact, it's a taxpayer-funded bailout of private schools that quite frankly aren't hurting for money. Hate to sound brash, because I'm such a nice and swell guy - but the truth has to be told.

About a decade ago, a right-wing Congress imposed a voucher program on the District of Columbia. This program was unpopular among D.C. residents, it helped ruin the city's public schools, and it failed to improve students' academic performance. The Obama administration and city officials later ended this boondoggle.

But the new budget "compromise" restores D.C. vouchers. Congressional Republicans DEMANDED vouchers' restoration - and Obama complied, because that's what Democrats these days do. They comply with every GOP order no matter how outrageous or irrational.

For the budget deal to cut spending is one thing. Lots of folks are already angry about what was cut. But restoring vouchers only spends more money. It doesn't cut the budget at all.

How can you have a deal to cut the budget, when it actually increases spending on a failed, unpopular program? That's not what I call thrift. In short, the Republicans held the entire country hostage just so they could reinstate vouchers.

Nobody is angrier about this than D.C. residents. It's not just that their public schools are being ignored, but also that they had no voice in the decision. Republicans in Congress are imposing a social and economic agenda on the city - while the city is the only place in America except outlying territories that is denied a voting member in Congress. Taxation without representation? Nobody knows more about that than the District's citizenry.

The GOP has turned the city and its children into a laboratory for social experimentation. I live in an inner city, so I find it to be condescending and an attack on me as well as on D.C. Our children were not put on this planet to be pawns of political extremists.

D.C. statehood. An idea whose time has come.




  2. And in other news, Orly Taitz declares herself queen of the universe.

  3. Anyway:

    1. D.C. residents support vouchers.

    2. Public schools are used for social engineering.

    3. D.C. private schools do better.

    4. Vouchers cost a quarter of public schools.

    5. Public schools were abominable in D.C. before vouchers, anyone who blames their problems on vouchers is an idiot.

  4. After reading the "D.C. residents support vouchers" nonsense, I didn't even bother to read the rest of your stupid list.


  6. That poll was already discredited, dummy.

  7. Yes it was. Are you really this fucking stupid?

  8. You haven't provided a link, only more inane posts from your mother's biggest mistake. So, no it wasn't.