Friday, January 12, 2018

A person went Krogering in a 'Sesame Street' shirt

When adults wear a Sesame Street t-shirt in a public place, it's obligatory that I mention it here. It doesn't count if the shirt is dominated by just one character from the show. The shirt must concern the ol' Ses in general.

Only once before have I had to mention it. At a festival in 2016, I saw a woman wearing a green shirt that prominently displayed the Sesame Street sign. But yesterday, I goed to Kroger in Bellevue, and there was some woman shopping there who was about 50 years old who was wearing a green t-shirt that featured the Sesame Street sign along with drawings of numerous lovable Muppet characters.

She must be a real Sesamoid!

Shortly thereafter, some woman walked around the supermarket with her butt hanging out.

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