Monday, February 6, 2012

Occupy Oakland humiliates right-wing idiots

I went to the excellent Occupy the Super Bowl protest yesterday in Indianapolis, and I'm too tired to produce a detailed account of it here yet. But I can't delay my praise of Occupy Oakland for their latest doings.

Today, a Tea Party group called Stand for Oakland amassed about 40 people for a protest against Occupy Oakland. Occupy Oakland promptly countered this demonstration with roughly 200 people.

Naturally, police in riot gear confiscated equipment from Occupiers - but didn't do a thing to the Stand for Oakland crybabies.

Stand for Oakland slunk away in embarrassment after Occupiers outnumbered them almost 5-to-1. But Occupiers marched to the courthouse to protest the ongoing suppression they've faced themselves.

In the meantime, somebody's been spraypainting "KIll an Occupier" graffiti all over Oakland. I wonder which Stand for Oakland loudmouth did that.

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