Friday, June 14, 2013

Free speech wins in Occupy Nashville case

Two years into the Occupy campaign, and the Occupy coalition still wins more court cases than it loses. Not every judge is a Tea Party whack-a-doodle like the judges around here who ruled in favor of bankrupting the library.

Occupy Nashville was targeted for closure by the state of Tennessee almost from the beginning. A hastily written rule banned camping on state property, and a new state law was passed just to shut down Occupy. That law was signed by the now-scandal-tainted Gov. Bill Haslam. (Idaho passed a similar law around that time just to suppress Occupy Boise.)

Tennessee was sued by Occupy supporters who were arrested, because the arrests violated their free speech and due process. And now a federal judge has issued a sternly worded ruling in favor of Occupy.

To those who would try to silence Occupy, tough toilets. This is just the latest of many cases - including one in Cincinnati - that generally affirm Occupy's right to free speech.


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