Friday, April 29, 2016

Local school district loses bus service due to right-wing waste

How deep is the selective austerity regime of Matt Bevin and the Tea Party in Kentucky?

It's so bad that the Dayton, Kentucky, school district has been forced to eliminate all bus service other than special education. Children in some neighborhoods will be left with no way to get to school - period. As a result, some students will end up transferring to other districts.

This has led some to suggest that the school district should instead cut expenses by having high school students work without pay as bus monitors, but that's another terrifying issue altogether.

Why do we call it selective austerity? Because Matt Bevin has found plenty of taxpayer money to give to a creationist theme park - $18 million, in fact. Campbell County is also one of many counties in Kentucky that gives taxpayer money to private schools for transportation - even though these schools can already afford it, and they don't pay any taxes anyway. These expenses are unconstitutional, of course, but the austerity droids have never let the Constitution stand in the way of their pet projects.

While private schools that pay no taxes get their transportation needs paid for from public coffers, public school students in Dayton get zero. A big, fat goose egg. The state and county take money from Dayton taxpayers and spend it elsewhere - in ways that aren't even constitutional!

Wasn't there a lawsuit in Kentucky about this a long time ago? There was, but officials were so busy rereading Reagan's "Nation At Risk" propaganda report and seeing who could implement "no pass, no drive" the fastest that progress was doomed from the get-go. Hope they're happy now that ideology was given priority over progress.