Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Have no fear, the February ish is here!

The February issue of The Last Word is pub-a-roo, and man, it's a beaut!

This fanzine of freedom always regales you with the latest doings of the Bandit, and this ish is no exception! In this edition, you shall read about...

• My recent battles with whooping cough and a broken finger.

• The untimely destruction of a toy record player.

• When local high schools won free Richard Marx and Escape Club concerts.

• The historic stupidity of VH1.

• People not knowing what Bubble Tape is.

• The 'American Top 40' bubble gum blowing contest.

• More about Sea-Monkeys.

• And more!

So point your pooper here...


If that doesn't work, peep this link instead...



  1. Awesome as always!!

    Didn't Carefree have a Rembrandts concert one year?? Am I thinking of something else??

    I loved the story about VH1..Was this when they always played Andreas Vollenweirdo (as my brother always called him)??

    1. I can't decide which is funnier: the Rembrandts or Andreas Vollenweirdo.