Friday, February 19, 2016

Bevin faces impeachment effort

With Matt Bevin enjoying some of the worst approval numbers of any governor in America, the Tea Party blunderbuss is now the target of a serious impeachment drive to combat his nonstop lawbreaking.

In recent weeks, Bevin has tried to cut funds for committees that oversee elections and ethics probes. If Bevin succeeds at cutting these funds, these committees will be unable to investigate his corruption. He's doubled down on social issues as well - even filing a frivolous lawsuit against Planned Parenthood.

No provisions could be found in Kentucky law allowing a recall election - which is interesting, because Republicans tried to have Paul Patton recalled when he disagreed with them. Instead, an impeachment petition has been launched. This petition also cites widespread election fraud that put Bevin in power: The Attorney General's office received 52 fraud complaints on Election Day.

Maybe Matt Bevin and Rick Snyder can be cellmates.