Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reuters thinks Social Security is "welfare"

Aw, how cute, Reuters thinks Social Security and Medicaid are "welfare"!

In the Republicans' never-ending zest to slash not only welfare but also earned benefits for the elderly and disabled, Reuters is - like always - being good little followers of the Trump regime and repeating the myth that Social Security and Medicaid are "welfare." To pay for the multitrillion-dollar tax handout for corporations and the rich, Trump and congressional Republicans are planning on slashing services for the poor and working class. Reuters ran an article yesterday listing some of the "welfare" programs that might be targeted - except some of them aren't "welfare."

Reuters lists Medicaid as a "welfare" program. It's not. Reuters also lists Social Security Disability Insurance - a program paid into by workers in case they suffer a disability. It also lists the perennially embattled Supplemental Security Income program - another earned benefit. None of these programs are "welfare." Even if they were, Congress already spent its chance to gut welfare in 1996. They get one bite of the pear. If the 104th Reich's war on the poor didn't go far enough, too fucking bad.

Reuters fails to mention that it's illegal to institute a work requirement for Medicaid. Sorry, but that's the law. The Affordable Care Act helped establish that socialized healthcare is a constitutional right, and people are entitled to public healthcare at no more than a nominal cost. Plus, the success of the Bernie Sanders campaign proves people want socialism. Robust Social Security must be a part of that.

Other media outlets sure aren't helping - as long as they use Facebook and Disqus as commenting platforms so their right-wing followers can keep spreading the Nazi lie that disability benefits are "welfare." You know, if it's so hard being rich and able-bodied, you can always blow your brains out.

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