Thursday, November 6, 2014

2 assholes exposed

One of the things we've been discussing over the past couple days is how to effectively fight back against the scoundrels of the Republican Right.

I'm not gonna be "the better man." I'm gonna do the Far Right the way they've done us. Fight fire with fire. Moderation doesn't work with them.

In other words, they will be exposed. I don't mean just their leaders. I mean their rank-and-file who spam websites with their garbage. Kind of like what we did with John Luebbers after his Facebook meltdown.

So, today we're exposing one Jim Wurst of Langley, Oklahoma. He stomps onto left-leaning Facebook groups and spams them with his vitriol.

That's because he's a Tea Party guy who has time to waste on stuff like that.

And here's another idiot who's been doing the same thing: Anthony Marrale of Kansas City, Missouri.

The Evil Empire talks shit about us, so we respond in kind. Fair is fair.

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