Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lanza took psychotropic drugs

I've explored the hypocritical values that have been an underlying factor that leads to mass shootings - and this story highlights one major facet of these values.

Almost without exception, modern America's spree killers had been prescribed psychotropic drugs prior to the killings. In fact, there might not be a single exception. I withheld saying this about Newtown shooter Adam Lanza until I knew for sure - but now the truth emerges.

According to Lanza's uncle, Lanza had been prescribed Fanapt, a powerful antipsychotic. Side effects of Fanapt include delusion, paranoia, and mania.

Big Pharma has as much blood on its hands as anybody else. Militarization of our schools and society is ubiquitous and highly visible. But the toxins hawked by Big Pharma's drug lords are the active ingredient in firearm massacres.

Furthermore, Fox News lied when it reported Lanza hadn't been drugged. This is just the latest of the Fox News distortions that have piled up like flapjacks for years - all courtesy of the channel without which the discredited Tea Party would not have been possible. (It's fair to say Fox News practically built the Tea Party from the top down.)

What a pathetic lot our society has become. A pathetic, sad, miserable lot. But if people wise up, history will look unkindly upon Big Pharma's dominance. Before long, psychiatry will be widely viewed as the quackery that it is. But that assumes there will still be anybody alive to make this judgment - for the pharmaceutical companies seem to be rapidly killing everybody.


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