Monday, February 22, 2016

Stupor Tuesday

Super Tuesday is in 8 days, and did you know that Super Tuesday was one of the first shots fired by the DLC to try to install a right-wing candidate as the Democrats' presidential nominee?

It is believed that the first Super Tuesday coup attempt was in 1988, when right-wing Democrats got numerous states that were seen as friendly to their cause to hold their primaries on the same day in an attempt to commandeer the nominating process. It didn't work then, but it worked in 1992, when Super Tuesday allowed Bill Clinton to pull ahead of Tom Harkin - who had labor backing and would have likely been a much better choice in the long run.

The Democratic establishment is doing it now too. They're using Super Tuesday to help Hillary Clinton regain her lead over Bernie Sanders - even after poll after poll shows Sanders would do better in the general election.

This sounds like an intentional case of sabotage against the party's progressive wing. It's as if the party establishment is trying to deliberately lose the general election just to "prove" that the party needs to move even further right in order to win. I never used to think the DLC was that sinister - until they sabotaged that congressional race in Hawaii a few years back by running their own candidate in the general election to split the Democratic vote.

It's like how the Kentucky Democratic Party refuses to put any effort into taking back the Kentucky Senate and wouldn't run any candidates for Kenton County Fiscal Court.