Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey, more right-wing violence and racism talk

In response to illegal voter intimidation by Tea Party groups like True the Vote, officials have asked observers from the United Nations to monitor balloting. The UN will be sending poll monitors all over America to watch out for True the Gloat thuggery.

Right-wingers are fuming.

In addition to trying to pass laws to stop anyone from monitoring True the Vote, now they're endorsing shooting UN monitors. A commenter on one Republican blog says:

"Arrest or shoot them for trespassing. Ditto for the black panther pussies that may show up at White polling areas."

As far as I know, the Black Panthers have nothing to do with the UN's poll watchdog efforts. And I didn't know America in 2012 had segregated polling areas.

The wingnutosphere should be investigated by authorities for threatening to kill Black Panthers and poll observers. A probe of right-wing bloggers would make more sense than spending taxpayer dollars investigating high school students for not pooping their pants.

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