Friday, December 7, 2012

Restaurant owned by right-wing congressman refused to serve Muslims

If there's a prize for worst member of Congress, fascist Rep. John Fleming (R-Louisiana) might win the award hands-down. (Naturally, he's also the only congresscritter the Northern Kentucky Tea Party has fanned on its Facebook page - despite the geographic distance.)

Fleming is known for requiring employees of Subway restaurants he owns to distribute campaign literature. The "low tax" Fleming supports a 30% national sales tax, and his website has featured links to confirmedly abusive teen "rehabs." He also posted rambling, semiliterate responses to people who gave his self-published book bad reviews on Amazon.

Now the asshole is under fire again. Recently, a Muslim couple was turned away from one of Fleming's Subway shops in Shreveport, Louisiana. When I first saw the story, no mention was made of Fleming owning that particular Subway - but I knew it would turn out to be one of his shops.

The couple's side of the story goes like this: After the couple entered the Subway and used the restroom, the husband briefly left the restaurant to retrieve his medication from his car. An employee then noticed their Muslim clothing and asked, "Are you Muslim?" Upon discovering that the couple is indeed Muslim, the employee locked the man out, and locked the woman in. The employee reportedly said, "We can't serve you."

Fleming denies most of this, but he refuses to release security video of the incident. He then went on to accuse the couple of vandalizing the bathrooms - but he offered no proof. He did admit the restaurant asked the couple to leave - but only because the restaurant thought they were homeless. Oh, so John Fleming is denying religious discrimination, but admitting to economic discrimination. You're an idiot, John.

But Congress is policed by only Congress. Just like how the other 2 branches of government are also policed only by (you guessed it!) Congress. This is a structure that made sense when the Constitution was written. But not today. In a House of Representatives full of hacks who lack the sense of shame that it takes to expel Fleming, expect Fleming to keep stinking things up for as long as he dares. That's why we need constitutional reforms to weaken Congress - especially the broken House of Representatives.


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