Monday, July 20, 2015

Antigay rally heckled in Covington

The Far Right has been doubling down in the month since marriage equality became law nationwide, and in few places is this more so than in Kentucky!

In 2 of the state's 120 counties - Casey and Rowan - the county clerk still won't abide by the marriage equality ruling. This has prompted a federal lawsuit against Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to ensure compliance.

This morning, as the case was heard at the federal courthouse in Covington, antigay agitators held a rally in front of the courthouse. There were almost as many counterprotesters, despite the very short notice. The local media says there were only about 6 marriage equality supporters there, but that simply isn't true.

I know this, because I saw it.

And antigay agitators were heckled - by me! You can't bring right-wing rallies to my area and expect me not to challenge it. It doesn't matter whether it's FairTax, pro-war, or antigay - you'll hear about it. I focus on economic issues more than others, but my work is as close as you can get to a "three-legged stool" of progressivism around here. Accordingly, I rode on the Peace Bike past the bigots and declared, "Your side lost. Get over it."

No truer words were ever spoken, but I've never seen the Far Right double down so much after losing - especially after a big court decision. I can't imagine they'll win this round after losing in the Supreme Court.