Monday, October 14, 2019

I got hit by a car but do you expect anyone to do anything about it?

Stories like this are why The Last Word was started in the first place, so I should wait until the next issue before writing about it. But I won't, because the Nazis don't deserve another break - because everyone else gives them a break anyway.

Today, after I scouted out sites for next May's Cincinnati roadmeet, I parked a Red Bike at the stand on Ward in Bellevue and walked across the street. Right when I got to the other side of the street, a black car coming down the street ran me off the road, and I flew onto the sidewalk, scattering groceries everywhere. Then the car turned onto Fairfield towards Dayton.

There were witnesses. Several people saw me with the bags of groceries all around.

It was deliberate. Nobody in the car said anything, but I know it was intentional, because there's a history of it. But they made a dumb mistake by leaving visible injuries. I thought they learned a long time ago not to leave any visible injuries. That way, they can claim every assault is a "hoax" - and the media is always happy to help. I guess they're even dumber than I thought. Either that or they know that under Trump they'll get away with it no matter how much evidence there is (as if they've ever been punished before).

I posted photos of all the bruises and cuts on Facebook and Twitter. That's kind of a smoking gun. What's their defense now? Mark my words, it'll probably be one or more of the following:

1) It's a "hoax" and all the witnesses are lying (despite the photos of the injuries).

2) It's not all that serious.

3) "Kids will be kids" (even though they're almost 50).

4) I did something to deserve it.

5) I didn't look where I was walking (even though pedestrians have the right of way).

6) It wasn't them.

7) "Their poo also voted."

What's the excuse this time? I'm waiting.

All of this obscures the fact that even if I wasn't specifically targeted, they still committed a hit-and-run.

I didn't report it to the police, because whenever I did, I was always the one to be treated like a criminal. Someone on Facebook said there must be a business or home nearby that had a video camera that caught the entire incident. Do you seriously think even that would be enough?

Wouldn't it be terrible if I posted the names and addresses of people who have done this before?

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