Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lawmaker says folks "need to be peed on"

With Idaho and Tennessee preparing to pass laws that would specifically outlaw Occupy protests, right-wing legislators' immaturity stuns us.

Tennessee State Rep. Eric Watson launched a tirade in the ornate Tennessee House chamber against Occupy Nashville - which he's trying to have shut down (even though he lives over 100 miles from Nashville, so it's none of his damn business). In this harangue, the balding Republican lawmaker made various demonstrably false accusations against Occupiers. He said that "the most sickness part" of Occupy Nashville is that a state employee "was peed on!"

It's not true, of course, but that didn't stop Watson. He then declared, "And if you approve of that, you think that's peaceful assembly, you need to be peed on. See how you like it."

People thought I was immature because I once wrote a Last Word article that opined, "Some people need their faces farted in." What prompted that was a local high school's threat to require uniforms - though I think I also used the same expression regarding other events. The difference is that I was basing my opinions on the truth, and Eric Watson isn't. It's that simple.

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