Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Boone County dismisses Creation Museum complaints

The ark park isn't the only embarrassment that the Answers in Genesis cult has unleashed on the people of northern Kentucky. AIG also runs the much-ridiculed Creation Museum.

Now AIG wants to give the museum a major expansion that would include a 3-story building, a huge parking lot, and its own sewage treatment plant. Nearby residents don't want it. That's because the museum's expansion will make traffic problems, create stormwater runoff that will threaten farms and homes, cause gratuitous noise, and destroy the area's rural character.

Naturally, Boone County Fiscal Court - all of whom are Tea Party supporters - shrugged off residents' complaints and approved the museum plan anyway. This is of course the same Boone County Fiscal Court that approved an unconstitutional right-to-scab ordinance and reserved special space for supporters from right-wing legal foundations to speak in favor of it - and then lied about that.

May all their Ace Of Base records become Pepsified.