Friday, February 5, 2016

Massachusetts town stands up against fossil fuel land grab

Don't look now, but there's actually a town somewhere in the United S. of A. that's standing up and telling the underpants-crapping Far Right to pound sand.

Fossil fuel giant Kinder Morgan wants to build a natural gas pipeline in Massachusetts. They've demanded that several towns give Kinder Morgan surveyors access to land belonging to homeowners and farmers. But the town of Deerfield is standing up against this corporate land grab. Deerfield has issued a directive that says police will arrest anyone from Kinder Morgan who trespasses on locals' property. Deerfield's Board of Health has forbidden all Kinder Morgan activities within the town - and will enforce this order.

This might not be remarkable except that it seems to be a Eureka Springs-style challenge against the Masters of the Universe who think they can tell Deerfield otherwise. Kinder Morgan gloats that right-wing state and federal laws preempt Deerfield's autonomy. Tough toilets, Kinder Morgan. The company has an atrocious safety record consisting of numerous fires, explosions, fuel leaks, and deaths. Deerfield has a duty to protect its citizenry from these dangers - and from the greed of corporations that want to seize land.