Wednesday, October 17, 2012

County intentionally gives wrong date for election

Maricopa County, Arizona - a huge Phoenix-based bailiwick - has its share of right-wing corruption, so it's no surprise that they're trying to suppress the vote.

A document that the county is distributing with voter ID cards lists additional information in both English and Spanish. The English-language portion gives the correct date for Election Day - November 6. But the Spanish-language part gives the wrong date - November 8.

This is clearly a calculated effort to get folks to wait until 2 days after the election to try to vote. The numeral 6 is the same in English and Spanish, so it's not like the county accidentally mistranslated it.

The right-wingers' defense? They said people should just learn English so this wouldn't be a problem. But if they're on such a nativism kick, maybe everybody should just learn a language that has a much longer tradition in Arizona - like Navajo or Western Apache.


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