Wednesday, April 27, 2016

GOP consultant arrested for huge drug operation

"Butbutbutbut! The Republicans aren't selling drugs! Stop being paranoid!"

How do you think the Republicans pay for all their campaign ads? Where do you think the Tea Party and FairTax thoughtcops get the money to bus people around the country for their rallies?

Emily Pitha is a high-powered GOP consultant and fundraiser who has worked for Arizona Republicans ranging from John McCain to Tea Party fave Jon Kyl. Yesterday, Pitha was arrested for running a huge drug operation from her Phoenix home. Authorities found enormous quantities of heroin and cocaine, a meth lab, bomb-making materials, and counterfeit cash.

Pitha faces child endangerment charges too because 2 children at the home had easy access to the drugs and the bomb materials.

Unfortunately, we can't count on the media to delve any further into right-wing drug dealing.